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    One of the main characteristics of a successful person, especially in the field of business is creativity and innovativeness. The history of mankind teaches us that big changes happened when someone dared to think beyond the established and had the guts to explore new ground ever discovered. In fact, for human creativity is an innate characteristic. We are inherently creative and innovative. However, nowadays most people can not break their mental barriers to develop their creativity. Although there have been many laudable efforts to make changes, most educational institutions, including universities, still operate with a frontal method. That is, the teacher is the one who decides that matters be taken, as must be shown and there is no room for individual expression of students. After years of study under this model, the human mind becomes passive and innovative and creative power goes out.

    It used to meet externally imposed requirements and fails to marvel at their surroundings. Under these conditions it is very difficult to achieve to leave behind the preconceptions and open your mind to new models and schemas. However, and thanks to God – our mind is an extremely powerful mechanism that is designed to solve problems and face new challenges. You may awaken our creative area and begin to find new ways, ideas and options where none existed before. Then appoint three key facts that you can implement in your life to awaken the sleeping giant, your brain: 1 .- Take a notebook constantly and record new ideas and thoughts that come to his head during the day. It has been shown that this method provides a very effective bridge between your thoughts "raw" born inside and language, which is the outward expression of those thoughts.

    2 .- To generate new ideas, look for analogies between what they see in their everyday lives and project. Many great inventions were born in a moment of inspiration in nature, not in the laboratory. 3 .- Use your imagination. We are educated to work with the side eminently logical, analytical and rational mind, the left side. This side is very useful to analyze or criticize ideas, but not to generate them. However, we can learn to shut up this side and to stimulate the right side of our brain, the intuitive side of our mind. It is something to lower the revs, sit quietly in a corner and "hear" the thoughts that arise within us. Then, do not forget to write them down in his notebook! If you need help finding new ideas to help you with your financial situation, you'll love our 10 facts about how having a business that a mother taught her son and as a result of which he became a millionaire at age 21! The available for free download in De Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for your life and set goals and then pursue specific education to enable them to achieve them.

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    It is possible to spend much time looking for ways to be happy. There are many books that explain how to get it somehow. Or at least tell you about some things you can do to live better. However, it is possible to read all the books and pamphlets of the subject and still not achieve satisfaction. In fact many people end up disappointed.

    They spend hours and hours, maybe days, months or years trying to find a formula. But I do not find it. And is not that all these texts do not explain anything valuable. On the contrary, they have some good ideas. Note that were written by people who knew what they were doing, at least part of them. It is true that the advice they offer should help to better utilize this accident called life. So why not work? Reading books is not the only one who can fail to be happy. Any one of us knows at least someone very wise.

    Someone very wise but can not be happy. Never mind then ideas, advice and knowledge. It seems something is missing without which nothing More can deliver. And that something is called "consequence." Without this component no matter how much you know or how many good ideas you have. It is possible that with all that you know you'd be even happier than I've ever proposed. But without being consistent with everything you know, do not expect anything. The inconsistency is an evil which must be fought because it keeps you happy. And do you see as though you have everything you need. Because if you do what you have in mind nothing will suffice. To be consistent is not enough that you have great ideas. You have to implement them. That's the only way a good idea or a good advice take effect. There is no other way. Enough to find magic recipes. You can still text text wandering life. But you will not find anything like that. What you do is you know exactly what to do. Already have enough theory, now apply it. Mentally not fail but neither succeeds. So from now on is to perform each of the things you've learned. No matter what area of your life. It serves both for the business for relationship and everything else. It's simple: it works. If you suffer from shyness now download the following book.

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    You may want to display your dogs. This is something that many breeders do and that is important for many breeding programs. If you decide you want to show your dogs, there are some issues to keep in mind. First, show dogs can demand a lot of work. You must make sure that you have all the information to register for the sample as soon as possible.

    Also need to be sure you are ready to show the dogs, which means they’ve spent enough time working. In deciding to expose your dogs, there are some questions to ask yourself to determine if exposed to the types of dogs right:. Your dog meets the breed standards? . Is your dog well trained or can easily train him to walk on the runway? . Your dog will feel comfortable with someone touching and lifting? . Your dog is comfortable with other dogs? . It is likely that your dog bites or disturb other animals? .

    Ready to travel to the shows with your dog? . Displaying your dog is something that would perform as a hobby? The Answers to these questions will help you have enough information about your dog and know if this will unfold properly in presentations. Consider these issues carefully before you introduce yourself with your dog in a show. Showing your dog can bring great satisfaction. Your dog will be better trained, and as more shows will best be satisfied. Plus, you have more control over it. It is very important in the world of dog breeders that have prizes. Many people will want your puppies if they are sons of champions because there will be many opportunities for them is safe. Breeding for life and property is important to remember that having a dog means you’ll have responsibilities for life as a breeder and owner. If young dogs, you are responsible for them, and you are also responsible for those dogs have puppies. This means that as a responsible breeder, one of the most important things you should do is make sure you provide puppies with guarantee. As a breeder, you must be ready to bring back any puppy that the new owner can not keep. You must be responsible for every puppy you sell, no matter how long you’ve been in business. This will determine how responsible you are. Also, you need to remember that once you buy a dog, with the intention or not to reproduce, you are responsible for it. If the dog meets the breed standards and can not reproduce it, or you may not be reproduced for any other reason, you are still responsible for life for that dog. Once you complete the reproductive life of a dog, are still responsible for that animal, remember this in order to become both a breeder and a responsible owner.

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    It is possible that we sometimes wonder how are large fortunes generated? The answer is that these people flow in the direction of wealth through a positive emotional state, this implies that they are greatly enjoying activities that perform and on the other hand appreciate the money. Before thinking about the abundance it is necessary to find our mission in life, is not an easy task to get it because you learn to know us takes some time, the great disadvantage that we find is that sometimes we think that certain things will give us satisfaction but once we arrived there then we discover that in fact our expectations were wrong, if we are rehearsing to test and error discover our way can be time-consuming. If we find some methodologies that allow us to draw conclusions in the form faster then this will be a great benefit for us because in a short time we will be sailing towards our desires, in the book the secret of the power of the goals of Andrew Corentt you will find the entire detailed for the structuring of their goals starting from zero up to detailed plans that will give him the fabulous ability to undertake effective actions that lead to success in what you want to, by reading this book you will find great mysteries about why a goal takes power and you can apply it to that energy impulse in a satisfactory manner. Why some ideas work efficiently?

    It all depends on the State of the person, when we are working on what we like everything is joy and positive stimuli both external and internal, that allows us to accumulate high levels of energy that generate better conditions every day, this is accomplished because ideas are aligning with the creative energy of the universe, that way there is a super power that goes beyond the senses and the conscious mind and the big triumphs begin to appeararise the inspirations and what eventually seemed impossible now is not, at this stage in conscious that in its interior has all the tools to develop grandiose dreams. And now ask us how arises then the abundance? Be working on that which gives us great satisfaction is a first step, but is not enough, that abundance is made manifest is necessary to wish it, schedule it in our life and break with negative schemas about money, I’m happy, I’m Rico of Andrew Corentt book you will find the pillars on which is based the accumulation of wealthin this book you will learn the big secrets of the power of the mind to set the money in your life, it will break limiting patterns and your consciousness will perfectly understand the laws that govern the universe. Once we are working on our mission, happiness should appear in our life, the abundance is usually a consequence of our contribution to the universe, but beyond that, is a personal decision as well as happiness, if you want prosperity then you must appreciate the money in his subconscious mind, Andrew Corentt shows you a lot of arguments of the because you should never feel guilt to accumulate richesbecause thats one manifestation of the infinite power..

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    We can affirm categorically that nowadays, having a blog for working on the Internet, it is one of the best tools that we have. It’s a great way to start having experience in the web 2.0 environment, since it helps the exchange of experiences, ideas, etc., publishing from easily manageable and very attractive platforms to see. We based our work on the tastes and personal interests, which is always an advantage, since developing an occupational activity from something that we love will have more guarantees of success. But always encounter the same question, what benefit can I get a blog on the Internet? They may be several, but we can highlight the most interesting ones revolve around the following:-thanks to them, and as discussed above, we can exchange information with our visitors, which over time, may become potential clients interested in what you offer. -A quality and a frequency of publication, content It favors the positioning of our blogs in a fabulous way. Google loves content relevant, very fast indexing pages that meet these requirements. Translating all this in higher traffic and therefore more potential customers.

    -Monetization, a term that I don’t like anything but that perhaps summarize one of the purposes why we began the adventure of publishing a blog. Get an economic performance to our site is a thought and thoughtful, task that has to be based on a whole series of strategies learned step by step. Today, the platform of Google Adsense is still one of the best ways to monetize our blogs based on the content, but not the only one we have to be very clear when working on the Internet is that a blog is a rung in the ladder to reach the goal, being especially useful in loyalty and communication with our visitors, as well as a totally relaxed and pleasant way.

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    Amiga currently many women want to start an independence economic but motivated are mothers, their children need time and dedication, and more when they are small or are only housewives who do not know yet, as from the comfort of your home can earn income for their Virtual (online) work why on this occasion I’ll tell of a new trend of working from the comfort of your home Virtual assistance is a new profession that is revolutionizing men and many women today also, because do not say that you have noticed that work as virtual assistants provide financial freedom. Many companies that delegate part of their virtual assistant business functions get more free time to devote them strategically to the growth of your business online work as Virtual Assistant gives you the opportunity to develop professionally in areas that you feel identified, and starting a profitable online business I share with you three steps that will help you in the initiation as Asistente Virtual first step is necessary to learn how to organize your time efficiently so you can balance your Virtual (online) with your personal life second step work will need a space in your home that can become your office location where your ideas become projects third step is essential you capacites as Asistente Virtual these are some of the areas that you must master management professional design and development of your Website/Blog. Drafting of content and writing for your Website/Blog on the internet. Website/Blog update content or product advice and management of autoresponders create electronic newsletters/bulletins Development Administration electronic marketing campaigns and manage e-mail and personal agenda drafting and translation of contents organization of business events and more remembers that you are the master of your destiny you decide to where you want to reach success depends on it Karen J Alvarez Su Asistente Virtual original author and source of the Article.

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    Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa, Sapa how to get started in Sapa? So the question is raised by many beginners. And his solution is very simple. To get started go easy registration process to Sapa. Thereafter You get access to your account. Your room can be divided into two parts – the optimizer and webmaster. On the one buying links, and the other selling, respectively. Also in the account as you will find summaries of your purchases and sales.

    A huge plus – the ability to track profit margins. If you, for example, will both sell and buy links, with the help of reports you can view your earnings per day, per week. After registration you will add a site. Ground – this is your site, from which you want to sell or buy links. We go to the webmaster panel and press "new ground". Now we need to clarify what type of hosting. Clarified? Then click on the desired item and not done a described complex actions.

    After adding code to pages where you want to sell links in the dialog box, write the address SAPY site and its subject matter. Further work remains to Sapa moderators who promoderiruyut your resource. At this point we have completed the first step to earn money by Sapa. If you have any questions then please contact us on their forum in the section "Online School of Sapa." We are ready to help all our referrals. Those who sign up through my link I can always get free advice on Sapa. Do not forget that with Sapa can not only earn money but prodvigat site in TOP. Good luck to all!

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    Planting a drawing, or landscaping plan, drawn up by the ordinate or squares. Planting the drawing is intended to transfer to the nature of sites of plants. Shall be based on a drawing dendroplana in the same scale, usually 1:500 scale. Ordinate method is to anchor seats of plants to the permanent lines or bases – the edge of straight roads, building walls, the lines laid between two existing trees, etc. The method squares is applied to the plan of the grid squares with sides of 3 5 m. The grid is applied to the plan and tied to the tracks, platforms, or the borders of the object. On boarding the drawing specified places placement of plants, indicating where and what size should dig a trench for planting trees and shrubs. Trees of one species show circles, denoting landing pit.

    Number of trees of this group mark out the points (circles), indicating the landing pit. Ordinary tree planting is planned by a thin line along the axis of planting, and then designated seating plants dots (circles) on the set from each other distance. Planting pits for standard tree seedlings depicted in terms of size: 1,6-2 mm at a scale of 1:500; 4-5 mm at a scale of 1:200. For clarity, they can draw a slightly larger size. Landing pits for large-sized trees represent the larger circles.

    Groups of shrubs and flowers, perennials on the drawing encircle the contour shown in dendroplane. The contour of the drawing easier. Trenches for hedges of shrubs on the plan shows two parallel lines. Deposited in the drawing room planting plants are tied to the borders of sidewalks, playgrounds or other planning elements whose position is defined layout drawings, and to time planting trees and shrubs are already enshrined in the locality. Angles curtain tied to nearby walkways or platforms. Landing pit, located within the curtain, are not specifically tied, and in-kind place approx. By the tracks and platforms are tied only to the most characteristically located extreme landing pit, which determine the position of the whole curtain. To bind the trees mark the distance between them and the extreme number of trees to specific anchor points on the plan. Individual trees directly tied to the tracks and other items met planning a garden. A group of shrubs and perennial flowers through its loop tie to the boundaries of the track or playground. In several of the most characteristic areas indicate the width of the band. Trenches and hedges tied to the tracks or pads with indication of its width. Squares method is applicable in cases when there are many small groups of shrubs, flowers, perennials and trees located between them. After transferring the grid to plan for its base draws the contours of the groups of shrubs and flower beds, mark out planting holes for trees. All sizes bindings put down along the axes of the stakeout, auxiliary lines, perpendiculars, going to certain planar structures.

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    Telecommuting or freelance work is defined as the form of replace, wholly or partly, the physical displacement of persons to work centers by a flow of constant digital information through the audiovisual media, computing and telecommunications. This new trend is transforming, little by little, the current schemes of production and labour, since it benefits not only to corporations (reducing costs) and increased productivity but also to workers who will provide the choice of where to live, organize their time and save much of the salary. Work from home over the internet entails a structural change in the relations between workers and employers, because the head is no longer physically present to monitor the worker to comply with their responsibilities. Due to this situation, requires constant communication via e-mail, fixed, cellular telephone among others in order to clarify doubts or questions necessary for the accomplishment of the tasks daily, for this end smart phones or Smartphones (Blackberrys, Iphone 4, etc.) are very useful since they have a wide variety of tools that can be used to facilitate working from home. It is important to clarify that telework can develop not only at home but also in an Internet cafe or at a client’s Office.

    In any case, to carry out a telecommuting successfully, is necessary to take into account the following guidelines and precautions: prepare an exclusive space to perform professional tasks. It is important that the person has a site, like for example a room in your home, to devote himself to work online from home. There must be a connection to Internet, good lighting, appropriate furniture (chairs, desks, etc.) and supplies needed. If you don’t currently have any place you can build an extra room wherever feasible. The area should preferably have air-conditioning. Establish work schedules it is recommended to set a work schedule that coincides with the traditional Office or trade, according to the type of activity in this way is segun el tipo de actividad de esta forma se evita prevents you descontroles and having to walk running at the last minute to meet the objectives of the work.

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    To work in Estonia, a foreign national residing in the country on the basis of a temporary residence permit must have a work permit. This permit allows a foreigner to work in Estonia during the period which is set in the permit. Without a work permit in Estonia, foreign national may work up to 6 months of the year. In Estonia without a work permit may operate a foreigner, whose employment registered prior to commencement of work. Foreign citizen who has received residence permit on the basis of registration of the Estonian company has no right to take up employment in another company in this country. Short-term work (up to 6 months) can not be registered for a foreign citizen who already has a residence permit in Estonia and is located in the country on the basis of the residence permit. An alien having a residence permit in Estonia, you should apply for a work permit or a residence permit to work. The grounds on which a citizen of another state may apply for registration of short-term work in Estonia: A citizen of a foreign state, who arrived in Estonia on the basis of a visa or visa-free, EU citizens have the right to work in Estonia for 3 months from the date of entry into the country and if they have issued right residence (work permit is not needed). The work permit is not required: A foreign citizen who has a residence permit long-term resident, foreigners who have an zhitelstvo to work; A foreign national who applied for a residence permit before July 12, 1995, and who granted a residence permit. With the application for a work permit should contact the Police Department and frontier. List of main types of jobs that require permission to short-term work: creative sphere (actors, musicians, writers, etc.), education (teachers and teachers of educational institutions in Estonia) Scientific scope scope Sports (athletes, coaches, etc.) work the nanny, a governess work consultant, an expert in a particular area that requires trained Seasonal work (processing of agricultural products), the Diplomatic area (citizens, service-related missions of foreign countries with the permission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


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