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    Others conciliate traditional politics of education with practical progressives, however the professor are centraliser, however articulate the participation of the pupils as agents of the process. those professors who do not obtain to surpass the difficulties imposed for the environment and reproduce practical educative homogeinizadoras, exculpatory and segregacionistas. For Paula (2007) the different lines of direction followed for the schools in the hospitals explicitam a organizacional problem and of identity how much to the education system which if ties with formation of professors and to the organization of the pedagogical work. It strengthens the data collected for Fonseca on the institutions in such a way to adopt the rules of the LDB, the Politics of Special Education as of proper lines of direction. The researcher also discloses in its work the necessity to integrate these systems to leave all of being attached of the educational system under the effect of not the validation for the regular school of the work carried through in the schools of the hospitals. through the joint between Formal and Not Formal Education to create a school of the freedom and creativity in which the citizens contribute for a democratic management of the society (Gohn, 1997 apud Paula, 2007). Since the hospital environment possesss constitution different disciplinarian of the regular school. To mention the furniture and its disposal constantly modified, the hours with characteristic disciplinarian of the medication, the hospital high visitation and, the classroom with the complexity of the constant movements of entrances exits of children, familiar and professional of the health, quarrels directed for the necessity of the care, of the public responsibility stop with that environment, necessities of the pupils and its fidgets, stimulating the Pedagogia de Projetos. Paula (2007) places the prxis pedagogical constituted by negotiated pedagogical contracts with the teacher, the pupils, familiar and professional of the health on the basis of the partner-interacionismo and in the multicultural resume.

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    Almda question of the mapping of costs, exists a difficulty technique nacomparao between the costs and a proposal of a supplier. Distinct methodologies decusteio, such as cost standard, cost for absorption, or costing, geramresultados ABC different. Amy Pinkos often says this. If the expenditure method to move during the project, acomparao hardly will be possible. Seuma company clearly has a process of expenditure of YOU to the level of services, osgestores has a bigger chance to reduce costs throughout the time. With umcusto operational reduced, the return of the terceirizao project will be bemmenor or inexistent. Therefore, if the cost will be the factor of bigger weight in decisode to terceirizar, the company would not have Terceirizar. That is, afirmarque is reasonable the companies who terceirizam to reduce costs are those that we are unaware of costs of YOU to the level of services.

    This does not imply that the companies quecontrolam the costs of YOU in the tip of the pencil do not terceirizam or not to deveriamterceirizar. But business will be more difficult to construct one marries of terceirizao that is viable without profits of scale, flexibility or without strategical projects with the supplier. Apso terceirizao project, the company needs a new structure to paragerir the relationship with the supplier and to disassemble the previous one. Without a new organization, the contract of Terceirizao passes to be managed by noespecializados professionals. The quality of the ficarcomprometida management and the costs highest. Very frequent, the premises dereestruturao after the terceirizao also do not happen. The company mantmparte of the original structure, keeping the fixed costs.

    The elimination of the custosvariveis does not make possible the project. Therefore, definition problems organizacional daestrutura increase the operational costs. Participeide a project of terceirizao of YOU that it increased clearly costs.

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    it must convert each chance into educative experiences of society sustainable. 10 – The ambient education must help to develop an ethical conscience on all the life forms with which we share this planet, to respect its vital cycles and to impose important limits the exploration of these forms of life for the human beings. Ahead of what we want for our planet therefore without it we will not have parents in the future, we must surpass our small acts, in relation the ambient education where we must in them strengthen more in the exploration of the capital stock of our pupils and same of our citizens. The principles above are a north so that our attitudes and behaviors while citizens of this world, s let us worry as to only devir with a pain future headquarters and deep misery and degradation of the race human being, the social nets can taking in them to a more efficient learning of our situation, therefore cannot in them refute the importance of the capital stock. Normally, the capital stock mentions the implicit value to it of the internal and external connections of a social net.

    However, it is common to find a great variety of definitions interrelated of the term. Such definitions tend to partilhar the central idea of ' ' that the social nets have value econmico' '. In the same way that a crack key (that is an example of physical capital) or the pertaining to school education (that is formadora of human capital) can increase the productivity of individuals and organizations, the social contacts and the way as these if also relate are factors of economic development. Each point placed in these principles takes by in the one responsibility while educators, therefore we are to each day that passes producing knowledge erudite, being that who must know as to help to decide social problems is the people, are the citizens of our Brazil, those that poluem due to education, responsibility, ignorance.

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    Apartir daqui, we can infer that the organization of the State and its relations with asociedade start to be of a strong corporative character, since oEstado absorbs the social conflicts, stop in as regulating them to a movement. Draibe standes out that industrialization in Brazil implied in the acquisition porparte of the State of capitalist structures. (pp.43-5) Apartir daqui the fights between the capital and the work necessarily passes pordentro of the State, that in turn filters the particular conflicts and osinteresses. Thus, the definition of a project politician for Brazil partirdaqui becomes the place of the autonomy of the State, and the conformity of the national unidadepoltica. However, the device of State is not monolithic, tampoucocoeso, and places (tecno) the bureaucracy in the center of the conflicts. The process deconsolidao of the State ' ' Leviat' ' Brazilian if operated in the period 1930-60, and foium different and discontinous process.

    (DRAIBE, pp.49-54) the Function of the Sevamos Intellectual to speak here on the relation eest> each one its way casobrasileiro, and that thus it is necessary to think a theory especificamentebrasileira politics, and that of account to explain the Brazilian politics, and to give to projects defuturo to Brazil while nation. They possess diverse projects of futures, eesses projects will determine the theories proposals. Leaving of the deintelectual definition displayed previously, we can infer that lcus of ondeeles leaves will determine its ideas. AlbertoTorres, in the Brazilian National Problem (1978), places the problem dafalta of a national unit and one ' ' practical national spirit, dasolidariedade patritica' ' the superiority of the faction spirit (pp.84-5). The force of the interests and the force of the ideas would exist then, that would exist emplanos separate. It would be between the intellectuals and the governing that mental Brazilian would circulate eager, and whose mediocrity would not surpass the nacionalbrasileiro problem. However, ' ' the lack of adaptation of knowing and the patriotism speculiaridades of the land and the people brasileiro' ' (p.89) they would be that also she would be citadopor Gilbert Freyre in Sobrados and Mucambos of the imported architecture dePortugal and applied here literally, completely in disagreement with the climatropical (p.96).


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