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    To the day of the kiss on the 6th of July the dating dating asked 1291 of its participants Cafe, meaning the first kiss for you. Hamburg. Is a kiss just a kiss? The first intimate contact of the lip is something special into a new love relationship without question. But what exactly does the kiss for kissing? The total promise of love for eternity in any case not as the result of a recent survey by dating Cafe in 1291 singles. The majority of respondents will test with the first kiss on a voyage of discovery, to its proximity to the partner. Only very few men and women (4 percent), however, combine the promise of a long future with this sensual expression of affection. At least 15 percent the kiss use consciously as sexy signal, that that more could follow. The results are roughly equal over all age groups.

    But the sexes feel him very well differently: especially women (66 per cent) want to move up with a kiss to the partner and find out what felt like the other close. Men call the importance of testing out while also most frequently, but with 46 percent significantly less than women. “Instead, men are more romantic: to explain 31 percent more men than women (20 percent), with the first kiss total in love being” to confess. For most of the first kiss is an important step in getting to know”, Bjorn Walter von dating finds Cafe. And as the results from the dating show Cafe, there are for the reasons why we kiss and we feel it, virtually no differences in terms of age.”

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    We live in a society whose calendar begins with the birth of Jesus. It is not so deplorable that 2000 years later is on the brink? Jesus came for that? The Earth suffers under the climate change caused by man, but if human beings who belong to the so-called Christendom have changed in 2000 years, it would also change the climate, but not for the worse; in fact, not in vain Jesus taught us: “Be perfect, as your father in heaven is perfect”. The man is the cause of disasters why is accused then God of them? Because the priests with their Roman dogmas attributed them to the mysteries of God, instead of assuming its responsibility as a decorated secretistas of cults. If God really had mysteries that will derive needs, misery and suffering, Jesus would have been a liar and his teaching of a loving God, would be a pure blasphemy. If God really had mysteries, Jesus had not promised the coming of the dildo that will lead us to all the truth; It would be a betrayal of God and a contradiction between the two. The 2000 years of supposed Christianity are full of murder, looting, rape, exploitation, enslavement of human beings, mistreatment of nature, animals, plants and minerals. Filled with corruption, strife and enmity between peoples, filled with wars, torture and cruelty. Jesus de Nazareth was wrong?, no.

    God is love and God’s love knows no borders and also belongs to animals, nature and the earth mother. 2000 years after the birth of Jesus, God has turned to send a great prophet, Gabriele, through which again warns humanity from the effects of their behavior. Jesus has fulfilled what they promised us, sending us to the spirit of truth, the comforter, which has brought us and leads into all truth. He says to each of us: ‘ sigueme but not to worship, rites, dogmas and ceremonies, because what have served? The State of this world is the reflection of the religions outside of worship, with facades bleached, beautiful on the outside, but full of rot and bones of dead inside. The trays of offerings of the so-called Christendom are bursting with bones of entire peoples, races and Nations, also of billions of carcasses of animals, who instead of protection and care dispensed, still dispensing cruelty and destruction.

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    If you become boring and beach resort holiday joy, the crowds that accompany virtually every step you take, it's time to learn about what happens and rest completely different. Have you ever dreamed to be a fairy-tale kingdom in which they live dragons, houses covered with intricate paintings, and in the rocks are hidden monasteries? Did you know that this kingdom exists in reality? We offer you an exotic holiday in Bhutan. Fairytale Bhutan is located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas, bordered by Tibet and India. If we talk about the geography of Bhutan, a country extremely interesting – there are still many unexplored areas of currently huge Reserves with amazing flora and fauna. The very name of the country – Bhutan – Druk-yul, in Tibetan means 'Country Thunder Dragon'. Name of the country came from Tibet.

    In 1180, about Gyangze was founded a monastery Druk (Dragon), as indicated dragons Lama Yeshe Tsangpa Gyareyu place to build a monastery. It is said that the Bhutanese dragon can be found in the mountains, for example about one of the main attractions of Bhutan – the monastery Taksang Laghang Dzong (Tiger's Lair), where he arrives to hear the singing of the monks. Dragon wise and peace-loving, people-powered and does not attack mountain snow. Somehow, the Dragon and see the local people and monks, see all, but not tourists. History of Bhutan is still poorly understood, because the country has long been closed, besides many of the events of reality are closely intertwined with the legends.

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    The most basic question, which concerned all, without exception, people who are going to open my own business – it does not burn, it does not run off the rails and not to remain in the result and with no money and no business. And these fears one of the few who have a real reason for existence. After all, in fact, creating and maintaining your business in our school and college do not teach. There is prepared only good wage workers. Most often, among our Friends of successful entrepreneurs, too, there is no (these people prefer to communicate in a circle such as entrepreneurs).

    And even if such people are among friends, it is unlikely that they will be able you something to help but to cheer you up and inspire the creation of the business. Therefore, in most cases, those who read these lines, we have to rely only on its own strength, knowledge and experience. Well, if the forces are still far not passed, then the necessary information and experience, things are much worse. Therefore not surprising that most new entrepreneurs go bankrupt in the first months of their activities as a result of returning to employment and then to the rest of my life remain convinced that the creation of svogo case – this stupid and pointless idea, and assure themselves and all others that are much calmer work for a salary. Therefore, specifically to such bankrupt, and disillusioned with the establishment of the business people as little as possible, and I am writing this article.


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