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    Our lives are becoming more saturated and intense, we are looking for new solutions to life and new spaces for living. The real estate market offers many options for how to make the right choice? When making decision on the reconstruction of old apartments or purchasing new, we must note that in recent years, standards of comfortable housing has changed considerably, for we opened new possibilities for organizing your life, rest and family life. The main trend of modern layouts – this is a flexible space, the simultaneous allocation of multi-functional places for active communication and private private areas for each family member. In a fashion property, that in one day can accommodate guests gathered for a good party, and the other to become a cozy haven for all family members. “People have become more sophisticated and want to use the best capabilities of their apartments, “- says designer Kevin Alter. Now the kitchen – it’s just not the kitchen, which was 10-15 years ago. From just a functional room, it was transformed into a room decoration and equipment which occupies all but a central place in the project throughout the apartment. “Kitchen – a new entertainment center – says Susie Villiford, vice president of the U.S.

    National Association of Manufacturers of products for kitchens and bathrooms – from just a functional room, it was transformed into a beautiful room, where they play a game where all the homework done, it became a center of communications of family members to each other. ” Modern kitchen appliances are not only greatly simplifies the work of housewives, but also corresponds to the visual aesthetic standards and are designed to fit into the interior, or even create it, so it is very often merge the kitchen and living room in a single room, or just marking the boundary between them with the breakfast bar or sliding partitions. This allows multiple family members stay together and communicate, engaged in their own affairs. Another trend – usually residential premises are located, ranging from 2-3 floors of the building, and it lays on the stage of a project, it became apparent comfort of living on the upper floors, keep away from noise, dust of city streets and curious eyes. Therefore, often the cost of apartments on higher floors cost more than similar proposals on the bottom.

    View from the window well is important, therefore, very popular apartments with panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. The result is the effect sought by tenants, which combine with the internal balcony rooms – is an increase in living space and beautiful views. These trends are born to changes in society, art and design. We are becoming more engaged, communicative, flexible, in other words we communicate with family, friends and business partners.

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    What is digg.com? Digg.com – a social network, virtual (online) world to the user. Real social networks (people) came long before web services ‘social networking’. Digg.com founder Kevin Rose site (Kevin Rose) has built a network human relations, or rather “social networking service.” With the advent of this service quickly began to increase its audience and to grow in popularity. To date, rating according to digg.com Alexa.com is 94, and the number of sites mentioning the service, and according to Alexa is 4.616 million. So what’s the secret of such popularity? Quite simply, the service digg.com obedinil huge number of users, which in turn consolidated into the group. This created community. Simplicity, accessibility – these are the moments of digg.com.

    Party service digg.com can be anybody. Each participant can submit your pages to the system daily. Presented pages instantly become accessible to the entire community digg.com. Svezhepredstavlennaya page falls under the category ‘Upcoming’ and then, if other users of the service to vote for it, can move into the category of ‘Top 10′ or go to the home page (and get a lot a lot of traffic). Each participant may vote service and write comments to any page shown in digg.com. I will not be considered until all of the positive and negative points about this service, since it part of a separate article (although if anyone wants to argue, ask here). For beginners, online-business digg.com can be very useful, because where you can find an answer to a question often asked by beginners in the forums’ Which topic to choose for the site? ” . In digg.com this question lies on the surface – Sign up and see which of the popular topics you closer in spirit.

    Now I want to stop at one of the things that I was very interested – DIGG API, and API specific comments. Digg.com provides an API for the comments, which can accommodate Digg.com comments to your articles directly on your site. What’s the use? A benefit may be as follows: there’s no need to own server providing centralized comments increase motivation comments, because only a digg.com-user can leave a response, which is interested in the fact that a link to his profile digg.com-stay on your site. there’s no need to fight spam, this makes for you and all the digg.com community this service What do I need? Fill out the registration form and become a member of digg.com. Becoming a member of the service, submit to digg.com own page (But be careful, administration does not like digg.com users providing their own root page! I’ll explain in more detail in future editions of this series of articles) on the registered page to digg.com put a button to any of your visitor could, directly from your website to vote for the content of your page, thus increasing your link popularity in a community service. Set your page JavScript-code API for comment. A detailed description and Installation JavScript-code API for comments see page work with digg.


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