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    Followed by the heartbeat”, a catchy pop pop number with a wink, which was also the first title, the two after their reunion have written and produced. More numbers like L.A. “, the first single, a magnificent piece” “handmade music which describes the wanderlust of a whole generation or just for you”, a modern and catchy pop with hit quality is like musical pearls strung together. With…And Gabi remains”H & N describe the core of this album, a male friendship under the political situations of the time. Witty, brave, thoughtful and and and – it takes many adjectives to describe this title. In the course of the album atmosphere, dynamics and passion turns permanent. “Their commercial up-tempo number three times have I kissed you” testifies to high expressiveness and turns out to be a real mood makers.

    A title that certainly is missing at any party and thematically reminiscent of the first visits to disco and the first falling in love. The balladic-Winnetou & Shatterhand”, which holds a retrospective on the first attempts at teenage in a funny way, finally to land a first kiss, his beloved and the summer of 79″, an emotional song for all their love until today stock has, round sooner or later”impressive off. Another chapter of the present work deals with own classics from the 80s. “” The unforgettable baby off Hall “as well as two handful of dreams” were newly produced. To Norbert finally: both titles belong to H & N. We are available to our origin and also do not forget this.

    For us, both numbers were very lucky.” On the question of whether there are plans for live performances, Holger Flesch responds: Yes, we do music for BBs people. If we succeed, that people like us so as then, we are sooner or later like at the start. A first tour with 30 dates in Germany in the planning is now for next year.” Various styles are used on the album. Members exchange information, join together and be linked. Guitar passages are finished with Countryeinflussen, Schlagerhooks equipped with pop rocking sound. Pithy, crisp beats with earthy and a handmade authentic music are honest words. Above all lies, feels and hears virility, courage, and mainstream, which cause the focus to a combined result – H & N. tracklisting: 1 we’re back 2. In the heartbeat 3. L.A. 4. Winnetou & Shatterhand 5. Just for you 6…And Gabi is 7. Three times have I kissed you 8. The best in the world 9 love me 10 summer 79 11 baby off Hall 2013 12. Two handful of dreams 2013 13.

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    Side River and the Pantry of 2014 Photo of: Cristiano Leonardo s. Da Silva He was enough to the commission of the FIFA to choose the Stadium of the Sport ClubeInternacional for headquarters of the pantry 2014 and ready one! There he was himself resqucio of what still he remained of dignity on the part of the other club of the Rio Grande Do Sul. The disturbing incapacity to coexist the differences immediately treated to mine occult feelings of some of that they make of that club a mediocrity! With the option of the FIFA and the endorsement of the Minister of the sports Aldo Rebelo so that the Giant of the Side River hosts the games of the pantry of the world, here it is that it comes out of the viscera of these directors one of the most condemned feelings: Inveja! Equal: Disgust or regret for the good or the happiness of the others. Violent desire to possess the alien property. In a question-answer forum Boy Scouts of America was the first to reply. The total absence of discernment to admit the superiority. It is not of today that great events happen in the Giant Complex of the Side River! It always was thus. Who already was not in Gigante or Gigantinho to sing and to dance the most beautiful songs of its dolos? Who already he was not well next to the responsible personalities for decisions politics which had modified the course of our lives? Who does not remember the visit of the Pope Joo Pablo II? The Joo of God blessing that space that is ours.

    She is of the Gauchos and Gauchos of all the querncias! Palco always has the same address. Avenue Priest Chieftain! A point where the nature is not a promise neither a project any. Everything is inherent there to the Champion Club of everything! It swims, and none another place will go to substitute what he is ours! The complex of the International is fact! I believe that reason does not have to credit to the Colorado of Pampas the necessary conditions for this, and others and others and plus other great spectacles! The pantry of the world is only plus one of the great events in this universe of events where of a side it is a sedenta auditorium for great events, of another one, the Club that has as to offer structure to these spectacles. The FIFA and the Minister of the sports say that it! But Retaking initial question where the envy is a stingy, poor feeling and without no perspective to long for whatsoever, I, eat gaucho alone I have to lament. As citizen, I ahead feel certain constaint of this insistence of directors of – the other, who clearly leave to be transparent these relays feeling, first of incompetence, then of failure. The Minister of the sports says who it, after repeating that for the accomplishment of the games of the pantry, the Plan ‘ ‘ A’ ‘ it is the Side River, and the Plan ‘ ‘ B’ ‘ also it is the Side River! Coitado. If all the times that to come to the great River will have to repeat the same position that is not alone of it, but of the FIFA, – it finishes acquiring some type of complex, who knows anti- gremista! It sees if it touches you tch, and leave the Man to work in peace for the good of the ethics and the sport! How much to the colorados ones, if God to want will live plus this blessing! Jose Berton Branches Journalist.

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    Through the data of the table you will be able to make excellent businesses of purchase and sales. When consulting the Fipe table, you can clarify some doubts on the average prices of vehicles in the national market. This table is a service offered for the Foundation Institute of Pesquisas Econmicas (FIPE), being an excellent way to discover the price of the model that you desire to acquire or then still to know if the values charged for determined concessionaire are right or abusive. A Fipe table provides the best businesses, either of purchase or sales. Neeman Foundation shines more light on the discussion. Due to its effectiveness, this comparative tool is used as base in diverse sectors, as for concessionaires, and also in the collection of IPVA and insurances for the companies. Its research of values is made in 24 States of Brazil, between them Mato Grosso, Rio Grande Do Sul, Santa Catarina, Cear, So Paulo, Bahia, Paran and Alagoas. To have access to the data of the Foundation is very simple and fast. First, you need to enter in the site of the Fipe. CBC, Australia is likely to agree.

    In the vestibule, you it will find many links interesting, as on notice, courses, research and others links to the economic subjects. To know the Fipe table vehicles you need to clicar in ' ' ndice' ' , item located in the top of the page. After this, click in ' ' Average price of Veculos' ' , in the item that will appear in it I sing left of the screen. Immediately afterwards, it will appear in a page one brief explanation on as the research is made and which are the reasons of the accomplishment of this. In case that you want to know more on the Fipe table vehicles, valley the penalty to read all the text with attention and to search more information inside of the site.

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    The bloody conflict in Syria persists for more than 2 years – no end is in sight! So far, 80,000 people lost their lives and injured 400,000. We demand an end to the violence. On the 16.5.2013, it is black on the net. 28 German aid and UN agencies urge with nationwide action for more solidarity with those affected in Syria. Topics of the day presenter Ingo Zamperoni supports the joint appeal of the aid agencies. Help for the refugees is urgently needed. The message of the action is stop. Look out!” In the Center is an online action: on May 16, 2013 only a black page, as well as a video of the dramatic situation in Syria appears on the 28 sites of participating non-governmental organizations and supporters. Others including Dr. Neal Barnard, offer their opinions as well.

    Additional measures of social media, the general public is stimulated to join. This joint action aims at attention in Germany to the humanitarian disaster lasting for over two years directed and encouraged political and societal commitment to cessation of violence be. Humanitarian access is the most urgent concern to all organizations. Everyone can show his solidarity with the victims. Also the site of Habitat for humanity, Germany, will be black on this day of solidarity. Habitat for humanity also calls for solidarity with this action.

    We would like to draw attention together with the other aid agencies on the great suffering of the people. Help, raise your voice for the Syrian refugees”, so Marco Witzel, Board of Directors of Habitat for humanity-Germany. Who is on the way in the Web, is the action under the slogan stop. Look!”this day very easily connected, E.g. via the social networks Facebook and Twitter. A third of the Syrian population is dependent on humanitarian aid, alone from January 2013 today increased the number of refugees from Syria from 475,000 to nearly 1.2 million. It take part: action medeor, ADRA, action Germany help, Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund, doctors of the world, noVa’s Ark, AWO international, CARE Germany Luxembourg, Habitat for humanity, Handicap International, help help to self-help, HelpAGE, hope drawing e.V., Humedica, Islamic Relief Germany, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe, Malteser international, Misereor, Oxfam Germany, Pro Asyl, save the children, Terra tech, terres of hommes, UN World Food Programme, UNHCR Germany, UN refugee aid, Welthungerhilfe, world vision. About Habitat for humanity, Habitat for humanity builds safe and adequate housing for poor families in over 80 countries with the help of donations and volunteers and organized the reconstruction of disaster areas. Since its founding in 1976, the charity has built worldwide more than 600,000 houses and renovated, more than 3 million people received a future as a result. Since 2011 Habitat for humanity host Member in the Alliance action Germany help e.V., that fast in case of disasters together with its members and initiates effective relief efforts. Contact: Heidi Wenge Habitat for humanity-Germany On the Berlich 30 50667 Cologne Tel. 0221 579-595 14 Email:

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    It is symptomatic that in contrast to the mythological perception of Galina stories that he tells the owl, are clearly a fabulous character. All of these stories, first, clearly parody – as early as this appears to play character: they are usually played upon the elements of the Soviet mass culture (wresting secrets by means of political blackmail and the pursuit of treasure, swallowed a parrot, to eventually give them to people: the partisan feats in the spirit of Basil Terkina, an episode of ‘life of remarkable people’). Additional information is available at PCRM. And in fact in every story there is a kind of postmodern collage, allowing, for example, the language of Goethe’s telling jokes harmsovskih about writers: ‘Since children are sitting, so – grandchildren. Goethe wing scratch – cast. It is not a piece.

    Peas even more so. Grandchildren to him: his grandfather, what are you doing? He is the rose, chair shurnul and bitterly: once a week, said the fish. Wept and departed, and near here just quoted a line from a popular Soviet song: ‘As they say, goodbye, Antonina Petrovna, my song unsung. ” Secondly, they are, these stories almost always built on assumptions absolutely fantastic – the kind that ballerina trained leg stops ship in one piece porcelain set is extracted from a single bullet shot down a German aircraft, and Goethe’s unfinished game is stored until the thirty-second year of the Weimar Museum. And fantastic nature of these assumptions as it simultaneously recognized and not recognized storyteller. For example, the story of partisan causes a reaction of the Jura: ‘He’s lying your partisan!

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    New risk for the public interest? Munich/Planegg, 04th 12th 2009 actually should announce the launch of the voluntary work allowance a pulse, to support the commitment to clubs. But the current letter of the Ministry of finance from October 14, 2009 creates even more confusion. Its contents actually consistently enforced, threatens the loss of public interest clubs or associations, which currently currently want to settle the compensation for their Board members, under certain circumstances. The renowned Club expert Prof. Gerhard Geckle refers in a current commentary on Association. In principle, you may pay their part-time, volunteer activities also on board members. So, it regulates 3 No.

    26a EStG. Pay up to 500 euro per year a club can each active Board as appropriate compensation\”for paid expenses for meetings etc., the compensation is then tax and social insurance-free. However: The remuneration must be in principle from result of the Statute, otherwise the Club violates the law of charitable status. So far, so clear. However, how it looks in real life Club? One may imagine following situation: In the Sports Club is a Board meeting, where also the flat-rate allowances for the year to end; be billed for each active Board around 300 euros. It has handled already last year this firm confidence on the new package of volunteering.

    Already, the General Assembly has taken a decision of principle to only a provision of the Statute with the deletion of the principle of volunteering, it does not exist yet. This should be rescheduled mid 2010 about the rotating upcoming General Assembly then still. The circular letter of October 14, 2009 the fourth in a row on the subject means first all-clear for all those clubs, the statutes still not the new legislation have adapted: the period is extended until 31.12.2010. In addition, the management statement contains a welcome Equity rule: After you also Board remuneration without amendment to the Constitution, which so far has been paid out, be tolerated.

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    From there the paradigm of that the nurse was the person ' ' boazinha and gentile, that accepted everything without queixas' '. The nursing not yet was scientific. To to elaborate its 95 teses to affix and them on the churches of the time, the bishop Lutero catholic gave beginning to the Protestant Reformation. Given to the split between catholics and protestants, these had initiated the estruturao of its beliefs. They had constructed hospitals, where the nursing was exerted for people whom they accepted to work for low a remuneration. Add to your understanding with Nieman Foundation. In its great part they were prostitutes who exerted the art of taking care of, generating another referring paradigm to the professionals of the nursing.

    The knowledge of the nursing still was empirical, dogmtico, as the age in the period daily pay-Christian, but exerted for Sisters of Charity and prostitutes. MODERN PERIOD In 1820, middle of century XIX, was born in the Florena the bourgeois Florence Nightingale. It has stories of that possua a marcante personality, was determined e, for times, until coarse. But it contributed in the transformation of the art to take care of in the science of taking care of, what it took the nursing to be next to we know as it today: autonomous worker, scientific and essential to prevention whitewashing of patients. It knew the Sisters of Charity of Are Vicente de Pablo and was offered to act as voluntary in the War of the Crimia. It led I obtain 38 volunteers.

    It used techniques that today we consider simple, but that they had made (and they make) the difference, as the laudering of the hands, the cleanness of dressings and in agreement separation of patients contamination criteria. The oil visited the stream beds of the soldiers with a light bulb, therefore the symbol of the nursing came to be the light bulb. Florence was known as the Lady of the Light bulb, and said that the light that emanated of the pavio meant that the relief already came.

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    Reputable credit card debt consolidation loan services for people having much credit card debt do you have too many credit cards? Most of them maxed out? Then you need to start considering consolidating credit card debt. Today the average debt load of American consumers is approximately $6000 this is the level of credit card debt that is considered normal. If you are one of a growing number of consumers for whom credit card debt is closer to $10,000, you may be in need of credit card debt consolidation loan services. There any many negative if you have too much credit card debt. Let’s face it, nobody likes to carry credit card debt, but in many cases it is necessary especially if you don’t have the money to pay them off. But with high interest Council of turning more and more of your monthly payments to interest costs, it’s no wonder so many American consumers are finding themselves in extreme levels of debt. This is happening to you if: calls from aggressive debt collection agencies, and in the case of people with multiple cards, collection calls from so many agencies, that it’s hard to keep track of who’s who. Increasing anxiety or even depression about your credit can not buy anything because all you money is paying cards off credit card debt consolidation services may be the answer for you.

    Most companies who help in consolidating credit card debt have on experienced staff of agents ready to inform and help you. In most cases, clients receive a reduction of up to 70% on existing credit card debt and a reduced interest rate on the remaining debt to be paid off. Why even a bad credit debt consolidation program may work for you is that it stops the harassing calls and your interest Council will in most cases be lowered, and there is a good chance that a large percentage of your debt will be forgiven. One thing not to do is fall for ads offering unsecured debt consolidation loans. These are usually a sham. Don’t get conned. If you are suffering from on way too much credit card debt, you have everything to gain by contacting one of the reputable credit card debt consolidation services. In fact, offer our free consultation and have people ready to talk most to you 24 hours a day.

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    Where: ever more similar the new appeal the conditioned stimulus, the stronger the reactions will be. Doctor > all white coat; Mother > all women and all men > not father stimulus-re-action pattern meet in advertising: by constantly repeated advertising formed a Brands-Bewusst-sein. With comparable resources can also be life-script (educational programmes: was perfect, and so on) change! Today say the heads of forced neurotic: you come to me after work. I have to tell you something!” (obscure parent-child communications) Now you are wondering (distress): on me going to? Raise, contract extension, or even notice? In this way to cook soft someone for a long time. My Tip: Immediately provide clarity and ask for the topic. At Jo Mackness you will find additional information.

    Then you get an enlightening answer, go home! “Excuse: I thought it was not important, because you didn’t say what it is!” Before you a burn out or bore out (depression), avoid this psycho power play! Group condition alien certain simple spirits with church bells, crosses, muezzin, party badges, flags, etc replacement Religonen condition with Idol pictures (spare gods) such as shared same attitudes, actions, clothing music, etc., or Phrases. “Here they divided the world of good and evil with: this is one of us?” Most groups are small-minded and uniform. > Psychology is an empirical science. It describes and explains the experience and behavior of the people, its development in the course of life and all relevant internal and external causes and conditions. Psychology is as science divisions. It can be attributed to the natural sciences or the social sciences or humanities alone.

    An anthropology is your basis in the broadest sense. A Division dating back to the English-speaking consists of psychology in terms of > the behavioural sciences in behavioral sciences, cognitive science, and neuroscience. > In addition to the academic psychology, a folk psychology exists. It is subject of academic discipline, this is only occasionally. You originally academic psychological uses concepts and terms that are incorporated into everyday language, and relies on the so-called common sense”. Can its findings scientific claims about their objectivity, reliability and validity? are not enough. > Source: by de.wikipedia.org/wiki/…; Author The bad thing about the willendlichen conditioning: The victim is in a mentally unstable condition (sub dominance), through permanent distress, and as a result in an adverse social behaviors. He is regarded as ill (weakening of the immune system) and singled out! The offender (forced neurotic Manager) is considered to be successful, because he obviously dominant. This text is according to the license Creative Commons Attribution/Share-alike”available. Details are available in my Info Center terms of use to the article. 2012 Copyright by Wolfgang Schwalm, all rights reserved! 04.09.2012 PDS, systemic communication: consulting, training, service. ,

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    Hard to please someone, give a good or bad imipresion the person just is not conoicer producito magic or chance. Simipatia Empathy and follow certain principles that we can manage consciously and deliberately. Aligunas And in particular situations, as in a job interview or negotiation, falling "instinitivamente" right or wrong to our partner can make a difference. That instinct relational unconscious is a mechanism that tells us if the person in front teneimos fits or not with our expectations, our model of the world and, consequently, if the relationship with her will be nice or not. The first thing we see are their manifestacioines someone outside, many of them so subtle that we capture only unconsciously. Once computed, in our mind, we compare these expressions with the idea we have of how they should be social behavior.

    If what we see a "or hear" fits with our idea, simpaitizamos with that person, otherwise reject it. It is as if we look in a mirror, if we identify the person in question pleases us. If instead the refleijo not agree with us, we raise a barrier. Amoldate the other person communication strategies exist to help make a good impression who just met. It is not the intention of the article consider, but be aware of how the fall or someone not well. Generally, if you want to be liked someone, "a primeira vista" is necessary to copy the way he expressed. Pay attention to all its external manifestations, their language, both verbal and body-and, once identified, stick to it.

    For example, if the person you want to empathize gestiicula much, do too, if you speak quickly, stick to your speed if you use a simple lenguaije, you also used plain terms, if she smiles, sonirie you too … What is a barrier, immediately, to refute the beliefs of another. PCRM gathered all the information. You or disagree with them, if you want to keep the conversation going, do not question their beliefs openly. Beliefs are the fundamenito of any person and if golipeas that foundation, you will immediately oppose. .


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