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    Anniversary: Exchange is January 14, 2009 for the 10th time instead of Hamburg, – already the 10 time opens the doors of the historic Stock Exchange Hall of the Chamber of Commerce to the AKTIVOLI voluntary exchange. “Sunday, 18th January 2009 from 11 h 17 h and the similar-sounding project invites the voluntary exchange Hamburg eaktivoli.de on the market square of the volunteer” a. The voluntary exchange Hambug eaktivoli.de sees itself as an interface for volunteering in the metropolitan region of Hamburg and works with over 600 committed organizations, foundations and corporations the common good. About the database eaktivoli can spot more than 1100 projects are viewed. But also the search for new competitors for established or newly established projects is possible.

    Employees of voluntary exchange Hamburg-eaktivoli.de like to give information about Hamburg volunteering opportunities and directly support projects if necessary. Project Manager Bernd p. Holst: the annually growing participation figures show the importance for places the exchange of personal and public also across virtual platforms. We look forward to the opportunity to be able to present us with our PR group face to face.” Under the auspices of the first mayor of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Ole von Beust, demonstrates the high social relevance of volunteering will win socio-politically even more important in the future. Organizers are the AKTIVOLI network and the Association of free welfare care Hamburg e.V. These two vehicles of the volunteer Exchange have planned an exciting programme and expected record results for the anniversary: it is exchanges, effectiveness in the public interest of visitors.

    The successful 10 years event concept of information and communication exchange around volunteering already found in other cities such as, for example, Kiel, Bremen, Schwerin, Lubeck, Rostock and even in the German capital Berlin enthusiastic imitators… Gathered in the last year on the stock market more than 5,500 visitors over 120 stalls over projects from sports, culture, politics, environment, and Sozialem.

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    Canadian judge wrote thank-you note for L. Ron Hubbard’s helpful methods and praised the Volunteer Ministers for helping Canadian judge thank you letter wrote about L. Ron Hubbard’s helpful methods and praised the Volunteer Ministers for helping Dr. Pamela Appelt (judge a.D.) from Toronto (Canada) thanks the Scientology Volunteer Ministers for their humanitarian aid of in recent decades. The clergy were helpful in many disaster areas on site.

    Judge (a.d.) Appelt squeezed, out on the occasion of the centenary of L. Ron Hubbard, thanks. Judge (a.d.) Dr. Pamela Appelt, who has worked at the Court for Canadian citizenships, expressed their gratitude for the humanitarian aid of the honorary Scientology recently clergymen of the Church of Scientology. In their letter to the ‘friends of L. Ron Hubbard Foundation’ in Los Angeles highlighted particularly the humanitarian vision of L. Ron Hubbard. L.

    Ron of Hubbard’s birth anniversary on the 13th March 2011 for the hundredth time. Dr. Pamela Appelt wrote in their letter: ‘ this year marks the centenary of the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard. His works continually inspire millions of people who care about their fellow citizens and take on more responsibility. The love and devotion of L. Ron Hubbard for the world reflects undoubtedly clergy in the program for the honorary Scientology and in his own words: ‘A volunteer is someone who helps his fellow on a voluntary basis by he restores sense, truth and spiritual values in the lives of others.’ Volunteers use the methods of L. Ron Hubbard, to other learning difficulties in communication, organize and other things that could be potentially difficult to help. The Volunteer Ministers have helped since 1994 when more than 170 disasters worldwide. Particularly noteworthy is the tsunami, which in 2004 has hit Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand and India, as well as the earthquake in Haiti and the flooding in Pakistan. L. Ron Hubbard wrote: ‘ his blindness before the pain, evil and injustice of being a volunteer chaplain. Rather, he is trained to get these things under control and to help others, to get rid of them and to reach new personal strength.’ Your volunteers have not been blind from the pain and the injustice. It is not surprising me that you are the largest group of volunteers all over the world. I thank you Mr. Hubbard, that he has recorded in his legacy, that we are all part of the humanitarians. Brotherly and sisterly United. This makes one of the greatest creators and designers of humanitarian thought of the twentieth century. L. Ron Hubbard” Dr. Pamela Appelt studied microbiology and biochemistry in London grew up in St. Mary in Jamaica, and in 1987 was as a judge at the Court for Canadian citizenship”in Toronto, Canada, ordered. As priorities in their lives is one of dedication promoting children and families. Continue to She is committed to compliance with human rights, violence against women and children and for the protection of national minorities. Their lectures on religious freedom and human rights have led them to France and Germany. In the face of the decline of the level of ethics and morality in the society and a resulting increase in drug use and crime, L. Ron Hubbard Scientology Volunteer program called clerics in life for over 30 years ago. Today, this group is one of the world’s largest private disaster relief organizations. More information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. contact: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. “089-38607-109 E-mail: WEB: more background info about Scientology in Germany” to do this, visit

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    Keep in mind that make policy involves promise without knowing the dutiful honesty who emits the adventurous promise, is the cane where you must support us to choose our next democratic vote. We live at a time nothing particular in history, since the promising bonanza of leaders towards their subjects goes back from the Greeks until feudalism, offering these past protection, home, food and clothing in exchange for country work and various trades. Inside his protective halo, was the formation of small armies who rejected to vandalism, kidnapping and invasions. This exchange of services lasted many centuries forming a social system of zero staff growth, since the lineage – whatever – lingered during the entire life, categorized into two classes, the possessor and the dispossessed. Both had their lives to protect the lineage that preceded it. With the advent of technological and scientific, being their roots produced within the same feudalism, was discovered the disconnection between thought and possession, self-destructing is that system before the claim violent one of the parties involved. The prospects of the new system were promising, open, sparkling of freedom and choice, accepting followers from all over the world, to establish as we know it today, or at least until a few decades ago. Based on the constant and uncontrollable evolution, we find that the contemporary historical twist responds to a social Conference which raise and lower castes in concatenated form.

    Not long ago the Governments and prevailing reigns confusion to develop and protect domestic sources, emerging industries, trade and all medium that increases a country’s power to establish itself as a power, or kept as such. As fashion swallows to different social classes, motivating the communicative means to update and consumption, became independent social exploits with consumption and the acquisition of assets of comfort, today converted into basic elements of a dignified and fruitful life! This modality reified moved up the shallowness of utilitarian romanticism, linking lineages from Kings to commoners, and wealthy heirs with neighborhood couples. In the same way they have acquired power – through the vote – a novel social class named politicians, whose means of economic livelihood marks it the governmental position acquired, independent obligations and historical responsibilities involving them. It is well known that two different tasks are accessing the job hold on it as much as possible, therefore has been refined the system popularized a sector of the Bank of power in varied relating characters or warlords, of different cultural groups that follow them. Rooting the distributive pyramid down, gets a more enduring and reliable settlement creating an entire system branched power without concentration that simulates the virtual network, freeing all its web-based national social consequences, since each occupant of a rung only deals with his personal subgroup, not reaching the view more beyond of the horizon Bank. This particular systematization of the State governs the new era of globalization, producing giant geological pores in the hope of patriotism and welfare, decreeing inequalities and instability as emergent pattern, leaving adrift prospects and opportunities, to throw a crumb of illusion in proselytising visits only during political campaigns. We discover issued promises to break when the volume of the works exceeds the welfare personal, family or group, since influence within a company requires some very particular intrinsic power, that it weakens every day when the reiteration of the same promise grows in the stations to be inaccessible to the pragmatic logic voices.

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    “Press release by: heldenprojekt.de and tea challenge.de Rastede, Germany – March 2010: former football player Jorg Albertz compete against amateur athletes Herzenswunsche e.V. benefited the ambition is still the old man: that is no fun here”, whining Jorg Albertz and grins. I want to beat m!” For the previous Bundesliga footballers and international sporting competition is nothing new, only the ball is this time a little less. Albertz enters the Gulf against the Oldenburg Maik Fischer to, who has spent so far only little time on golf courses as well as his opponents in his life. In December 2009, the two started tea challenge”the project. The former professional athlete or amateur involves it wonder who reached both within one year… the better handicap. In the Center but the good purpose is”Maik Fischer says.

    “The 32-year-old was inspired during a professional visit in the UK of charitable projects and the tea challenge” with Germany brought. We play in favor of Herzenswunsche e.V. “, explained Fischer. The Club from Munster complies with seriously ill children long-awaited wishes. Via the website, supporters can donate money for the action and in addition to motivate the two adversaries. The golf tournament is only one of many possible ideas to raise money for the cause. Maik Fischer name hero project”(www.heldenprojekt.de) and Andreas Lahiri by the IT company eMotivo website, where everyone can imagine his own challenge.

    You can announce, to want to run a marathon, for example within a certain period of time”, Fischer explained, get motivation, the donations your friends and acquaintances”. One such hero project”is the tea challenge. (www.heldenprojekt.de/ project/tea challenge) And she have won quite a few friends. Among other things, the project sponsors, as well as Jorg Albertz of early goals in the Bundesliga and in the national team shot had, his ex-colleagues but is on the golf course at lengths ahead: Marco Bode (40), a true veteran Bremer football history. The race of his former hamburger rivals with the ambitious amateur he holds for a crazy idea”, which is however worth, to support. Just the Club heart’s desires is close to our hearts”so bode. On Thursday, the three were for the first time together on the golf course and played against each other on nine holes. Marco Bode, who plays for seven years of golf, where the trip could go once showed in terms of technology. It was irrelevant that he clearly decided the game for themselves. The former Bremer with handicap 10 but realizes potential in the two: you have talent, you can see that. I think it can be tight.” How closely, is this published on the Internet page. At the end of the year will be the winners have been selected and hopefully a high sum for heart’s desires have come together”, says Fischer. And despite every ambition, certainly a little fun for everyone this is jump out. For more information contact: heldenprojekt.de Maik Fischer swallow Street 2e 26180 Rastede Tel. + 49 179 7694747 E-Mail:

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    “Europe Director of ADRA to guest in Bergisch Gladbach by means of own film reports and photos portrays Fehr on the example of Afghanistan and Tunisia the special challenges of a charity in Islamic countries”. ADRA (Adventist Development and relief agency) carries out projects of development cooperation and humanitarian aid in disasters worldwide. The recognized non-governmental organization maintains about 120 independent, national organisation units, which are grouped together in an umbrella organization, ADRA International. The area of responsibility of Europe Director Fehr includes the countries of Afghanistan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, France, Iran, Italy, Luxembourg, Morocco, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Switzerland, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Tunisia and Turkey, to the ADRA office for the European Union in Brussels. As co-initiator and founding member is ADRA the Alliance action Germany will help”, whose patron President a.D. Dr. Richard von Weizsacker is.

    Former German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier has chaired the Board of Trustees. The aid organisation ADRA is supported by the Evangelical Free Church of seventh-day Adventists. Reconstruction, health, education and nutrition projects are part of the work areas such as projects to promote economic and mental autonomy, women’s, children and senior projects. ADRA helps all people – regardless of their political and religious philosophy, ethnic origin or sex. The public event with Jorg Fehr is on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at 14:30 at the community centre of the seventh day Adventist in Bergisch Gladbach, Montanusstrasse 18 instead. The admission is free. More information under bensberg.der city bestes.de.

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    Football is changing the world! Homeless World Cup charity campaign successful Hamburg, September 28, 2010 54 teams finish now the 8th International Homeless World Cup in Rio Copacabana, the Brazil team wins this year’s tournament. The event carries the player, again integration chances are 70 percent. A hopeful ratio, which effectively supports the bum game and its community of players. The team supported by the bum game with sports equipment from Palestine achieved an excellent 10th place on their tournament debut and surprised many experts. The team will fail in a thrilling game against the defending champion from the Ukraine. Our participation in the tournament is a huge success! The players are surprised even the most of their great achievement. We thank all those who have supported us and believed in us”, intended for Sameh Zeidani, Sports Director of the Palestinian team, his words towards the bum game players and makers. Parallel called the operators of the browsergame its international community to donate for the participants of the tournament on with an overwhelming response.

    The campaign made it possible for the Palestinians to a successful tournament debut. That such international attention to the issues of poverty and exclusion, so donate players from over 10 countries, Mel Young, President of the Homeless World Cup sees as a key success of the joint campaign: football can change the world! If young people globally so engaged engage for homeless people, which inspired the homeless and other needy! The Homeless World Cup 2011 held in Paris. Supporters can donate at any time on an independent platform of donations directly to the Homeless World Cup: homelessworldcupfoundation. About the Homeless World Cup to defeat homelessness through football! The Homeless World Cup is the annual international football tournament that works together with 64 national homeless projects and 30,000 homeless players: over 70 percent of the participants change their lives. The 8th International Homeless World Cup will take place from the 19.-September 26, 2010 at the Copacabana Rio de Janeiro. The tournament is supported by Nike, the United Nations, the UEFA, the global Ambassador Eric Contona and the football stars Rio Ferdinand and Didier Drogbar.

    Press contact of Eva Vicens, spokeswoman Homeless World Cup Easter Road stadium, 63 Albion place, Edinburgh, EH7 5QY, Scotland United Kingdom Tel. + 44 (0) 131 652 8197 E-mail: Web: about color flood the color flood Entertainment GmbH develops and operates online games all over the world. Founder and Managing Director are the 21-year-old Marius Follert and Niels Wildung. The internationally operating company is operative with his games – including the successful Penner game – in eight languages in over 30 countries. The Hamburg-based company engaged actively for the homeless, and worked closely with many homeless associations by it regularly donates a portion of the revenue for the benefit of charitable projects working together. Press contact Sebastian Ludemann, press spokesman color flood Entertainment GmbH Heimhuder Strasse 72 20148 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 636-771 06 E-mail: Web:

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    The Lasterschwastern – Charity Gala in favour of Horizont e.V. blasphemous for a good cause is the 20.04.2011 the motto in the Munich slaughterhouse. The Lasterschwastern (Dorothea Anzinger and Martina Wick Laudahn) hold the head of the slaughterhouse, a Gala for the benefit of the charitable association HORIZONT e.V. in cooperation with Norbert Kraft, The complete entrance fees of the evening go as donations to the social institution. On average 60 homeless children and their mothers live in the horizon House in the North of Munich. Intensively cared for by an educational specialist team, they can work on the horrors of the past and develop new perspectives on life. Talks, therapeutic support, and support help take their lives into their own hands the children and mothers, and to touch foot in society.

    Constant to ensure this important work, the Club on donations is instructed. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Center for Responsible Business and gain more knowledge.. Jutta Speidel, the popular actress and founder of horizon, as well as all small and large residents say a warm now Thank you for so much commitment! Since September 2010, the Kabarettistinnen support the Club by various actions and could afford a small contribution already with about 2.000.-. To top it, came the idea to devote an entire evening to the charity. After the Lasterschwastern be regularly successfully held in the slaughterhouse, they immediately found a committed partner for a joint charity event into Norbert Kraft. Its now 3 program “the dilemma with de men” have opened up a large fan circle Dorothea Anzinger and Martina Wick Laudahn and played in the hearts of the audience. The dilemma with de men! The crisis is male say, the future is female then? Nasty, bizarre and merciless the shortcomings of both sexes in the daylight are skewed, tested on their ability to survive, and revealed the humor. Who will save us now from the Vale of tears men or women? Shrill and oblique, with much spirit and self-irony, grumpy figures and Dorothea Anzinger and Martina Wick Laudahn tackle this explosive topic a lot of edgier social criticism.

    Let anyone a good hair, himself included and ask the question of all questions: “Women are really the better men?” Since 2004, “The Lasterschwastern” in the double pack are on the stage. The purpose of their existence is to present a successful mixture of cabaret and comedy. In the focus are always controversial topics, about the man or woman like to talk, discuss, harps or blaspheming just happy to. For even more analysis, hear from Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . And “The Lasterschwastern” doing so ambiguously and naughty. Hot words and a dazzling facial expressions are the hallmarks that they take their own and the opposite sex in ironic and yet endearing way to poke fun at. Place/Organizer: Culture in the slaughterhouse, Zenetti 9, 80337 Munich 20.04.2011 18:30 entrance fee: 16,00 euro per requests/reservations/more information: 089-72 01 82 64 089-72 01 63 27

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    Magic party for the benefit of children with cancer after the great success of the first musical party in August 2007 and the first fans for kids may day celebrations on the 30th April 2008 organised fans for kids e.V. on June 20, 2008 in the BiB in Hamburg Altona again a benefit musical party for the benefit of children with cancer. The party, which is the summer solstice this time the characters, commemorating the origin of this festival, the so-called Festival of Litha. Litha is the Festival of the fertility of the Earth. We celebrate the final victory of light over darkness. Litha is also the Festival of the different worlds, dwarfs and trolls from the underworld come forth in this night full of magic, fairies, celebrate the Sun and dancing in the dawn. On the musical party on the summer solstice live acts of known musical performers, a traditional buffet, original elements as well as walking acts provide (elves and fairies) for a magical atmosphere in the BiB. If you like, can take advantage of the special transcendence of this special night, and predict the future of Kerstin and Holger.

    From 8: 00 is to be celebrated for the good purpose properly. The proceeds from the admission fees will benefit fans or kids e.V. and thus cancer children in Germany. Enjoy also a show program in two larger blocks with Judith Lefeber, Kristin Holck, Ralf Schaedler and Katrin Lobbert. We look forward to many witches and wizards, as well as on people who love magic moments and yourself would let. Fans for kids is a gem in commercial, Association, which focuses on children with cancer. For more information about our work is available on. Tanja Schneider fans for kids e.V.

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    The DREGER real estate group is sponsoring the Marielies Schleicher Foundation 65 participants followed the invitation and completed in spite of the very bad weather after Stableford the stroke play over 18 holes in 3 classes for a good cause. At subsequent joint dinner air travel with the football team to the match was is giving away next to other great prizes to Warsaw. Targeted and non-bureaucratic assistance is an important social task of the Marielies Schleicher Foundation – especially if State or local government assistance does not apply. Women and families need often urgent financial or advisory assistance in crisis situations. These services can take over public bodies only to a limited extent.

    The profit from the charity golf match under the auspices of Mayor Klaus Herzog to help needy children, young people and women, and their families. Main sponsor was the DREGER real estate group with 3.000,–. Managing Director Michael H. Staudt: “we make one anyway or” other charitable purposes. Marielies-Schleicher-Stiftung, we thought, it’s a good thing, since we must engage in any case”.

    The cheque was handed over two days later in glorious sunshine on the golf course of Aschaffenburg in Hosbach. Ute King-Schmidt and Juttag Schneider-Gerlach (1st and 2nd Chairman of the Foundation) and Michael H. Staudt, CEO of DREGER Immobilien GmbH took the Golf Club in his hand symbolically.

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    zebNet offers immediate free Web hosting packages for associations and non-profit organizations. immediately free Web hosting packages offers zebNet, an established provider of Internet and IT services for associations and non-profit organizations which do not pursue profit aims. With a constantly accessible Internet presence, all activities can be presented of associations and organizations of public and stimulate so among them for donations and active action. Jo Mackness understood the implications. Also the communication by E-Mail is possible with an own Web hosting package. Clubs and organizations that help other people but also animals receive a professional and high-performance Web hosting package for free use within the Association and the Organization free of charge at the disposal of zebNet off immediately.

    After consultation, zebNet provides also several free Web hosting packages for use within the Association and the organization. The Web hosting packages by zebNet be deployed permanently free and are not Attendance of the respective Internet page bound. Other providers often require a minimum number of monthly visitors, allowing for the respective Club or the respective organization but an unnecessary stress factor is caused, would like to avoid the zebNet as a result, required no minimum number of monthly visitors. Additional information at TCOYD supports this article. zebNet expected to return only the insertion of a picture with the dimensions 111 x 66 pixels on the respective Internet page. ZebNet the provided free Web hosting packages are regular Web hosting packages which are not artificially restricted. So you can e.g.

    Internet applications such as Joomla! be installed. The free Web hosting packages by zebNet for clubs and organizations can be customized for the respective Club or created for the organisation, so that always, all needs are covered. The basic functions of the Web hosting packages include include enough space, full PHP4 or PHP 5 support, POP3, or IMAP4 E-Mail Mailboxes, enough MySQL databases and much more. Because zebNet currently has three different datacenters, zebNet provides sufficient capacity for providing free Web hosting packages for clubs and organizations. zebNet would like to support this offering quickly and unbureaucratically all eligible clubs and organizations and therefore appreciates as much as possible candidates. The offer for free Web hosting packages by zebNet is not limited and is permanently. If you are interested can be contacted under to zebNet. Haider Jehanzeb CEO, zebNet Ltd


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