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    " Played a role, and the fact that the platform is based on non-expensive Windows-applications, the work that needs to purchase additional licensed software, and on the free operating system Linux. Our clients do not must have knowledge of programming and there is no need to install additional equipment to conduct online conferences, webinars, online seminars. All that is needed – it granitura, headphone, microphone, webcam. The benefits are different working online you do not need to think about renting the hall, the road to another town or country, organizational logistics, handouts, projector, flipchart, etc. Organize a webinar online seminar, web conference at any convenient time. Interactive process, live communication, you and your customers are guaranteed. Leader conducts a Web conference, Psychologist – online training, coaching – coaching session HR-Manager – an online interview or training … At the same time, all participants in the webinar can ask questions, either via the microphone or text chat messages.

    By the way, statistics show that expenditure on recruitment at a distance through an online interview reduced by 3-4 times (in the range of the Ukraine-Russia), and if we are talking about podbote personnel and abroad, the costs are reduced by 10 times. Victoria Kucherchuk: "webinars and easier, more difficult. On the one hand. Simply because acquiring some skills, you can improvise and perform a fully interactive webinar. Complicated, because need to learn all menu items buttons, settings, and not forgetting all about the content and communicating with participants. In some ways, similar to driving school: the signs, pedestrians, gearbox …

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    She feels humiliated by these actions. The student asks the psychologist who did not report to anyone who has come to him for reprisals. The psychologist consultation with the tutor of the student and informs him that it has not noticed anything special, except that performance is not very good economically. The psychologist receives a note, the next day to demand, urging him not to intervene. Based on the more generic, Respect for human dignity, we find several Phonetically Principles: Charity, for which the role of psychologists must seek the good for people that have responsibility. The Non-maleficence, which the psychologist must avoid, at all times, cause injury to their patients with their performance. This is a minimum duty, essential and basic, which must be present in any case that comes before him to a psychologist. When a person requests the services of a psychologist is obviously hopes not be harmed by the acts of the professional.

    This should help you solve your problems or difficulties, which is what is expected and is the main reason why patients come to query. And of justice, since the intention must be to ensure that the patient has access to improved health. Among Prophetical Rules, in this case of Confidentiality is difficult to apply because the consequences would seem to be bad for the student in either case, whether you keep the confidentiality of the information received as if he mantelpiece.a We thus raise the first dilemmas, in the case of a minor, what is the duty of a professional with knowledge of a possible action that is damaging to the person, in this case a minor, who complains? How far should arrive the principle that the psychologist is also required in their practice: confidentiality, in the case of a minor?.

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    Most recently, in his article ‘Set goals’, I wrote about the need to set goals for a certain period: week, month, year, decade Judging from reviews and the vast number of readers of this article, most of you learned to set goals. But equally important, in my opinion, be able to summarize. For example, today is the last day of the month and it’s time to take stock of the past month, and the first two months of this year. Go back to your records that you want to achieve in February? Everything he wanted? Do you do what they could, that would achieve your goal? It is possible that you have not achieved what they wanted. Perhaps someone prevented you achieve the goal or you think so? A You may have even more that planned. In any case, this is a great chance to analyze your actions.

    To do this, ask yourself some simple questions:-if you really went to his goal? -Do you follow your plan? -Did you find compromises to difficult situations on the road to your goal? -Have you done everything and more, trying to achieve their goal? -What went wrong and what was wrong? Analyzing and examining the results past month, it will be easier to outline plans for the next month or decade. Based on my personal results, let me give you some valuable advice. Do not be afraid to ‘pull up the bar’. Put high goals, underexposed. If something does not work, of course, would be a shame, shame, but not fatal.

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    This is the part that will define your success, and this is where you should be flexible about your interests. If your passion does not "fit" in the interests of the market, probably not a good idea to start an Internet business with this subject, but not get frustrated early. You may just need to make a shift and not a re-election to your business. There are several ways to determine if there is interest in the topic you want to start a business online. One of the simplest is to look for magazines with this item. Think if there is a magazine devoted to the topic you want to handle means there are advertisers willing to sponsor the publication. Surely before launching this magazine conducted an exhaustive market study that demonstrated the ability to generate money from advertisers, and of course the willingness of people to spend money on what is offered.

    Mothers can benefit from the results of these studies and determine what will be our market, following the trends found. If you do not find interest in your passion, go back to your interest list, choose something else and start again. May be about to make any changes, refine, shorten or enlarge the subject. 3. Identify what your market wants and give what you need Take your time to know your market. Who are they? Where do they live? What are their habits? How old are your readers? One way to meet your market is to join discussion forums on the topic of your interest. There you will find many Answers to these questions, and you better know your potential readers and subscribers.

    The most important thing to know your market is to identify your needs. Take time to investigate what their concerns and needs, and start working on meeting this demand. 4. Seek help and mentors. We do not have to do it all alone! Now I ask, and I found my market and I know what you need. How do I make money with this information? You're going to create a product or service that your market is needed, or if this product is already going to promote it in exchange for a commission. You can also create a site with content and selling advertising, similar to what they do in magazines. This can be done in various ways, either an audio recording, digital writing a book, or even creating a physical product. But do not be afraid you do not have to do it all alone. Find mentors who have already been there and can give you some advice, delegate tasks that do not know how to make and shortens people around you who has achieved the objectives that you're pursuing. Finding the perfect online business for a mom not a matter of minutes, but it is a task perfectly possible for those who are willing to make a change in lifestyle. What now? Work at Home Mom is a site that exists to help moms find that business that fits their interests and personal and family needs. Subscribe here to receive news and resources aimed at the working mother at home:.

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    These are specialized in diverse services, as to help mdiuns during the consultations, to write and to interpret prescriptions or to make responsible for the presentation of the space of the cult or for music. In the same page, the author complements affirming that ' ' to arrive itself at some degree of the hierarchy one becomes necessary iniciao' ' , through which if it learns since the development of the mediunidade (capacity to incorporate an entity and to interpret of correct form), until the order of the cult, the theology, religious terms and the obligations. As much initiation, how much the hierarchy, however, can suffer alterations from house for house. In chapadinha the Esprita Tent King Dom Sebastio, situated to the Street Gensio Lopes Moreira, n 618? Old field, in the command of the Babalorix Antonio Jose, President of the same one and the Umbandista Federacy of the Low Parnaba that since its foundation in 1984 comes developing a good work spiritual for the people who look the house. The Place of fetichism was initiated as Religious Assistencial Foundation, today functions as Religious Assistencial Association, where the same it has as guide-head of the house, King Dom Sebastio and the right guides the caboclos of the bush: Tip of Guide, Breaches Weeds and White Penalty; Soeira Joo. The guides of left, Crossbar-streets and Queen of the Seven Encruzulhadas (Dove-Turn). Of the diverse ramifications and types of Umbanda the house works with two, the Umbanda de Caboclos and the Umbanda Astral. Developing diverse activities as, public sessions, with cures, passes, banns and other species of cleannesses of second to fridays and of development of mdiuns to the teras-fairs, being that the developments are made with bath of croa (laudering), baptism, encruzo and nesting. The Orixs that the accepted house is: Oxal, Yemanj, Ogum, Xang, Oxossi, Ibeji, Omolu, Oxum, Nan Boroqu, amongst others.


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