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    The Nile is without question the most famous and most mysterious river in the world, but perhaps only the second longest. One can not say exactly, because the source of the Amazon River can not interpret accurately. A Nile cruise on this river is a unique experience for every person that certainly no one so soon forget. The Nile is for Egypt, especially of particular importance, because without him, the country would be a desert, and only for a man it would therefore be impossible to live there. Not only that, it offers water but also economic benefits.

    Even a holiday on the river can be very exciting because there are many things to see the show for mankind a miracle. As for example the pyramids, the one known to us are the wonders of the world would see, even what people want been around forever so fascinated at ease every time. When you see the pyramids, you will know exactly what the people over this long period are so mysterious. The Nile has a unique diversity in the animal world, many different Animals are named after the single river, the hippopotamus, for example, which however does not occur anymore in the lower reaches, the Nile grass rat, the Nile monitor, which Mormyrids, the Egyptian Goose and the Nile crocodile. The Egyptians kept many of these animals as pets, or keep them just for the many Egyptian gods to impress. The Nile has a length of 6671 kilometers and is due to its unique history and significance particularly favored to take at various cruises.

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    Nearly 10,000 Egyptians are killed and defeat seems inevitable. However, something unexpected happens: With virtually defeated enemy, the Hittites irresponsibly targeted their efforts to pillage and looting. Pharaoh himself owes his life to the greed of the Hittites who try to collect the prize that was promised: if it succeeds, could be charged as liked the favor of the war have paid for its battle tanks donated by the soldiers to State's inability to afford new ones. a A peace deal salvation and unexpected. The marks for ambition, the turning point of the battle. Muwatallish II, from his place of battle, attends the consummation of a feast. Taking everything going for it to take the victory, the Hittite king lost a great opportunity to annihilate the other three divisions.

    Ramses, who is informed that the remaining divisions were very close, take the general prey to break the siege of Hittite chariots and made its way safely to reach the other bank of the Orontes River. In this regard, of great importance were the participation of thousands of notable Egyptian archers, who take advantage of the push to enter the field hitting Egypt launched a massive attack of arrows that caused a terrible mortality. Displaying a change his star, Ramses ordered a realignment of its forces. Fortunately for him, Amorites militia troops appeared in this crucial moment and the equality of forces was evident. The Hittites, and defensive position, launched after the flight, trying to ford the river to get rest.

    With the horses tired and heavy battle tanks clash, the Hittites and were unable to rebuild their offensive despite the efforts of Muwatallish II, in despair at the disruption to their plans. Near the end of the battle, the Hittite king could not be more frustrated: He had missed the opportunity to exploit their tactical advantage and according to how the battle was now presented, it was best to retire. a In the Egyptian countryside, from pessimism to euphoria passed. Two divisions were still quite cool and the enemy put to flight. But Rameses chose to be more cautious. Perhaps he realized that the mortality and the price of the campaign were too high to start defensive positions. Something similar must have thought Muwatallish II, realizing the danger of displaying such disparate forces together, paid only for what they steal the fight and dominated by ambition, was extremely difficult not already seen happen. True to his diplomatic skills, sent a peace offer to Ramses, who secretly gladly accepted. Around 1.285 BC, signed a treaty of friendship and mutual cooperation between Kadesh Ramses Hattusili IIA and III, the new king of the Hittite empire. a In the above treatment, finally, both nations renew their mutual aspirations for peace and put an end to their differences. Indeed, over the years and the increased risk Assyrian, both form a common front. On the other hand, had the sad end Bentesina Prince, Amorite ally of Ramses, which was ousted in favor of Sabili, a new king who accepted without honor to be a vassal. As Ramses, he returned to Egypt literally a vaciasa con hands. Despite losing Syria (after all, as a consolation prize penetrated into the neighboring region of Amurru and Upi) not saved the Egyptian efforts to direct the type celebrated Pentaur false narrative of his exploits. Nation of this order Pentaur famous poem, which has reached us after silence of more than 3000 years., specialist in history, with extensive experience in research on global wars and conflicts. to

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    But what do if family members that you want to give a gift, inveterate couch potatoes? Do not despair, and they can pick up something which, being extracted from under the Christmas tree (or out of the sack of Santa Claus), did cause no less than joy and pleasure. Who said that in order to relax extreme, it is necessary to get somewhere in the mountains (the taiga to the desert, on a raft in the middle of the ocean, the jungle, under the water a little deeper, higher into the sky – right underline)? You donated collections extreme simulators will not leave the apartment, to experience the wide variety of adventures, during which time the adrenaline rush will be no less than it would in real conditions. However, in the comfort of your home you can rest more peacefully, but no less fun. Develop the eye, to strengthen the hand and bring a gift nerves would allow all members of the family given you a set for a game of darts. This fascination Now in a new engulfed both adults and children of both sexes – and the girls often outperform boys in accuracy. Will only need to look after a suitable design of the game: the target can now be framed not only in traditional style, but in western style, the times of Robin Hood, but for the little ones painted with fruits and sweets. By the way, for kids can be bought as a safe darts, where instead of darts – balls, stick to rough surface of the target.

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    His first gift of Pfalz-Fein still remembers. It was a wonderful carpet, donated by the Shah of Persia Emperor Nikolay II in honor of the 300th anniversary of the reign of the Romanovs: it was shown all the members of the royal family. Baron contribution to Russian culture is truly invaluable. Edward A. known for many years around the world collecting works of art, Russian culture, exported from Russia during the October Revolution and the Civil War. He bought them at auctions and from private owners and then returned to his homeland, gave Russian museums. In particular, thanks Pfalz-Fein in Russia have been returned to the portrait of Prince Potemkin brush Levitsky and sculptural hand impression of genius Chaliapin.

    He helped carry the ashes Chaliapin in Russia, opened a museum of Catherine II in Zerbst, built two churches in the Ukraine and raised a monument to Suvorov in the Alps. As a member of the International Olympic Committee, has helped Moscow to qualify for the Olympics-80, although prior to 1980 Baron categorically denied the year in the visa and not allowed into the USSR. Last of Falz-Fein Russian nobleman Edward Pfalz-Fein was born in Russia for five years before the 1917 revolution. In the age of five, smuggled out of Russia later he settled in the principality of Liechtenstein, where he currently resides. Eduard – a descendant of an old family of Russian immigrants Epanchins, the grandson of Admiral himself, who founded St. Petersburg in the Pages' body of His Imperial Majesty. In the old old military family – famous generals and admirals.

    While Pfalz-Fein already – multimillionaires, newspaper owners, refineries, ports and ships, as well as prosperous estates in throughout Russia. 'Kings of the Crimean steppes' – so called them Trotsky. And yet in the history of Russia, they entered the race after the founding of the famous reserve Epanchins 'Askania Nova' in Tavria, where, together with the exotic animals they have rescued from extinction of the famous Przewalski's horse. The name of Baron Fain-Pfalz is now well known in his homeland.


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