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    The initial reading that we made of Sergio Buarque of Holland left of one of its classics, Roots of Brazil, that guaranteed foundation to me for, then, to desire to work with the author. Inquiring a little of its biography, we were to the meeting of a component little studied of Sergio, that is, Sergio literary Buarque of Holland as critical. A work organized for Antonio Arnoni the Prado congregates practically all the production of Sergio, for magazines and periodicals in the critical field of the literary one, between 1920, when it published its first writing, and 1959, when it locked up its literary activities to integrally dedicate its activity of historian. In previous works we subsequent to analyze the vision of our author concerning a generation heroic phase of the modernista movement of 1922, period called for some for Generation of 45. In this work we were to the one distinct point observing the gamma of readings that Sergio Buarque of Holland made to inquire a little plus a so conspicuous personage. In the first part of research we were to some biographical aspects of the author, analyzing in this way which were its influences and the reason read definitive workmanships and not others. Not obstante, also he was weighed some comments of theoretical matrix on history of the reading, that is, of that it forms an analysis of the readings of the author could be useful for then understanding its time and the proper craftsman. They had been used as theoretical support the text History of the Reading of the author Robert Darnton, the workmanship Readings and Readers in the France of the Old Regimen of Roger Chartier, the Invention of the Society of Defaulting Jaques, authors who had given theoretical sustentation to me to understand of that he forms to examine the readings of Sergio Buarque.

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    And the list of alternative and creative possibilities not it exhausts. On the matter we continued disclosing, with the due updates, the initiative that presented/displayed Jose Maria Sarobe in its book " The Patagonia and its Problemas" , in the sense to bring bactrianos camels for the Argentine deserts, that the pain is worth to remember constitute but of half of the surface of Continental Argentina, given the versatility of that type of animal, that surpass fully, the benefits that offer at the moment, its South American equivalents: the flames. The Domestic Economy is the ideal complement there where the market is inapplicable. The work of the Razetto Chilean on " Economy of solidarity and Market democrtico" , he is one of the foundations of this luck of reinvencin of the Domestic Economy; now with more availability technological and with people more enabled by system educative, that what was possible does but of six decades when it lost heart deliberately or implicitly, by insustentables the economic policies of industrialization or by the effect of imitation of " they american way of life" radiated by mass media particularly by the cinema and the television. Bond to reiterate in this luck of consolidation of our previous developments, that the Domestic Economy tolerates the production, elaboration and food storage for familiar consumption or exchange with other neighboring families. Besides foods it includes the preparation and repair of footwear and clothes, the familiar kitchen garden, the raising of small animal and the artisan fishing; as well as the preventive breast-feeding and others you practice of hygiene and of the health. The list in no way tries to be exhaustive. The Economy domestic servant is a tool susceptible to discourage practical of superfluous consumption that they have hit much target in the universe infanto – youthful. The Domestic Economy is something that practices with but frequency in the establishments that we have visualized like receptive agents of deconcentration, just like in the dispersed rural population.


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