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    If you face the problem of choosing a gift to a child or a friend, donate a telescope. After all, the knowledge of the unexplored mysteries of the cosmos, the study of the sky a positive effect on a person's character, his knowledge of the world. Knowing beauty and grandeur of the cosmos, we know the unknown nature of things. Maybe you need a powerful tool for doing astrophotography? In today's market there are many telescopes today various models available to almost everyone. You can choose low-cost model of the telescope base level, or else buy a solid tool with professional features. Such a technique used by scientists today. Before to seek decent model telescope need choose optical system telescope his mount (device installation telescope) well and decide with VideoTesT manufacturer. Today in amateur series There are several optical systems of telescopes: refractor (lens – the lens), reflector (lens – mirror) Maksutov-Cassegrain, Cassegrain and Schmidt-Cassegrain (a system with a combined set of mirrors and lenses).

    Choosing the right optical system is very important, although of course you can choose a telescope, and for appearance. Here are key points to consider when choosing optiki.Refraktory refractor telescope as Lens has a lens front tube. They are the longest when compared with other systems. The larger the diameter of a lens, the more there is such a telescope, because the manufacturing process and high quality lenses are complex. The technological process of manufacturing mirrors, for example, to the Newtonian system simpler and therefore cheaper.

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    Psychologists conducting various studies of human personality, and sometimes offer the world the most interesting things. One such discovery, interesting not only for psychologists, was the fact that people believe in any nonsense that is published online Internet. One reservation, these people derive most of the information from the Internet. This study was conducted by American psychologists who have studied a group of students over several years. As it turned out, the students almost entirely perceived as true, false, even delusional information. Students were informed that somewhere in the world, there is a so-called Isle of Dogs.

    On this island live happy dog for food which, on the island live a great number of rabbits. And was also false information about the tree octopus that crawled into the trees and feeding birds. But even more interesting was the conclusion American scientists. They decided that they must create a system that would limit the perception of nonsense people! I wonder how this system will look and function? Who will decide, is nonsense any of the information or not? Maybe the whole thing in education, when people on the basis of data at its disposal, can distinguish delirium from credible information. A system that will help people distinguish false information on the true, can be very effective tool to manipulate the masses. Surely, in such a system will necessarily be part of people, and people can choose those that may solve someone's favor. For example, in a major news site, you can declare nonsense statement of opposition, to refute the facts or statistics. The man himself has to decide what to believe him, and what constitutes a lie. Otherwise, people may be just a puppet, it is enough to tell him what believe and what not. Can you believe the nonsense from the Internet?


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