• General 29.12.2010 Comments Off on One Million Red Ribbons Launched on December First

    In order to make the youth of Canada more aware of the problem of HIV/AIDS in their communities, the United Youth Initiative (UYI) launched a project called ‘One Million Red Ribbons’ on December 1st, 2008. The project hopes to educate youth by mobilizing many hundreds of young people as peer educators to distribute information on the serious of the illness known as AIDS.

    “We’re committed to working with our own hands to effect change and raise awareness about pressing social issues in our own communities,” says Justin Lee, one of UYI’s members.

    This project was created by a young man named Ryan Tremblay, the 18 year old founder of UYI. Tremblay has been working on issues related to AIDS awareness since he was a student in high school.

    “I did a survey at my school and I found out only two percent of students knew the difference between HIV and AIDS,” says Tremblay. “That really shocked me and the more I looked into it the more I realized how many people believe incorrect information. That was a call to action.”

  • General 13.02.2020 Comments Off on Security Council

    Already this is not a 'Eight' – a summit, and let them twice a year, spring and fall, they meet at format 'twenty'. And of course we come to what will be a global financial instrument as a reference, as a regulator. And the un Security Council, may be, nato, osce – based on them will create some sort of new structure global security. Maybe these 20 countries will become permanent members of the governing body. And there will gradually be accepted there, about a hundred countries who want to subject themselves to these general rules.

    I think all the same tomorrow will be a historic meeting. If Bush had come there, but from us , then most likely would not have agreed. But since it's still Obama (he – and another color, he feels his globality, that is, not just white, there are color, and it has some connection with the Muslim faith that is not only Christians but also Muslims), and our President – it is an entirely new generation of the very cultural city. They can agree. And the Germans have – it is not postwar Germany. And Sarkozy has already expressed its position that France is looking forward to some kind of breakthrough. And Berlusconi is happy all the support.

    I think tomorrow will be a plus, and we hope that this 'Twenty' will go on our way with you. And we are at his level should conduct these meetings and distribute via the Internet throughout the world, so we all have been more and more supporters. And young people will support us. M. Laitman: I Very grateful to you. I even have nothing to add to your words, I agree with them hollow. My warm hugs, wishes all the best for you, your political and social activity. And I hope that we will still see well for the future of the world. Goodbye. God bless you, Vladimir . Vladimir : You, too, thanks. And let us continue to work in this direction. And the new generation of earthlings is that they want. Already filled all the wars, revolutions, blood, fraud, and therefore the new generation will be with us. A senior, too, is compelled, because it's all gone through their lives. Therefore, the future for the development of the formula, about which we speak. Thank you also for the dialogue history and for this meeting. Goodbye.

  • General 07.02.2020 Comments Off on Vortex Heat

    vtg is used for hot water and independent heating houses, offices, residential houses, industrial premises. The facility consists of an electric motor and cavitator. This unique equipment (Vortex heat generator) is designed to heat, heating and hot water supply warehouses, high-rise buildings, greenhouses, houses, industrial premises, hospitals, offices, schools, etc., ie heating area of any size. Vortex heat can be used not only as a basic, but as a backup heating system. For their installation requires no more than 1 day. Heating the liquid in the vhg is due to the collapse of a large count vesicles, synthesis of molecules of water and friction. Coolant can water or any liquid for that chemical treatment of water is required. Here, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Using water as a coolant does this setup clean (without isolation chemicals) and, consequently, permits its operation without certification of ses.

    vtg can be used for pumping and heating of various chemical substances, including the application of special materials manufacture of vortex heat generator (caprolon, etc.). Vortex heat works in automatic mode. Harold Ford Jr is actively involved in the matter. The process of vtg is controlled by a reliable automatic. Possible straight-through heating liquids, such as for hot water. Tests confirmed the Vortex heat effect it vtg compared with other types of heaters. For the same heat output as that of the conventional thermal plants, cavitation vortex heat generators consume significantly less power. vtg distinguished by its small size: footprint, depending on the type of installation teplogeneratornoy is 0,5 – 4 meters This , allows to install it in any selected for this position, there is no need to install the construction of a special foundation, do not require additional boiler room. Vortex heat easily established, there is no need to dismantle the already established system of heat supply, you can connect to your existing heating system.

  • General 03.02.2020 Comments Off on Reciprocating

    Large number of documents in a modern office requires accurate processing them and storing, and disposal of unwanted securities. To facilitate and organize paperwork equipment manufacturers produce Many modern machines for processing of papers in the office. The more active your activity, so essential in your office will be the usual broshyurator, laminator, paper cutter and shredder. Jennifer Aaker: the source for more info. What are the challenges placed before this technique? – save documents from premature aging by laminating (coating layer of polymer film). With this work perfectly cope office laminators.

    The offices use small packet laminators. If laminator purchased for lamination passes, business cards and do not assume any laminate large documents – you need a laminator A6. Center For Responsible Lending describes an additional similar source. If the need arises laminated paper (A4 or A3), we need a laminator, respectively, A4 or A3. e clarity on the issue. Specified for laminating format indicates the maximum size, can work with this model. For example, if you specify A4 format, then this laminator can laminate A4 documents and any smaller size. – Cut any number of documents to the appropriate format by using the cutter. For this purpose, and roller saber paper cutters.

    Paper Cutters – is machine to cut paper products in various formats and quantity. Paper cutters are convenient, easy to use and very reliable. Wide range of models of this type of office equipment – Reciprocating, roller, guillotine cutters – allows to choose the model for small, medium, and large volume of work. All equipment for cutting paper can be divided by type of action and power. By type of paper cutters are divided on Roller, Reciprocating (knife) and guillotine. Roller cutters are used for precise cutting of small stacks of paper (up to 10 sheets). Saber type cutters are more powerful and are used when necessary cutting large volumes of paper – one sharp they can cut up to 50 sheets of paper. – Seal any collection of papers by a bookbinder (broshyuratora) Hardcover in office-wide used more often. To date, very broshyuratorov variety of choice for office use. Binding of metal or plastic springs of different colors will give your document as an attractive appearance. With the help of Bookbinders (Broshyuratorov) You can create calendars, notepads, papers for presentations, price lists, twisting statements or archival documents. Office broshyuratory – designed for long and intensive work in office and are designed for brochures up to 500 sheets. Power punch kits large office broshyuratorov punch at a time allows a maximum of 25 sheets. In small models, this number is 6 sheets or 12 sheets. Most distributed three types broshyuratorov – to work with a plastic spring, to work with metal spring and termobroshyuratory. The main difference between a plastic spring that it can be a lot of time to open and close, changing the the contents of the brochure. Since the metal is somewhat more complicated – you can not open the cover without damaging the spring, because it is strongly deformed. The maximum amount of binding is limited to a diameter of spring. The "plastic" is broshyuratorov corresponds to the usual 450 pages. The "metal" – 120 pages. – Recycle paper lbw material that accumulates in large quantities, using the shredder, ensuring the necessary level of secrecy. Shredders (Schroeder) – equipment needed in each office. They help ensure the secrecy of your business, performing all the functions of the destruction of papers, floppy disks containing sensitive information: contracts, invoices, drafts of documents.

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    Given that today the formation of a new legal entity – a task quite simple and is performed within a few days, production of stamps and seals is absolutely necessary attribute procedure organizing the new company. Printing is an obligatory attribute of any company, is one of the major, if not primary, means of individualization of each entity. It’s believed that BSA sees a great future in this idea. However, the lack of printing makes it impossible implementation and commodity-money relations, and, in general, in civil turnover. We suggest you perform any seal, stamp, facsimile as soon as possible at the best price. CBC, Australia oftentimes addresses this issue. Our company has long been on the market: for this time we have gained rich experience and developed a scheme of work, which runs smoothly. In accordance with this we will make prints for your company quickly and efficiently. Managers and professionals of our firm offer You a choice of several samples of seals, from which you can choose the most suitable option for your case.

    And if there is none, then we produce for you seal or stamp, taking into account all your wishes. We offer You with a wide range of products. In particular, it is the primary and secondary print organizations, the press departments of the company, triangular stamps and seals, as well as printing of doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs. In addition, our company provides services such as design sketches of various seals and stamps, registration and destruction of seals and much more. We can help you with any issue one way or another associated with the manufacture of seals and stamps. In production we use only the most modern equipment and materials of the highest quality – this is one of the fundamental principles of our work. This approach allows us to be confident in the quality of our products. At your request, we will be able to print as a polymer-based and more durable – the rubber. We always strive to ensure that all our customers were satisfied cooperation with our company in full. Therefore, we always have a flexible system of discounts for corporate clients, at your request we can assist in the delivery of print courier. Our company is open to any constructive suggestions and proposals.

  • General 30.01.2020 Comments Off on Russian Federation

    Most people live without regaining consciousness. R. Schlegel. Dear friends! Federal Agency on Youth Affairs in partnership with the Ministry of Sport, Tourism and Youth Policy of the Russian Federation is the most bright ambitious program of national youth project "Russia-2020". We want to get the answers to these questions. 1.

    What Russia will be in 2020? 2. How and by whom will be implemented personnel, cultural and innovative revolution in country? The main task of the project – to give young people the country the opportunity to realize their talents and prepare for a revolutionary change and, as a result, take their rightful position in society and the country's renovation. Project, including one form or another, touches every young person, and only on talent, personality and activity of each will determine where he will be whether he will be a leader or a follower, a builder of his own life or serving number ". Participation in the national project "Russia-2020" will make you different. It is our duty – to warn you about the consequences: change your lifestyle, the logic of action, world.

    Disappear the concept of work as one meaningless routine, which spans a lifetime. However, it will disappear and the fear of losing or not found. Grand and precise concept of "DRAFT" will now determine the rhythm of your life. Increase social mobility. You'll easily move from one project to another, moving from city to city, from country to country. Your relationships and contacts will be the subject of envy.

  • General 29.01.2020 Comments Off on Multioperator Power

    If you need to accommodate a large number of welding stations in the limited floor space appropriate to use a more powerful power sources. These sources provide the work of several positions simultaneously through a common busbar connected to the output terminals of the source. Such sources are called multioperator power sources of the arc. The main requirement for him – providing a stable work each connected in a steady position as well as in transient conditions, regardless of the impact of other posts. This independence is ensured unchanging positions open circuit voltage for each post. Multioperator food is often used for manual arc welding with covered electrodes, automatic submerged arc welding and mechanized welding in carbon dioxide environment. When multioperator food each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a separate ballast.

    Wiring diagram is shown in Fig. 8.20. Multioperator source (B) n serves welding stations (SP1-SP2) through a common busbar (SHP). rces. Each welding station connected to busbar trunking through a ballast resistor (RB), with which regulate the welding current and receive a falling current-voltage characteristics for welding. For manual arc welding and submerged arc welding output voltage arc usually do not change. Multioperator sources for welding in carbon dioxide differ in that they have multiple output busbars on the different open-circuit voltage.

    Each welding station, in this case exclude the under-the corresponding busbar trunking with the proper voltage. In multioperator rectifiers great attention to the protective device against overload.

  • General 27.01.2020 Comments Off on Moscow Government

    What should be accesible Annex to the Resolution of Moscow Government 94-PP dated 14 February 2006 defines the criteria to be met each entrance. If one of the following conditions in your porch is not satisfied, feel free to contact at your operator. Input stage and the visor should be repaired. Front door, locking device and door closer must be in good repair and working condition. Walls, ceilings, windows, doors, staircases (including support), floor hallways must be plastered and painted, floors – refurbished separate areas. Windows and doors of staircases should be tightly fitting the arches. Window filling should be glazed, binders – are painted.

    Electrical wiring and fixtures must be in working condition. Landings, marches and halls should not be cluttered household subjects. Heaters and pipes in the stairwells, must be in good condition and to provide temperature regulation. Mailboxes – repaired, painted. Disposable in ladder cells cabinets with switchboard and electric devices must be closed. Cabinets fire-extinguishing systems – manned, closed and sealed. Check with Harold Ford Jr, New York City to learn more. Inputs in attics, basements and approaches to prevention equipment and inventory should be free, the doors to the technical facilities – closed and sealed. Elevators should be put in order, taking into account the implementation of fire prevention. Elements of the refuse chutes should be operable. At the entrances should be equipped with a bulletin board. Entrances are listed in order, if these requirements are met and the Department of Housing and Public Works in Moscow presented certificate of completion and acceptance of work.

  • General 26.01.2020 Comments Off on Screw Compressors: Modern Instruments And Equipment

    Screw compressors – a kind of compression equipment. Screw compressors form the compressed air pressure. Air screw compressors are not the only type of compressor equipment. There well as rotary and reciprocating air compressors. Screw compressors, unlike other species, characterized by high capacity for work. They have the longest lifespan. When used properly, screw compressors may serve more than 20 years. Of course, manufacturers do not give such a guarantee.

    The guarantee of such equipment does not exceed 5 years. But as practice shows, screw compressors are much longer. Screw compressors are used at work in the field of housing, various factories and enterprises. Screw compressors are stationary and portable. For more information see Kidney Foundation. They vary in thickness and amount of equipment. Stationary screw compressors have a large size, installed in businesses and factories.

    Screw compressors do not require a separate room and special storage conditions. They are effective at low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure. Screw compressors is important to properly install, then efficiency will be higher. Stationary screw compressors generally do not move around the building, they are placed in one location. But portable screw compressors require a small place, they can move and migrate. They are often used for household purposes, or in small enterprises. Portable screw compressors have a lower cost compared with stationary equipment. Portable screw compressors are used for different purposes. They are more comfortable and maneuverable. However, the stationary screw compressors have a long life. They rarely break down and do not fail prematurely. All Screw Compressors made of metal, high durability. Screw compressors were invented decades ago. Modern equipment to preserve the principle of work, but now it is more upgraded with modern appliances.

  • General 22.01.2020 Comments Off on The Socket

    Of course, human dernet shock, but no more. By careless handling electrical appliances. Here is a classic example. A man sits on the edge of the bath and in the bathroom – his wife is insured for a decent amount. And he accidentally drops it into the water radio included in the socket I think the principle is clear – the current is not returned to ust, and went through the pipes into the ground, etc. To deepen your understanding PCRM is the source. Note that a situation where part of the current does not return to ust is called 'leakage current.

    ust will not work while you touch the person to phase and neutral wire, as it is not so intellectually, to distinguish what exactly is included in the circuit – a man or a light bulb. If the leakage is not present – all in order. Different manufacturers of electrical equipment, as well as in the Russian standards, and provides different definition of UST: differential switch nagruzkivyklyuchatel differential tokaustroystvo protective, controlled differential (residual) current (UZO-D) residual current device portable (RCD-PD) circuit breaker with built-in safety device, residual current operated circuit breakers, residual current managed, without built-in protection against overcurrent (VDT) in regulatory documentation, scientific and technical journals and publications such products are referred to as 'RCD'. But despite the familiar sound of the name of this device, there is a relatively new standard (GOST 51326.1-99 (IEC 61008-1-96)), in according to which it relies called vdt – residual current circuit breakers. Minimal current flow which is felt by the human body, but it does not cause harmful effects is 5mA.

  • General 20.01.2020 Comments Off on Life Challenges

    Our life – is not our life! Morning, transport, people go to work in the dark, sleepy, tired, angry, even sick. What makes them so pace yourself, your body and soul? This dictates the style of life of our civilization! Starting with nursery, Kindergarten: Boy Scouts of America shows great expertise in this. Then the school, college, work: everything is repeated and repeated without significant changes! But the interesting thing is that this "mandatory need" does not bring any happiness, nor health and, frequently, even successful people! May already be at an older age, some, in retrospect, painfully aware that lived an empty life, which, well, not as inconsistent with their earlier plans and dreams! And it is even on money wealth, availability of decent apartments, cars, learned at the institutes of children and grandchildren growing up. Do not leave a sense of life lived to please, and ordered someone else will It is not in vain and unreasonable anxiety, and sensation! And this is really for many, many centuries! I think that many people do not believe that all their purpose and appearance in this world is to study and getting no information of interest in staying and implementation of the hated, but "prestigious job" for food, clothing, and something a little more Almost all people do many things that they or genuinely not interested or not at all necessary for a normal and happy life! Our civilization is living dictated by a handful of rich, vain, envious, proud, greedy, cruel, despicable, cowardly, vlastimeyuschih people.


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