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    Currently, it is impossible to count the number of organizations non-governmental (NGO), called Civil society organizations in more recent times by the tissue and the social and citizen participation that this type of entities try to build. In Spain have been posted more than 1,500 and, in France, more than 40,000. They act in the scope of social, environmental and cultural, volunteering in projects of cooperation to development in the countries of the South, but they also devote part of its effort to raise and commit to civil society to influence the problems affecting the poor, the disabled, the elderly who live alone, the sick, prisoners and all social excluded. By the figures, you could say that the phenomenon that emerged at the end of the 1960s has been a success and is well grounded. However, these organizations in changed in several respects. At its inception, Volunteering was more associated with militancy, protest against an unjust world and the search for alternative proposals.

    The images of the Viet Nam war and hunger in Biafra, the exponential increase of University students enrolled in the world and with access to the information by different media penetrated the consciousness of thousands of young people in the developed world. The same technological development that allowed this decision of conscience has given the world of a complexity that hinders participation in public today. On the other hand, the operation of these organizations relied more on the commitment of its founders and its volunteers who not only aranaban time to develop their various programmes, but also the funds they needed to do so. Today, the total budget of the OSC in France equivalent to 2.6 billion and almost 41,000 full-time jobs. Projects are supported today more in the professionalization of the sector today there is debate if professionalization excess robs these organizations of their identity-, in the incorporation of private enterprise through grants, initiatives such as of Corporate Social responsibility, although some companies have used to the OSC to your image. On the other hand, budgets that handle many organizations today hinder the processes of transparency and open the door to fraudulent and unprincipled practices of ethics as those that have been uncovered in 2007. However, still giving priority examples of commitment to solidarity not only among young people who repudiate a model of unjust development, but also of retired people who are reluctant to be away from the fabric of society by having ceased to produce.

    European civil society organizations have the luxury of the sustained commitment of people who had already witnessed the dawn of volunteering. There are even people who work in other sectors and, at the end of the day or during their weekends, undertakes to act together with the excluded against exclusion. These organizations pending task to take advantage of technologies to create networks influencing policies, to be well connected to the rest of the world and to provide spaces for participation when it the street It leaves each time more than be a public space. In it are the organizations of civil society. Carlos Miguelez Periodista original author and source of the article.

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    Many years ago, when travelling to conferences and cooperation projects by about 20 countries of Latin America, I found that many schools teaching in Latin America and other centres of higher education lacked good libraries. The soul came to me the ground how could train as teachers and directors of education without books to read? Upon returning to Madrid, I sent letters to my friends at the University asking for novels, theatre, poetry, art, film, essays, dictionaries and encyclopedias which do not already used. Thus was born the solidarity book project. Without funding for processing the books, destroy the unsuitable and organize libraries of 3,000 or 5,000 copies to be sent in containers. It has not been easy, but they did it because they felt the need for the commitment in the service. While it is not easy to obtain resources for their transport, since they show no wounds, tears or misery. Thanks to the help of many volunteers and the warehouses and spaces that lent us some institutions We have brought forward this formidable company. The book of solidarity is one of the solidary OSC for development programmes.

    It is a project that promotes the necessary educational development for global progress. The beneficiaries are training centres, schools of primary and secondary teaching, universities, popular libraries, centres for young people in a situation of social exclusion, and schools that need it and that we can help, although we consider priority those dedicated to the training of teachers and professors. Over the 10 years of operation of the program, multitude of library requests have been received. For reasons of infrastructure and freight costs, we give priority to the most disadvantaged regions and to those centers that have basic conditions of installation of a library and to ensure the viability of the project, security of the books and the good use of them, without censorship or obstacles.

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    Happy after your divorce when a relationship ends in divorce, a woman should think about how retrieve his happiness, however, this does not always comes with a new relationship. After finalized the divorce or separation, women almost always we are left with our children, but keep in mind that these children will grow and that your life will begin to develop around friends and activities that go with the age of each of them. Faced with this situation, as a woman you have or you could have a circle of friends or relatives. If still you feel that it is not enough and think about finding a new partner, you must take into account certain things. Loneliness after divorce sometimes said that women should try to be happy to be alone and then start a new relationship, but it is not so easy to understand the concept of being happy alone. What in reality not a few women want is be part of a relationship and life partner, but they also want to have what they lacked in their previous relationship. A point It is important to take into account thinking that not only because women need to be happy, it requires change something about herself. A Council is to remain the same without forcing changes that do not go with his personality.

    Sometimes you need a relationship that means something different to friends or family. In other words, someone who comes to bring flavor to life. A busy mind we have heard a lot that keep the mind occupied is a good strategy to remove negative thoughts. However, it is also a good strategy to look for something that will give you satisfaction to make you feel done and, therefore, happy. Some things that might help you achieve happiness after a divorce: think carefully about what you like to do or be (work, study, travel, etc.) It seeks opportunities to study things that before seemed impossible to you.

    Spend a few hours per day or per week to volunteer work. Search for places or programmes where need of your wisdom. If you do the work entrusted with love and devotion, and if you give the best of you, the time come that rather than lament it appreciate the moments that you can finally be alone with yourself. With this you not sustituiras your partner, but envolveras you more in yourself and discover you. Keep in mind that the perfect man will not appear in an instant, but yes you will learn to be happy alone. If you learn to combine your time with what satisfies you, you will also learn to organize and irradiaras satisfaction and joy to your environment. With information: todamujeresbella.com original author and source of the article

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    Maybe because you have a small or a large list of subscribers who have voluntarily subscribed to your list, if so congratulations if otherwise I invite you to start creating your list of volunteers supcritores, but also no fences make the mistake of buying any database to create your list, since the list that you need to create is a list of voluntary supcricion. Start creating your list is the first thing you should do if you want to succeed online, you can ask any expert that you know and the same answer you. Email Marketing tip the tip on Email Marketing you want to share in this post is that if you already have a list try to always share high-value content to your subscribers, you must make sure they are happy with the emails that you send them, if those promoting some product can send them emails to your list whenever the product promotions is quality and not a product of poor quality. Do not send emails nothing more by sending emails, it is best to send 1 email with good quality content once a week or the 15 days that five email a week of poor quality. Try to make a combination between a 70 to 80 percent of shipments of quality email and a 20 to 30 porcientos email with promotions and insofar as these are products that will benefit your subscribers. If you want to succeed online you need to have a list that love you want to receive your email, it is preferable to have a list of 1000 people with which has a few excellent relationship and love and wish to receive your email to a huge list with which relationship do not have and do not want to know anything about your email. I say this because in a promotion of a launch a friend of mine that I had a list of 10,000 had almost the same sales as a type I had a list of 100, 000, you were to ask that from the list of 10000 had almost the same sales as the of 100 000? The answer is simple from the list of 10000 simply had a better relationship with your list. Maybe you did notice that no matter the size of the list, what matters is to provide value content to have an excellent relationship with your list. Original author and source of the article

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    It might suggest that the same thing would be worth using materials that do not belong to the doctrine of Christ. Logic would indicate that a foundation built from materials of different religions would be more flexible to accept all kinds of good material of construction (or doctrines). However, Christ does not allow to be build with their materials on a basis that did not come from him. Why was explicit when referring to what type of content is that is required to build upon its foundation. In short, everything the foundation that I would deny or reject Christ as the only son of God, is identified in the Bible as the Antichrist spirit (1 John 2: 22-23). Everything the Foundation denies and rejects his divinity is also identified as the spirit of the Antichrist.

    Where it says this the Bible? In 1 John 4: 1-3, the Scriptures tell us about the importance that Jesus came to earth come in the flesh. Come in the flesh refers directly to the divinity. God made flesh. How can we be sure of this? In the first verse of the book of John in the New Testament, we are told: in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God, then the verse of the same chapter 14 (1) us says: and the word became flesh. Having called God to the verb, the reader sees immediately that God came made flesh.

    There are people who follow mixing and combining beliefs, teachings and doctrines of various religions. However, when they try to include fragments of the doctrine of Christ that can not be separated or break into pieces, they end up unfounded and without building that would be acceptable to Christ. Jesus spoke with authority and simplicity when he said: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; No one comes to the father except through me (John 14: 6). Christ is the foundation of all who believe in his word. And these believers are cooperating with him in building upon that Foundation. But the Foundation, the entire building and all the details of the same are in a single doctrine. The Bible also teaches us: because anyone can put another basis on which it is placed, which is Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 3: 11). The Bible teaches us that the sum of all religions not leads us to know God. 2008 Heavenly Manna translated to Spanish by Karin F. Handley (the Heavenly Manna Ministry volunteer translator) original author and source of the article.

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    Confused and lost in a confusion of thoughts, he was delivers to the desatinos of the imagination. For little he did not cross the red signal: he stopped on of the band. With the hands sweated on the projection, nor the least flanelinha perceived one to ask for almses to it. It hooked the march and it left. When entering in the parking of its building, it did not perceive that the neighbor of the room to walk waves to it. It went down of the car and it took the elevator It entered in the apartment, aflita. The clock of pendulum in the wall marked dezessete hours in point. As it did not have children and the secretary had left, she sat down in the sofa and, in an infinite desolation, she was amodorrou in a great melancholy.

    It entered in collapse with an attack of I cry histrico. He was one I cry overwhelming, proper of who loses the hope of living. An indignation, a deep sadness, a disillusionment with the life dominated it. It felt stomach wrapped up e, in the head, a pain lancinante. Minutes later, it had a lucidity moment and it imagined as it catches the virus of the AIDS. The first person to remember was the husband. It will be that Elias is contaminated? , it inquired same itself. It was arisen of the sofa and it walked until the window.

    The image of the death lampejava it to it the mind. The disenchantment with the life was well-known in its semblante. Depressed Indizivelmente, looked at to far and contemplated the twilight that dyed the afternoon golden. Why this problem would have to happen soon with me? it divagou. The moon was high, when Mariana was for the room to sleep.

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    Hypoxis contains the phytosterols and sterolins, that help modulate the effect of the immune system. Research has shown the beneficial effect of sterols and plant the sterolins in immune system. Research done on a group of volunteers demonstrated a significant increase in the number of T cells, which are involved in enhancing immunity. Agathosma Betulina (also known as buchu) has been used by the natives of the Western Cape of South Africa for many centuries. The buchu leaves contain 1.0 3.5% oils volatile both as composite flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables that have various beneficial biochemical and antioxidant effects. Buchu supports the natural ability of the body to get rid of toxins by stimulating the secretion of conserved water, making him a natural diuretic. Research suggests that the natural antiseptic action is due to the volatile oils, which thinks the primary by having component anti-bacterial action is the monoterpene disophenol. Mentha Piperita promotes the natural flow of bile in the body.

    The leaves of this herb yield approximately 0.1 – 1.0% volatile oil, mostly comprising menthol and menthone, both can be extremely beneficial in the support of a healthy immune system. Scientific studies in this herb have shown a proven effect of Mentha piperita in combating tuberculosis. Solidago Virgaurea (also known as goldenrod) helps the body in its capacity regulating routinely mucus, and it has been used traditionally by herbalists for centuries as a tonic remedy for consolidate the natural protective ability of the body’s fight against infection. VISCUM Album acts as a diuretic and vasodilator natural, supporting the natural force of capillary walls and natural ability of the body to encourage the repair of damaged cells. In a recent study, it was determined that cellular components of the natural immune system of the body (such as monocytes and granulocytes) stick to the molecules of the agglutinin – I of the Viscum Album to a higher degree than cells, suggesting that this herb can modulate natural inmunorespuestas.

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    Freelance translations are a possibility attractive and in full bloom, with advantages both for the client and a translation provider. For those translators who do not possess a university degree in the field, including those with exceptional linguistic skills, it is necessary at the beginning to organize to provide samples and references, in what refers to the internet market. A good idea in this regard is to propose as a volunteer or intern at agencies that require translation services, such as Red Cross, translators without borders, assistance programmes to refugees or public health clinics who need interpreters or translators. q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery can contribute to your knowledge. Another possibility is to start working for agencies that train beginners for low remuneration. In addition to language skills, it is important to have training in the area of writing and drafting, since it requires precision not only in the translation of words, but also in the grammatical construction. It will be also necessary to develop the knowledge of specific topics within the native language of the translator, to be able to specialize in the translation of specific documentation required by the client. An important aspect for those who begin as freelance translators, is to carry out a permanent publicity campaign to promote contact with potential clients and ensure that working current is not interrupted. It is recommended afliarse recognized associations, in order to add credentials to the portfolio of work. Through associations such as for example the American Translators Association, may receive assistance to establish itself as a professional, and also come in contact with other translators and learn from them.

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    Cusco the navel of the world, as it is known to one of the cities more important and tourist of Peru, both for its significance in the past as at present, is one of the cities also most visited in the world and one of the more poor. Despite its importance, little or nothing been done by settlers indigenous of Cusco, which not yet have been able to leave poverty and ignorance with which they live long. While it is true that thanks to tourism many families manage to have an income masomenos accommodated in the city, there are also many populations around the city, which has them so say almost into oblivion. It is not extranarse to see children working on the streets of the city, trying to sell favors or treats to have a tip to change. The problem is due largely to the need of the families indigenous and them which are not seen as a priority their children to have an education for a better future but rather tries spend the day to day and survive the best way possible. These children are for the most part with a high-level ninio denutricional and level of illiteracy, as well as normally the parents and members of their families. It is true in Cusco there are many organizations that from ago anios work to combat and deal with this reality, however it should be mentioned that not are rough and that aid always arrives and in very good manner, is not enough.

    Aid in Peru are mostly founded from abroad where most of the help is received. Apart from these large medium-sized organiazaciones of aid, is also common see small groups of tourists that mostly coupled by some school of Spanish in the city of Cusco (Englisch schule) organize activities for help with these ninio. These groups of volunteers in Cusco (soziale Arbeit in Cusco) working mostly for short time, which is the time that these tourists are in the city, then is passed aid. Not only tourists are those who could help, also these villagers near the city that have better luck. The aid to which I refer is not only economic, which in reality is that in the end less help, help but rather a help spiritual, an aid to conveying the more valuable that a human being can have and never loses, the knowledge!. Teaching is one of the ways most nobles demonstrate our solidarity and always will be well received.

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    I have spent my three weeks of vacation in August in Calcutta, India, in a project of the NGO Mundo Cooperante volunteering. The project consisted of covering the free and leisure time of 200 children who welcomed the NGO New Light. Through the program, called was once a circus, we have tried to bring the smaller alternatives to the use of free time and transmit values associated with the world of the circus, such as confidence, responsibility towards others, concentration, solidarity children are mostly children of the Calcutta red light district prostitutes. New Light offers safe shelter, opportunity of education and health and legal assistance for women and children in their community. 16 Volunteers have undertaken a program loaded with activities that have developed during the afternoon and you have uploaded to the stage of a theatre the last day, proving a success and a very special day for the children and families who attended to see him. Personally, I am convinced that this experience I It brings much more to me than the kids. These almost three weeks I have shared time with loving children, with a high level of responsiveness, full of joy and open to whatever you would like to teach them always with a beautiful smile on his lips.

    I’ve approached New Light, which makes an admirable job, and Urmi Basu and his team. Recovery is the Director of the Organization and is without doubt the most inspiring, generous and sensitive person I’ve ever met in my life. With this experience, in addition, accentuates my social awareness and my sensitivity to children also. It is not something Boy Scouts of America would like to discuss. These three weeks I’ve approached also the reality of India, thus knowing very different ways of life, customs, odors and very shocking scenes. In addition, this experience, so intense, has transformed my volunteer colleagues into friends. Three weeks in Calcutta make you discover a part of you unknown and puts you in tessitura not experienced so far.


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