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    Problem skin needs special care. Pimples, , inflammation – all this gives a lot of inconvenience and a problem that must be solved as adolescents and adults, men and women. Continue to learn more with: Eliot Lauer. Among the variety of care for problem skin and acne special place in folk remedies. Folk treatment of acne is the most gentle and uses only safe and time tested recipes. Folk recipes acne are based on publicly available products, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

    Herbal teas make a wash, and even more effective they are in the form of compresses and lotions. Most effective in the treatment of acne found such herbs, as hops, St. John's wort and wormwood. Pretty simple, but effective national treatment of acne can be carried out using a lotion-based tincture of calendula and honey. Important role in treating acne cleanser and play anti-mask. Problem skin needs in the formation of an acidic environment on its surface. To this end, you can wipe the skin with acidified cider vinegar or lemon water. Even more effective would mask kefir or yogurt.

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    When the butterfly is our animal of being able, it will be indicating to us that we are preparations to confront our great transformation, the great step that it will indicate to us will come reflected by the situation which we perceive of the state in which we see caterpillar of butterfly, thus if what we see is the egg, it will indicate that we are in the beginning of the project, if what appears to us is the larva within the cocoon, will be indicating to us that we needed to connect with our inner being and if what we perceived is the opening of the cocoon, it will indicate to us that we must share with the others the knowledge and obtained experiences. Each passage of the transformation of the butterfly will serve to us to know in that stage we were and therefore knowing what is going to be the following one. RODENTS: Rabbit. The spirit of the rabbit is going to teach to us to be humble, but also he is going to teach to us to know the fear and to learn to move to us through same. The animal of being able of the rabbit which is going to say to us is that we must leave the fears, we cannot live continuously in the fear.

    If we called to the disasters, tragedies, diseases, etc., in the end surely that come until us, for that reason the rabbit which indicates to us is that we must learn of the lessons that these situations provide to us, to reject the fears and to learn to being but humble. HORSE: Horse the horse is a noble animal, at the same time as powerful. The spirit of the horse owns the faculty of the intuition and intuition. Pegasus presents/displays a powerful winged horse mythological, with which to be able to furrow skies and to feel us free.


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