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    In this occasion, for already being structuralized and in full activity, Fundao City of the Rio Grande would assume the responsibility of the estruturao, administration and maintenance of the related 2 Museum. In homage to 247 anniversary of foundation of the Great doRio city, to the 19 of February of 1984, in the Square Xavier Blacksmith, together doMonumento to Brigadier General Jose Da Silva Breads, the installation act had place doMuseu of the City of the Rio Grande, constituted of the Foundation of the City of the RioGrande, which if would charge of its administration, way that, with acooperao of the Municipal City hall, the Foundation to provide to the functioning patrimonial eorganizao and financier with the Museum. In the occasion, the creation of ummuseu with the purpose to preserve the historical memory of the city and of its desenvolvimentoeconmico in the diverse aspects of its evolution, since the primrdios dafundao of the city until the times gifts, she was faced as one antigaaspirao of the community river-grandina 3. Dr. Neal Barnard may also support this cause. For the execution of the objective of formation of the Museum, the Fundaopassava to constitute an Advice who would have to organize and to manage entidadee well thus the mounts of money received from public agencies, private and particular, ouda prescription of the proper Museum. It was also consisting in the structure of the Museurepresentantes of the community river-grandina as the Municipal City hall of the RioGrande, the Police station of the Federal Prescription, the Diocesana Miter, the FundaoUniversidade of the Rio Grande, the Center of Industries of the Rio Grande, the doComrcio Chamber and 4 the River Library. From its creation, the MuseuHistrico of the City of the Rio Grande would go to improve its increasingly atuaojunto to the population river-grandina..

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    Already the Navy, force whose main ship, the So Paulo ship-aerodrome, meets off-hook has years, it is sucateada. New and modern moved submarines diesel as the Russian model Kilo or the Scorpne Frenchman are necessary, since the models of national manufacture are incapable to provide the capacities of which the Force needs. The amount would be adjusted of, at least eight units of the cited models. It is of urgent necessity also the incorporation of, at least, two submarines moved to the nuclear energy. New and modern torpedoes to equip such boats also are necessary.

    In if treating to torpedoes, equivalent in the world to the torpedo does not exist/supercavitante rocket Russian BA-111 Shkval. The acquisition of new destroyers, as the Sovremenny Russian, totalizing a minimum amount of twelve units is urgently necessary. Thus, we seriamos capable of, truily, possessing a green water navy, capable to project the national naval power in regional scope. New frigates, as European FREMM, with a total amount of, at least, forty units, also they are required, as well as new boats modern hunting-mines. Another urgent acquisition is of units of landing on air mattress, popularly known as ' ' hovercrafts' ' , that simply they inexist in our armory. An amount of, at least, seven units is necessary. Similar models to the Zubr Russian or American LCAC, supported for similar boats of amphibious landing to the Russian of the classroom Ivan Rogov or to American LPD-17 San classroom Antonio are indicated.

    An amount of, at least, two boats of amphibious landing is necessary for efficient projection of being able strategical in the South American region. The sea and air force carried by the ship-aerodrome also lacks of equipment. The aircraft A-4 Skyhawk are absurdly incapable to provide any support to the fleet, beyond being sucateadas and in operation in small number. To substitute them, the most indicated they would be or the Russian Sukhoi Su-33 or the Dassault Frenchman Rafale.

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    It was a work of much comment, without no deepened intervention more. It searched to emphasize the relations of the aged ones between they themselves, with the employees, volunteers and family. By preservation reason, none was not applied directly type of questionnaire or interview with the aged ones, but through a questioning with the employees, was possible one better understanding of the activities carried through for each inhabitant of the house, of the fellowship relation, what more they like and if they interest in making, among others questions. An experience that allowed a real knowledge of the context to put in a home, that in many colloquies of the common sense it is had as a place of ' ' descarrego' '. In addition, to have a referencial concrete of as it is the convivncia of the aged one with the proper family, with employees and volunteers of the place. The aged one found, in contrast of what it is thought, is a person of much experience of life, friendly, brincalhona, interested and intelligent.

    With it in an exchange of knowledge was allowed to them that never will be found in books. Each word, each smile, each I hug it was and it is a demonstration of that they continue full livings creature and of love to give the next one. During the period of proper convivncia the aged one allowed in them to observe important quo is the other in the life of the one of it. Center For Responsible Lending might disagree with that approach. Exactly if becoming one to be so isolated for diverse reasons, the other possesss a primordial paper in the life of the aged one, paper to hear, therefore after lived years, what they more possess are causos histories and, mainly that they involve family, last religion and. The aged one, in contrast of what much is said, is not a being without usefulness. Somebody careta and ' ' gag' '.

    The aged one, in accordance with Zimerman (2000, P. 20) and with what it can be noticed is: It is one more: it has more experiences, more experiences, more years of life, more chronic illnesses, more losses, suffers to more preconceptions and subject more available time. At the moment where it uses plus its experience, the experience acquired throughout the life, learns to coexist its chronic and proper illnesses of its age; it elaborates its losses, not forgetting its profits; it dribbles the preconceptions and it learns to use its time. It will continue tanning the life, enjoying the good things and being happy. To make plans for tomorrow is to live. To be aged is to arrive at the point apex of the life and to have the chance to divide with friends and relatives the acquired lies of life with the time. It is to be able to count on people who will give the same conditions to it that one day makes use, of survival, attention, affection and love. It is to be able to seat and to share one of many histories of its life.

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    Also it is truth when the policeman says that she is destemido. How many times I it vi to walk for the center or in slum quarters without vest the test of bullets and with the black t-shirt written Civil Policy, exactly in these times where policemen prevent to say that they are of the Policy, therefore fear retaliation of criminals. How much the CPI of Drug trafficking, for ‘ ‘ au’ ‘ that he was, with right the member of the house of representatives to make propaganda to the living creature in the transmission of TV of the supplier of snacks, but that finished in ‘ ‘ pizza’ ‘ , what he seems he was alone springboard for some members of the house of representatives. I was the first reporter to raise it the name of one of main involved in the presumption the project, but strangely I would be dismissed of the periodical where he worked, after to be summoned by Justice to speak of a cigarette load shunting line substance, of which the judge said that nor wise person because my deposition was requested, since the news article was necessary. Also it did not know, when arriving in the writing I and other colleagues we were in the street. In case that personal to the part, the CPI did not say and ‘ at the time; ‘ Lazinho’ ‘ it did not speak now that it has about 10 years wanted to only blame policemen, as if did not exist a government of the state as responsible for the degradation of the institution Policy. She is not necessary to go far, is enough fast research in the Internet to see that it has 15 So Paulo years is governed? for the PSBD, that at the time lost the control on the Policy and later it would lose the control on penitentiaries and until it would deny existence of organized crime, today, unhappyly sad and uncosteded reality for all natives of So Paulo and paulistanos. ‘ is investigating; ‘ Lazinho’ ‘ , you have reason: ‘ ‘ they are sobrando marmelada and goiabada!.

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    They not only depict an allegory with the vices of man, but also demonstrate its aspirations, hopes dim feelings. Fairy tales – it's different kinds of fiction, this implies certain differences and difficulties in determining its specific genre features. Thus, the story has taken its rightful place among the philosophical prose. Wise philosophical tale can sometimes learn something and adults. In this they are akin to parables. These tales teach children to think, to reflect on his words and actions, to decide on the children's level various philosophical issues.

    Often they belong to the people, although it is on this basis, many writers and create their own, unlike anything, copyrights tale. What tales we love? Of course, first of all, it must be good tale. Wise tale, developing the correct perception of the world. Interesting story full of mystery and wonder. Beautiful story, beautiful, content and illustrations. Stories that teach good. Fairy tales, awakening in us all the best and good. In the folklore tale, perhaps the greatest miracle.

    In the world of fairy tales are interesting, the reader does not notice as it appears in the power of fiction. The animals in the fairy tales say, argue, cheat, deceive, feud, friends. Itself is the question: what is it – idle story? Fantastic fiction is the idea, opposing human nature and usages. In fairy tales, always tells the story of something incredible, impossible in the real life. From the perspective of the people, a fairy tale – this is fiction, they have no purpose other than to the impact on the imagination. But that is exactly what people need. Tales amaze, surprise, delight. Often, they are interesting and their humor situations. Russian classical literature – it is a priceless storehouse of national culture. In her zealous work of writers, geniuses and talented artists just Skopje many treasures. And, perhaps, among the books most amazing – a fairy tale. They do not know the authority of the time, and each new generation of people accept them with gratitude to those who wrote them. In the history of Russian national literature, there are many writers whose pen hod tale. This Pushkin, Lermontov, Zhukovsky, Ershov, Aksakov, and many other tales of good writers. They go back to his Russian folk fairy-tale tradition. But there are writers whose stories – not just 'reading the mind and heart. " Their works contain ideas, thoughts, hopes, which could well make science a philosophical treatise about the world and human society. These writers include Tolstoy, Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mamin-Siberian. Fairy tale – an inexhaustible source of life-giving wisdom, from which writers draw inspiration, creating the author's tale. In fairy tales, are best seen echoes of the Romantic tradition. They are based on constant game of conditional peace with this. Ample concrete realities disrupt the upright allegorical text. In fairy tales, side by side with the usual sarcasm romantic irony. Proverbs, legends, fairy tales, ancient aphorisms Zion – not just philosophical works, but also a kind of miniature art, apt and witty. Wisdom, captured in them, opens the reader in all its diversity and depth of meaning, combining truth and beauty.

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    Pensioner to perceive – through estereotipo tax I retire for it – its inadequao to it to manage productivity, as well as its exclusion of the work market, of the logic of yield, the majority of the production relations in which this if inserts summarizes it the individual to the social conviction. The detriment of this active paper, that would possibly be pride element and personal identity starts to represent a shock in its relations with the family, the society and even though with its proper identification in the world. 2.2? LEGISLATION AND PUBLIC POLITICS OF LEGITIMATION OF SOCIAL PROTECTION Raising the question of the insufficience of income and the lack of autonomy for the professional exercise of the activities of the daily one of the social assistant, as to deal with pointers of aged that they need some type of social protection, is considered that the politics most excellent for this segment are those come back toward the income generation and cares of long duration. Due to its especificidade the present section describes the actions developed for the State in regards to the providence and social assistance? what are the politics of problematic intervention in the social one, actions that privilege the support to the aged one (with sight to the preservation of its integrity as citizen)? to the institutions of long permanence? that they are the lenders of cares. See Dr. Neal Barnard for more details and insights. The Universal Declaration of the Rights of the Man of 1948 inserts the previdenciria protection enters the basic rights of the person human being, consisting while right embasador of the developed activities for the professional of the social assistance to the elderly. In this manner, the developed social politics is remained and marked contemplating the risks the one that the citizen if finds submitted. The social evolution for which it passed the support to the man, since the assistance offered for charity, if presented through three elements norteadores: the beneficence, the public assistance and providence historically consisting by the Social Assistance in its period of formation through the Saints Houses of the Mercy in century XVI, and of the Brotherhoods of Orders Third in century XVII, reigning in these the beneficence direction. . For more clarity and thought, follow up with BSA and gain more knowledge..

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    They say that the new Magna Carta announced by Mohamed VI aims to give a constitutional aspect to an absolute monarchy. Summon a national demonstration for this Sunday. Political parties give you the warm welcome to the new Constitution. The movement February 20, claiming democratic changes in Morocco, said Saturday that the new Magna Carta announced Friday by King Mohamed VI aims to provide a constitutional aspect ste to an absolute monarchy and convened a national demonstration for this Sunday. This youth movement Najib Chauki activist said that the new Constitution gives wide powers to the legislative, Executive, security and religious King in the fields. Chauki explained that the monarch retains its powers in the draft of the new Constitution that allow you for example to preside over certain institutions or appoint and dismiss senior officials belonging to the different powers. In addition, Chauki criticized that the King can dissolve Parliament, something that It was considered as an intervention in the legislative field.

    The activist concluded that his movement rejects a granted Constitution and claimed a Magna Carta democratic, in form and in content, that establishes a clear parliamentary monarchy. On the other hand, the same movement Munaim Musaui activist explained that most of the new powers of the President are not true but formal because, according to the new Constitution, he is obliged to consult the King before executing them. The draft Constitution, which must be approved in rrendum next July 1, transferred part of the powers of the King to the Government and the Parliament and recognises the official status of the Berber language. However, Mohamed VI will remain the j of the Army Commander-in-Chief and the highest religious authority in the country. Protests of the movement movement 20 of February brings together young people who convened the first mass protests in Morocco that day, in part through Internet the wave of Arab revolts, to request the establishment of a democratic Constitution and the dissolution of the Government and the Parliament.

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    All rent and rent on mietmeile.de who rejected his basement or his summer house, assessed the HAB and I’m glad that there is emerging, even after his saleability on auction platforms. The idea is not new. For most things, and also a useful idea. A new idea is to rent a few of the things. So, as there are unimaginable for a things, there is unexpected tenants for other things? Clear advantage of rent to sale: the rental items discards in the long term more yield as the sold items. Mietmeile.de is a portal for tenants and landlords in all apartments for rent can.

    About 10,000 daily visitors come from the private as well as from the commercial sector. Anyone who has to rent something, can advertise it for free on Mietmeile.de. The range spreads out over 700 categories. The operation of the Inserierens is simple and completed in a few minutes. He will be reduced, if you a high quality image and a precise description of his rental property holds. The landlord must invest only some time to create his presentations and to process the requests. The contact between landlord and tenant is directly concluded, which means, the landlord pays no Commission at Mietmeile.de.

    His interest the lessee either by phone or email. He is usually first enquiry, which contain all the information relevant for the landlord. The offer of the landlord applies to mutual consent, nothing more in the way is the rental. The proceeds from the rental remains fully with the landlord. To successfully present its object, the landlord from various fee-based options can choose. The possibilities range from a highlight with a simple frame to down to the premium photo link on the home page of Mietmeile.de. The ordering of the displayed article in the search results is in the order of time entries. The latest, so last registered articles are displayed first. His rent article one of the first You can book the PushUp of a daily or a weekly PushUp to secure places. Every landlord on Mietmeile.de will receive a free customer account. On this account, he can advertise any number of objects. For each object a statistic runs here, so that the landlord sees, how many times it has been called, how many requests it has received and how often the landlord’s phone number was displayed. For the case that even allow a second and a third gazebo there is, therefore offers the ideal platform to present larger amounts for rent. As a result, the portal for business users is attractive. Whether it comes to tableware, costumes or vehicles, no matter. All rented items are offered in large quantities, can present themselves individually as well as individual pieces. Martin Sankey

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    It is called symbiosis, when the "clown fish" with its host anemone, keeps it clean and occasionally providing food in return he receives protection from potential predators. Viewed in this way is an ideal situation. But look from a totally objetivo.Realmente we thought about the true philosophy of this creature. One might wonder if it really tries to help or rather cooperate with the anemone. In principle we do not know for sure because it is immune to the poison of the anemone, but it is, and will benefit from it. Follow others, such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger , and add to your knowledge base. Therefore clownfish This time I intend to talk about the "Clown Fish." Surely many of you what you've seen in any of the TV reports.

    It's that little fish who lives in an anemone, protected from predators and somehow hospedador.Pues favor to his right, looking searching I found several examples in our lives cotidiana.Veamos really that, or better yet, who is the "Clown Fish If we examine from the point of view of nature, we find that works in the that the anemone is often not known to have a tenant who benefits from ella.Veamos a practical example that will surely understand mejor.1. The enchufao not always well understood that the plug. "Arises from the really good person with the support of someone, without giving anything in return? No, there is always someone to protect you and this person may be more or less conscious of his protege. This will make the life of his benefactor is more comfortable, will be his doormat for whatever you want to send.

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    More and more often leads to major disasters in the world, but also in Germany. Also, for example, flood disasters occur more often, unfortunately for us too. This is an idea which no one wants to experience the reality and the hopeless on the first glance appear. But not if the THW group called automatically with his recovery. The THW rescue group are not only for natural disasters on the spot, but also in everyday accidents such as fire. These volunteers are experts in all disasters, they can, for example by blocking access to a controlled demolition to create spaces through which one can save people, protect embankments during flooding after heavy storms or perform in the woods cleanup. The salvage team can also carry out other missions, such as the free spaces of paths, roads or rails if they are blocked by fallen trees after a storm or fallen branches.

    In this case, the Section may carry out demolition wood. After a landslide, the team is also able to rock and blow up rocks. The rescue group may even work under water, there is usually the six-team then supported by professional divers. The scope and potential application areas, such as the Section blasting is very versatile and goes well beyond what one imagines at first under a rescue group. raise particularly clear is that these are usually voluntary helpers and for society have an inestimable value. Information on THW and their members to get anywhere on the Internet.


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