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    November 7, 2008 Analysts Management Company Arsa revised its outlook on U.S. dollar exchange rate. According to analysts Ars October 31, 2008, the annual forecast of the dollar exchange rate stood at 26.9 rubles per dollar. In connection with the election of Barack Obama, has increased the likelihood of policy alignment of fiscal and monetary expansion to overcome the crisis. Change in the probability of monetary scenario to overcome the crisis liquidity have forced analysts to revise forecasts the dollar exchange rate. According to an updated assessment, the annual forecast of the dollar was 26.4 rubles to the dollar. It should be noted that the economic policy of only paper may look like a coherent and leads to a certain result, but in reality, it happens very rarely. Monetary expansion affects the economy slow, and measures of monetary expansion in soon will stimulate the falling dollar.

    At the same time, fiscal policy (the implementation of public procurement or tax reductions), acts quickly, though it has a significant bureaucratic delays before implementation. Fiscal policy will strengthen the dollar. In summary, we should say that because of the inconsistency of policy in the coming year remains the possibility of sharp jumps in the dollar – as depreciation and strengthening. Therefore, the forecast level of 26.4 rubles to the dollar – it is rather the average temperature in the hospital, and to avoid losses peg to the dollar is better not to do.

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    Japanese government source said last week that the U.S. has not agreed to by half reduce emissions by the middle of the century. Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany will seek to progress in climate protection and the fight against global warming. In the field of climate protection, the industrialized countries should be based on progress at the summit a year ago the Group of Eight in Heiligendamm, North German, says Merkel. Recall, then the participants declared their intention to counter the global warming the planet to achieve reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 at least 50 percent.

    Merkel believes that the struggle for climate protection is the responsibility of not only industrial countries but also countries with transition economies – Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa, which "should make their own efforts in climate protection." Oleg Mitvol checks prosecutors? On Thursday, July 3, the head of Rosprirodnadzor Vladimir Kirillov sent a request to the Prosecutor General on the review of his deputy Oleg Mitvol. It was on the audit oil company Yangpur 'working in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District (Yamal). The decision to preparation of a request made at the meeting Kirillov June 26, from which, as previously reported, Mitvol removed five minutes after the start of his disagreement with his superiors. Kirillov called for an internal investigation inspections conducted on the initiative of Rosprirodnadzor Mitvol in the republics of Komi, Tatarstan, as well as in the Krasnoyarsk Territory and Rostov Region. In response to the actions of the Kirillov Mitvol expressed hope that "the prosecutor's office will check and me and my work head ', also noting that the prosecutor intends to file a reply address, which will affect, in particular, the recent appointment of Rosprirodnadzor.

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    The success of the game due to the fact that the authors first thought about you. Nick does not have to be bored, unnecessarily company holds regular events in the game, and beyond. And of course increases the virtual world For example, first sdes had two islands and Kalimdor Eastern koralevstvo, so after the additions have appeared two new world-Outland and Northrend. But that's not all. In December, went on sale the latest update Cataclysm, koordinalno that changed the world game. Now, in place of the desert grow thick woods and fields, natural katoklizm changed appearance, which means that now the good old location can be viewed through different eyes. And so let's now analyze in detail all the changes that touches the universe.

    During the battle of the local population with a mighty army of the king Lynch woke up in the dungeon the most powerful evil which dot that no one knew. Death wings is one of a kind dragon keepers in his time in charge of the land was rightfully the most powerful among his relatives. He's like no one else loved the world, and always defended his people. But one day he fell mind and wanted to limitless power. And so began the war against the relatives of dragons.

    Tricked by he made powerful guardians to create for him an army of winged serpents. And so it came a new breed of twilight Dragons who brought all the grief, death and destruction. Inhabitants of online games together in the face not justice, and put a lot of losses and the efforts they were able to overcome the Deathwing. But having licked their wounds, the lord recovered and is aiming to take over the world. So that all who are not indifferent ahead!

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    Sometimes it seems there is no problems at all – he took all the required documents for registration of non-residential property and submitted to the appropriate authorities. However, registration of non-residential property includes a large collection the number of documents, and their number varies according to the particular object. Here there are many moments, they determine the collection of documentation. Must come from the fact whether an object is a separate structure or is part of another building. The greater the amount of information about the object will be built, the quicker and easier it is registered. Accelerated registration of real estate can happen if all of the data obtained about the legislative history of the structure.

    That is being investigated at this stage such nuances as the legality of the appearance of property rights from the owner, as well as the proper fulfillment of the procedural aspects of its acquisition. Naturally, there are option to do their own design, or ask for help in a specialized firm. It should be noted that the design will require a remarkable personal strength and knowledge in the field of housing and economic legislation. In other words, without legal training and experience to do everything correctly, almost unreal. Another thing is the company that has long engaged in registration.

    Working with professionals, people automatically shifts to the performer the whole procedure, as well as unforeseen problems that sometimes appear in the process. But such difficulties can be very many: the lack of legal documents of the object structure is in the mortgage, construction of the project was conducted in violation of the rules applicable law, etc. And if you need urgent registration of real estate, do not use the services of professionals in the area generally irresponsible. After all, legally educated professionals to bypass bureaucratic obstacles will be much easier. In order to give us the right to actions that are related to the registration of an object, you must do Power of Attorney, in her client trust the organization to commit to the Executive on behalf of the action.

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    We propose that the widespread resentment against authority automatically produce social mobilization (Durkheim), The French Revolution can be explained from the anger of the people with the King. Te as stipulated in the Collective Behavior, a the ability of individual suggestions and irritability are characteristic of situations of social unrest arising from the various forms of behavior omnibus (Park, 1939), In the French Revolution, were the working classes, 80% of the population were peasants increasingly impoverished, given the constant price increases and the pressing debt that was mobilized, but contrary to what has been thought, was not the alleged poverty of the rural origin of the revolution, but the enmity of the people came because of the corruption of morals and degradation of the Court. To this, in 1789, he joined a social crisis resulting from agricultural underproduction crisis dragged the industry. The French Revolution was not based on a continuous ideological structure of organized groups. We can not speak of a rational organization, with a mobilization of resources to be used to fight for goals set in advance, as required by the theory of Resource Mobilization (McCarthy and Zald). For them, the movement's success will lie in the organizational factor, how to use the available resource, is managed rationally both the organization and the context, with both connected. In the French Revolution there was no formal motion, a complaint ideological simply discontent a "which could be compared to the widespread belief Smelser, acting as the equivalent of a collective identity, the agitation grew (especially in big cities ) and specific disorders (emerging markets) due to lack of supply a "precipitating factors" that grew to revolt in some cities due to political problems a "more precipitating factors" (representative of the third State, ), but without a network connection.


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