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    Trust reduces the complexity of human action, expanded the possibilities of experiencing and acting at the same time, and guarantees (Luhmann, 1973). Confidence depends on early childhood experiences, especially of the quality of the mother-child relationship. Trust (Erikson, 1963) prevent unnecessary refusals, threats and personal unzuverlassigkeit. Trust is based on the expectation of a person or a group, to leave on a positive or negative promise given orally or in writing of another person or group (Rotter, 1976; 1971). Trust between two people can be verbal and motor indicators determine; those are more frequent here and now statements, selbstexplorative statements, please or give feedback, please help with a problem, spontaneous unsolicited involvement and mutual reinforcing (Krumholtz & Potter, 1980) From a comparative culture perspective is to notice that these definitions have a strongly individualistic culture, and it is obvious, that people from other cultures (for example from kollektivitischen, or context-oriented cultures, reactive and reticular cultures) consider the phenomenon of trust from a different perspective. Various aspects of social behaviour are relevant for the trust research. Important in this context are: empathy self-efficacy. 1 selbstvertrauen.pdf 2 Thomas, A.

    trust in an intercultural context from the perspective of psychology. Vertrauen_im_interk_Kontext.pdf. 3 Petermann, F. (1996). Psychology of trust. Childrens Defense Fund spoke with conviction. Gottingen: Hogrefe, 3.Auflage. Prof.

    C.J.M Bahrami NL Zoetermeer 29-10-2009 copyright 2009 About Professor C.J.M. Prof. C.J.M Bahrami Bahrami is a well-known expert in the field of modern and international communications and developers of the six component model. Thus, companies, institutions and politicians with business partners from all over the world can successfully communicate and negotiate. His career began as an international Manager at Philips N.V. Later, he earned his doctorate as a professor and has coach more than 35 years of experience as a Manager and management. Childrens Defense Fund: the source for more info. As a result he knows both sides, the theory and the practice, very closely. As a communications specialist, he organizes scientific research in the intercultural field. The interesting results of this research can be read in its E-books, like for example “bridging the cultural gap”. Here, modern Manager learn successful transactions with people from foreign cultures to prepare. Among other current issues such as negotiations in times of crisis, cultural barriers, country-specific communication techniques, personal cultural value systems and misunderstandings are treated and plausible explains. Contact: Prof. C.J.M Bahrami Amaliaplaats 2. 2713 BJ Zoetermeer the Netherlands telephone: + 31 (0) 79 – 3 19 03 81 mobile: + 31 (0) 6 2 061 8494 email:

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    In addition, to avoid fungal diseases under the winter shelter was removed weak and sick shoots and preserved flowers, buds and leaves. The volume of this forced the autumn crop also regulated and equipment shelter. If hybrid tea roses can be cut to the height of the shelter, then Shrub is important to maintain long shoots, so it bends. Autumn short crop to them is harmful, it can weaken the plants and, moreover, to destroy the harmonious structure of the shrub. Spring pruning. You must remove the sick, frosted and directed inside the bush shoots. Leaves on the bushes on the 3-5 most powerful and shoots at them – for 6-8 of the most well-developed buds. The meaning of the annual crop: shorten the shoots on a quarter or half, the side – two-thirds.

    If the height of the escape reached 120cm, reduce them to 30-40cm, if the length of lateral shoots 30cm, reduce it to 10 cm. Add to the most powerful runners. Strong and even medium pruning should be avoided, as Shrub may weaken after a strong annual removal of wood. Dormant buds at the Shrub awake longer than the hybrid tea rose varieties. With longish pruning flowering may be most abundant, as shoots of order 2 of the top buds are developing most actively. When pruning, and spreading branching shrubs attempt to preserve the natural width and shape of the bush, removing about one-third the length of each escape. Arching bushes cut nekardinalno from 1 / 5 to 1 / 4 of each shoot. Upright bushes can be cut to half of each flight, in order to avoid baring shoots at the bottom.

    Gradually, starting from the third year, some of the older runners need to cut to the ground. The English Roses, obtained by crossing the new and old roses, are a group of Shrub and trimmed as Shrub. But they can be cut and very much up to 15cm. As a result, are obtained relatively undersized klumbovye roses. Clear guidance on pruning techniques to give a fairly difficult as English roses, like all the Shrub to be significantly different in character growth. If you need more stunted plants with the largest flowers, shorten shoots to one-half their length. If you need the highest possible bush with many flowers, shorten some stems by one third. Ground cover roses are a group of new shrub roses, but differ from them in the form of a bush. The lateral branches grow them up first, and later droop. For ground cover roses essentially constant rejuvenation by removing old shoots himself foundation shrub. Depending on the species can produce mild to moderate pruning. Be sure to remove dead stems at the base of the shrub. Ground cover roses, creeping along the ground, with long, curved stems, are identical with a group of climbing roses. Shoots of roses left on the maximum possible length, because the flowers bloom on old wood. If the shoots remained small, the leaves and branching two or three years shoots, only shortening the side growths.

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    In this case the mind is connected to the new program, which has become the leading one. The human brain is included in the new mode of operation, subject to the highest commands in search of the ultimate goal, which is merger with the Spirit, that is, it is the search of his spiritual path and purpose. From the book "Transient and Eternal" All the civilizations of the universe Svetokodirovanie Maleon before they were conceived of as the Creator for biorobots service to God and His Sons in the knowledge of life in the lower Great Planes of the Cosmos. In the process of various civilizations, it became clear that at these lower "orbits" of the space available the spiritual life of the cosmos. It was then decided find a form that could reflect both external and internal state, as well as energy form of the Creator and the Creator of Worlds: – that it reflect the laws of the trinity, and was manifested essence of all processes in the universe – to internal form (thin body) reflects the spiritual life – to the external form (physical body) is an expression of the foundations of life, frame, foundation, on which all things above – set them to was to reveal a multi-dimensional creature, ready to serve God and become his employee. This is a very bold plan was revealed to him who is the head of the Pyramid Hierarchy of Light. This is – His dream, which is carried out by children of all generations. .

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    How do deal with this problem? Of course, with drainage and drainage works. Just before this we must establish whether there was a decrease of groundwater level. To understand this whole process, as an example look at what forces are and how affect foundations in different seasons on heaving soils, where water level goes above freezing most of the soil. Warm season is not so dangerous. At the foundation of influence are two forces: the load of the building and the resistance of the soil. These forces are opposed to each other and do not cause trouble.

    But winter comes. If the foundation is not right when the main base is above freezing, under it begin the forces of the most blistering. They are caused by the fact that the frozen soil foundation squeezes and pushes it upward. And as mentioned above, the difficulty lies in the uneven rise of the basement. and strain exposed portion of the house. When the foundation is below the freezing level, then the soil has not, but it such an impact, respectively, avoided the whole process of blistering, lifting and strain foundation. But in this situation should not forget about the impact of tangential forces. In order to neutralize them, you should use a foundation of reinforced concrete.

    Base foundation should have expanded as reference platform, and vertical walls should be narrowed to the top. It is obligatory to cover the process of moving the base layer. You can use the available materials, such as polyethylene, sand backfill, recycled engine oil. Of course, today there are more modern materials, but their cost is much higher. Not worth saving at all of these procedures, repair of the deformed basement and its restoration come much more expensive. In addition, you'll be in complete confidence that your home over the years will serve you faithfully. Attention should be paid as a process such as thermal insulation of the foundation, especially in harsh conditions of our Russian climate. Statistics show that by building the foundation loses 10-15% of its total heat. Experts recommend first and foremost building envelope to insulate basements and ground floors. It is these areas most exposed to the possibility of freezing, and this in turn may lead to the destruction of waterproofing the base. Thus, to avoid any such problems, it is necessary to ensure construction external insulation. Because of this you will not only reduce heat loss, but also will save the foundation from damage during any season.

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    Every civilization is a potential source of customs and traditions that were developed throughout its history, as well as their requirements in relation to the formation of their culture. Thus, we can inside countries with a rich background in the elements raised above, and Northern Europe is an undisputed standard bearer for those, such as the remarkable lifestyle that brings the people of Scotland, which forms much sovereign the British Isles and from tourism point of that beautiful area. The successive rulers of Monaco tended to live elsewhere and only occasionally visit their palace. Charles III was succeeded in 1889 by Albert I (Illustration 18). Albert married the daughter of a Scots aristocrat. The couple had a son, John, before divorcing in 1880. Albert was a great scientist and founded the Oceanographic Institute in 1906, founded as a pacifist after the International Peace Institute in Monaco. The second wife of Albert, Alice Heine, did much to make Monte Carlo a cultural center, thereby establishing the ballet and opera in the city. Having brought in a large family she Dowry contemplata turning the casino into a convalescent home for the poor who would benefit from recuperation in warm climates. The couple separated before she could put their plans into action.
    Alberto was succeeded in 1922 by his son Louis II. Ludwig II had been reared by his mother and stepfather in Germany, Monaco and did not know until the age of 11 years. He had a distant relationship with his father and served in the French Navy. While posted abroad, he met his lover Marie Juliette Louvet, who had a daughter, Charlotte Louise Juliette, born in Algeria in 1898. As Prince of Monaco, Louis II spent much time elsewhere, preferred to live on the family farm in Le Marchais, near Paris. In 1911, Prince Louis had passed a law legitimising his daughter so that she could inherit the throne, in order to prevent its passing to a distant branch of the German family. The law was challenged and developed into that became known as a crisis of succession in Monaco. Finally in 1919 the prince formally adopted his illegitimate daughter Charlotte, who became known as Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois. The collection of Louis II collection of artefacts belonging to Napoleon I form the foundation of the Museum Napoleon at the palace, which is open to the public.
    During World War II, Louis Monaco attempted to keep neutral, although his Sympathie were with the French Vichy Government. This caused a rift with his grandson Rainier, his daughter’s son, and the heir to Louis’ throne, who strongly supported the Allies against the Nazis.
    Following the liberation of Monaco by the Allied forces, the 75-year-old Prince Louis did little for his Principality and it began to fall into severe neglect. By 1946 he was spending most of his time in Paris, and on 27 July of that year, he married for the first time. Absent from Monaco during most of the final years of his reign, he and his wife lived on their estate in France. Prince Louis died in 1949 and was succeeded by his grandson Rainier III of Monaco.

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    Base plate, point Foundation or ring base – always fit for a decades-long life lasting enjoyment of a good prefabricated garage as a sturdy model MC-Garagen.de depends on from a Foundation, that corresponds to the load of the garage and fits to the underground. Objectives can no longer collected from a specific value of the load-bearing walls of the garage and lead to cracks in the components. Not more precisely closes the garage door and the garage door drive is impaired may be. Therefore, the visit of the specialist consultant of MC garage spot is essential to professionally serve the client with the correct Foundation recommendation: A base plate, a point Foundation or a ring base. A prefabricated garage never arises at the green table alone, but is a quality product from the practice of the garage building for practice on a populated land for decades in all its parts.

    A base plate as a garage Foundation the self-supporting about 13 cm high base plate take the entire load of the Prefabricated garage on. Located in a frost-refracting mineral mixture, to better protect the garage Foundation to ground frost. At the same time the base plate serves as garage floor of prefabricated garages are constructed without own soil. A point Foundation as a garage Foundation is combined with interlocking the point Foundation, the most common method to connect a Fertiggarade with the underground. Water that drips off when rain or snow from the car, seeps between the paving stones and reduces so the moisture content of the air of the garage. One explanation often mentioned the paving stone inside and outside the garage seamlessly over the goal area. A ring footing as a garage Foundation the u-shaped ring Foundation suitable for garage walls that are built outside. A frost-free Foundation is achieved the appropriate depth is 80 to 100 cm.

    Poured a floor plate, it must have a gradient of approximately 1% to the garage door down, so that drains the water dripping from the car. Customer contact a manufacturer of MC garage Foundation a Prefabricated garage requires a building permit. In terms of price and time, its share of the total construction cost is relatively low. Own performance results in no significant financial advantage. Who builds a garage, should consult with its neighbors, already in the run-up to sure to plan. Further questions, 819 can be clarified by phone with an employee of MC garage by phone at 0621 1707. A well informed decision to a high-quality building with the equipment of renowned brands in proven technology is to purchase a prefabricated garage by MC-Garagen.de. The basis for a decades-long durability and service life is always MC garages. Description of the company experience and continuous development in planning and producing prefabricated garages and garage guarantee the technical maturity and outstanding quality. The long-lasting function and consistent reliability ensure an extensive control and final inspection before the delivery. The staff of MC garage comprehensively support each customer When the plan and advise each customer in detail.


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