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    The human resources Excellence Award for excellent commitment goes to BERA and Habitat for humanity Germany already since 2010 engaged is the BERA GmbH through donations and volunteers for aid projects from Habitat for humanity Germany. For the exemplary commitment 2012 in Ethiopia and Heilbronn the recruitment consulting together with Habitat for humanity Germany received the human resources Excellence Award, awarded by the magazine human resources manager. The BERA GmbH has engaged in this year for two projects from Habitat for humanity: In June, 19 trainees of BERA GmbH within the framework of the first day of local volunteers with Habitat for humanity Germany have renovated the rooms of a social institution in Heilbronn. For the employees, it was a great experience, to be able to help locally and to grow more together through shared commitment in the team. This local commitment followed employees rather promptly on a construction trip in may by 30 ABR to Ethiopia. Have the volunteers with the team at Habitat for humanity within built by a week ten homes for needy families. A very enriching experience for the participants was to be able to give a new home to poor families, with their own hands. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Boy Scouts of America. The happy BERA took the prize together with Manuela Kikillus Managing Director Bernd Rath, CEO of Habitat for humanity Germany contrary to.

    In the last phase, the company prevailed against competitors like Carglass and junior management school. The award was preceded by a two-stage application process. The jury praised especially the integration of CSR activities in the overall strategy of the company. The ABR staff get projects through their personal use a direct insight into the Habitat for humanity, get to know new cultures and people, and are sensitized to different topics. About Habitat for humanity, Habitat for humanity builds safe and adequate housing for poor families in over 80 countries with the help of donations and volunteers and organized the reconstruction of disaster areas. Habitat for humanity has Since its inception in 1976 until now more than 500,000 homes built and renovated and helped more than 2.5 million people. The most prominent supporters of Habitat for humanity include such as Jimmy Carter, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt, as well as in Germany, Hans Eichel, Daniel Libeskind, and Alexandra Neldel. Contact: Heidi Wenge – Habitat for humanity-Germany – on the Berlich 30-50667 Koln – Tel. 0221 579-595 14 – email: –

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    The German Verkehrswacht has some special features and tips for you put together Berlin, 31 January 2013: many motorists like to go with your own car on holiday and not shy away from long trips abroad. The German Verkehrswacht has put together some special features and tips for you. Safety vests lead with reflective safety vests to leading with safety accessories in Italy, Croatia, Austria and France include. They provide for a better visibility of the driver and thus contribute to the prevention of further accidents. When the purchase of vests to the European control characters EN 471. drink-driving in some countries not only fines and imprisonment are to fear, if the legal blood alcohol limit is violated. A zero alcohol limit applies for example in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and the Slovakia. Remember: already small amounts of alcohol can restrict your ability to drive.

    Renounce the use of alcohol before a drive! Daytime running lights Anders as in Germany, daytime running lights is obligatory when cars in some European countries. If you are traveling in Italy, you must switch on the daytime running lights on motorways and extra-urban. In Croatia the Tagfahrlicht October is compulsory until March. In France, it is recommended to drive with headlights switched on, but violations are not punished. Emergency forgetting you do not, the international insurance card for road transport (called the Green insurance card”) to carry! This is required only in a few countries (Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Serbia) mandatory, but ensures a faster processing in a traffic accident. Special features in Italy may quiet zones (so-called ZTL, zone a traffico limitato) be used only with a special permit. Bus and taxi tracks, which are characterized by a special road marking may not be used by private cars.

    In France, motorists must have for the time being no alcohol quick Tester here. Since 1 July introduced in 2012 and highly controversial scheme was suspended by the French Minister of the Interior. In Croatia, all vehicles registered abroad, which are involved in an accident, do a damage assessment of the police, with for the exit with the damaged vehicle. In Austria, car winter tires must have mounted since 1 January 2008, winter driving conditions during the period from 1 November to 15 April on all wheels. If you have an accident or in an emergency situation in other European countries can choose at any time the emergency number 112. In addition, many countries have their own emergency number. Statutory regulations can change at any time. Check before departure about possible updates to the traffic regulations of the country of their destination. A permanent correctness of the published information does not exist. More information: DeutscheVerkehrswacht DtVerkehrswacht contact for the press: Hannelore Herlan Spokeswoman Budapest str. 31, 10787 Berlin phone: 030 / 516 51 05 20 mobile: 0151 / 16 62 72 75 the German Verkehrswacht belongs to the oldest and largest civic initiatives in Germany. Since its founding in 1924, she works for more security and fewer accidents on our roads today, with more than 70,000 volunteers dedicated. You inform, advise and train safe behaviour on the road with road users of all ages. The target group programmes of the DVW reach about 2.5 million people per year. The DVW financed their actions and programmes with the support of the Federal Ministry for transport, building and urban development, as well as through membership dues and sponsorship.

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    But not so long ago from Europe to give us the fashion bouquets from Flying Flowers – Live butterflies. Incidentally, such an unusual and luxurious "bouquet" for this and for the stronger sex: the heart of any man often clogged with delight when out of the opened gift box vyporhnet gaggle of tropical butterflies. The main thing to have bestowed was not any phobias, like fear of insects. People such as Center For Responsible Lending would likely agree. Although this question is easy to find out before choosing a gift. Continuing the theme of unexpected gifts, you can remember how in ancient times in the royal family was taken to give each other portraits made by artists on gold.

    This tradition is quite possible to continue in our time – the more so with the advent of photography no longer need for posturing the artist and the opportunity to make a picture as a surprise to those who will be depicted on it. This portrait will make a lasting impression even on those who seemingly no longer capable of anything to be surprised. Gift will fit into any decor and will surely be a matter of particular pride of its owner. There is this pleasure is very expensive, but if you choose a collective gift for the boss or business partner, it can afford. Or more to cut costs by ordering a diploma or certificate "golden business partner, also made of precious metals. This "document" will take its rightful place in the office of the chief and not only decorate it, but improve its image, is the best witness to the reliability in the business and partnerships. .

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    To live in a society in which if it does not have a so disloyal reality as where we live today, as the entrepreneur who contrasts with the beggar asking for almses in the door of the church, is the dream of the majority of the people. Unhappyly the discrimination is present in the different social classes that if relate to the standards and quality of life of the people, where one parcels out possesss ample chances and glamour and another difficulties and poverty. Of a side they are the people of the social class allows them to usufruct of a standard of comfort and easiness in the search of its ideals, making with that, many times, create a superiority thought and believe to be better that the others being able to subordinate them. Of another one, they are more devoid people, where the chances are scarcer and the privileges are displayed of precarious form and generally they are not to the reach of all. The work, the violence and infantile mortality more have the raised indices in this social class. Although the economy has grown sufficiently in recent years in Brazil, not yet it is enough to supply the demand of job for all. Kidney Foundation: the source for more info. The ones that most is prepared, mainly occupying the raised social classrooms more, where the chances of quality education are more present, leave in the front for the one in search so dreamed the vacant one. On the other hand, less the most favored, it has greaters difficulties in the search of its dream.

    It has two days (02/06), the Brazilians had only reached the mark of R$ 500 billion paid taxes this year, register made for ‘ ‘ Impostmetro’ ‘ of the Trade association of So Paulo. It has who defends the collection of taxes to finance the State, as our President said. But I ask: as to finance the State if the money it does not arrive where it would have. If the collection of the paid taxes for the contributors better was distributed, for social, educational ends, the current contrast where we live would certainly go to diminish. The national economy is of wind in poop, however its destination still needs to be coats. Brazil is the champion in social inaquality in Latin America, is what it shows a study of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal). Then, if to want that our society is worthier, more joust for all, becomes necessary the best evaluation and distribution of the collection of the taxes.

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    Social volunteering is constructed on the basis of continuous synergies. Synergies between own volunteers which are known complementary, the volunteer and the organizational structures to coordinate and implement the actions according to consistent objectives. Synergies with other organizations to achieve social outcomes of greater quality and social cohesion. And, how not, synergies between the volunteer and the beneficiary of its action; We have said that this should participate to the extent of their capabilities in the resolution of their conflicts. The that volunteer places in their work, must be accompanied often by a willingness of the beneficiary, especially in processes of reintegration. A leading source for info: Boy Scouts of America. All this creates a paradoxical network of working as a team in which everyone is essential even if labour does not depend on any of us in particular. The feelings of responsibility should not be confused with the guilt.

    Guilt is not a good ally to play our voluntary action, although, without a doubt, it acts on numerous occasions in the motivations that a person has to be voluntary. One must stop to reflect what is requested if same and with responsibility, make an effort to contribute to the well-being of those they have around. If this passes the limit of liability and reflection leads to a dramatic vision and culpabilizadora auto, is very possible that late or arrive early, as a reaction, a skeptical attitude, cynical and defeatist motivated by the disappointment of not being able to do more than what is in our hands. As said Francisco Javier most eminent virtue is simply doing what we have to do. Guilt complexes are sometimes rooted in a vision of the world and injustices very attached to our lives, that we should not project in our volunteer service therefore gives what can is not obliged to more. Solidarity J.C.G.F development original author and source of the article.

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    To be located in the current situation of organizations producing goods or services such as private companies or public institutions, this is in the Knowledge Age, is essential to thoroughly understand and do everything necessary to eliminate functional illiteracy refers to the work skills at all levels and areas of performance. In this context, the Intelligent Business System that locates learning as part of the job and not traditionally been seen as separate: learning and working. Thus, in this system, knowledge is conceived as those needed to support the position of each person, ie mainly focused functional literacy, which will give a person the opportunity to really develop their competencies and constitute a tool in the construction of structured capital that is generated when we get the knowledge gained is shared, managed and documented effectively in the respective organization.

    In this context, is a functional illiterate who can not learn about their activity, and the person who does not know or not wants to learn, will suffer, as the impetuous entrance of the new Knowledge Age, we are forced to learn every day, until the day of our death. Functional literacy is the person who has the knowledge and labor and enable you to work dynamically, creating value according to customer requirements of the new knowledge society. “According to this conceptualization, we must identify those who know and those who can not learn in relation to the activity plays in the organization where they work, and consequently, we must do everything necessary so that everyone knows what they learn appropriate, and this is with a sense of continuous learning, because they require the times and ahead of the Age of Knowledge.

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    That is it discriminate? simply make distinctions. (in the context of human resources, make distinctions between people), without objective and justifiable reasons with functions for play. There are rules prohibiting unequal treatment against an employment in the Peru. Filed under: Kidney Foundation. However, its application is limited and even rare. Even notices of employment which are published in the area of pro-employment of the Ministry of labour and employment promotion, mention the factor age as a requirement of the position requested. The Foundation? (Once ask the specialist responsible for a process): the company developed a line of race with the new worker.

    If this were confirmed in average enterprises of the country, the technique of line of serious career, pace of the selection process, one of the most used in the areas of human resources. Situation that is utopian. Specialists in convenient selection of people would be that the people responsible for the selection process are aware of the existence of acceptable and not acceptable questions in the environment of a selection process. Sometimes resorts to requests curious to determine the age of the applicant, without touching the subject of the question: 1.-send your resume with recent photo 2.-attach photocopy of your national identity card (DNI), to their curriculum vitae. 3. Your date of birth? (In the interview).

    And abroad as in United States is major source of lawsuits we find them in formats of application and interview for a job recruitment process. The general rule is that employers should only request information related to the performance in the area works. Example: A seller of system control computer, 57 years; He was the only employee fired in a company downsizing. Replacement you by 06 sales reps more young people. He filed a lawsuit, claiming that he had been dismissed by reason of his age and a jury granted 1.1 billion dollars as compensation and wages not perceived. And what is the legal process in this situation? It is a claim in civil proceedings (for damages). If it is favourable ruling will not get to change the post of desired job but compensation equal to a percentage of annual salary that you could receive if you have been hired. See full article at original author and source of the article

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    The current situation of the labour market indicates that employment is not a good for the entire population; people with disabilities experience greater difficulties than the general population to find employment. Workers with disabilities tend to be lagging with respect to other persons seeking employment, in particular when the number of unemployed in general increases. Currently, he is struggling a fund financed by companies that do not reserve 2% of their jobs for persons with disabilities, which would be devoted to the labour integration of this group. Currently, companies that do not cover a 2 % of their jobs with workers with disabilities should allocate the cost that would result in the employment of these persons to the acquisition of goods produced in special employment centres or donate to institutions for the integration of these people. The Trade Union proposal is that this money is compulsorily intended for a fund to boost the labour integration of the collective and improve vocational training programmes.

    In the event that companies prove they can not hire directly to disabled workers, will create a Fund for labour integration and to enhance accessibility in jobs and training. Employability of the Roma have a decent work is a right of every citizen, and a basic guarantee for your personal promotion and social integration. Unfortunately the situation of many Roma people regarding employment is pretty bad at the moment and does not seem to improve in the future, noting still clearly exclusionary and discriminatory situations:-the Gypsy population does not have the same chance of access to the supply of occupational vocational training as the rest of the citizens. In this case, it is not be discriminated against or prohibit your access, but that this offer does not fit, is not sufficiently accessible, according to the conditions and needs of the Roma population – many employers discriminate against the Roma population as attempts to access employment, as a consequence of existing stereotypes and prejudices – the legislation with regard to peddling, which is one of the most developed employment by Gypsies, is clearly discriminatory and restrictive when compared with other commercial modalities back are the times in which Gypsies were recognized for their work in forging or for their expertise as cavalry.

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    What makes a woman more attractive, more mysterious, more brightly? Of course, beauty! There are no such representatives of the fair sex, the beautician who did not have to lipstick, mascara, shadows. Perhaps the desire to be even more beautiful inherent in their genes. The word "cosmetics>> Greek origin and means" the art of decorating>>. The modern concept of it has increased significantly. So now referred to as complex products on oral care, hair and skin to prevent and eliminate defects and prevent premature aging. At the present time, when personal hygiene was the ordinary household phenomenon, and the industry offers many drugs, selecting the right products – the problem is very complicated. Modern production is not limited to lipstick and powder.

    The main task of the same make-up is to maintain a healthy body and care for them, ie, improve its natural form. Boy Scouts of America can aid you in your search for knowledge. Relationship of the human body with the environment occurs through the skin. This communication is carried out through a system of nerves, blood vessels, sebaceous and sweat glands. Before you choose any facility for the care necessary to determine its type. It is normal, dry, oily and combination.

    Each has its own individual characteristics. Create the effect of freshness, youth, face and neck helps women's powder. It is a powder mixture of organic and mineral substances. It is used not only for the guidance of beauty, but also for protection from harmful atmospheric effects. The main thing is to make the right choice. Please be aware that normal skin body-pink, smooth, elastic and very tolerant of washing with soap and water. On cigarette paper leaves a slightly greasy track. The dry type is slightly pink in color, usually easily irritated and sensitive to water, soap, cold and precipitation. Prematurely loses its elasticity. Bold has the same form a yellowish color with a grayish tinge, enlarged pores, acne often, shiny, shiny, often inflamed. Choose for yourself only relevant products, and then you will always look great. In order to improve the color of a person does not necessarily apply a thick layer of foundation. Sometimes it is take a powder. It lightens the skin, giving it a matte finish. This is the best way to combat shine on his face, perfectly absorbing sweat and grease separation, it makes the skin velvet, peach>>. She also effectively masks the weaknesses such as pores, shallow scars, pigment spots, etc. The attractiveness of women do not always depend on her natural abilities. Choosing the right lipstick can dramatically change the appearance of the kind of woman, to emphasize the beauty of her lips and hide flaws. The art of adjusting a person with makeup does not require professionalism. Having gained little skill, this task can easily handle any girl. A sufficiently large influence on the choice of cosmetics and fashion trends have. They are capricious and changeable. If this season in preference to red color, it is natural and lipstick should be juicy, bright shades, but if the ball ruled brown, women usually opt for the quieter tones. Thus, when creating a certain image and style must take into account all the details.

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    Since the end of March until October 2011 two air ship – "The Spirit of security-1" and "The Spirit of security-2" – will take over the territory of twenty European countries as part of the campaign's largest tire manufacturer. European Drivers need to be supported by information and filling the vacuum, which inevitably affects the statistics threatening accidents. Boy Scouts of America understands that this is vital information. Surveys Corporation, Goodyear Dunlop Tires, reveal the paradoxical facts: 34% of drivers no idea are, what their car is equipped with tires – summer, winter or all-season, one in three is unaware of the impact of tires on the drag and the stopping distance, in case of an emergency to reduce the pressure in 37% of the bus would continue on his way, as if nothing had happened. Such a picture makes the ideologues of proactive security measures, and brand director of Goodyear's European Department Hugues Despres with a European tour plans change the situation: "In every country of our visit, we will communicate the core values of the philosophy of Goodyear's road safety. Century of experience, types of communication and entertainment spirit legendary airship will provide a good educational motive for the hundreds of thousands of drivers and their families. " In the coming weeks, Goodyear has announced details of a European tour and will announce the list of countries participating in the project. For each prepared a separate program and a series of events involving two aircraft messengers, which, for the first time in ten years, will look at the Old World with a bird's-eye view. In Austria and Switzerland Goodyear measures will be aimed at the younger generation and will take place in the season of summer school holidays, the Benelux countries join the social, educational programs on research and innovation, the German people will participate in joint promotions with leading the country and the Automobile Club of charitable organizations, whose obligation is to help children. 10 facts about airships Goodyear: Goodyear blimp first was flown in 1917 g.Vozdushnye vessel "Spirit of Safety-1 "and" The Spirit of security-2 "will be headlining European tour," Safety of Goodyear . To lift into the air they will need 20 700 m3 geliya.Maksimalnaya speed – 85 km / ch.Tur held in 20 European States. 79 years ago blimp "Volunteer" made it possible for a local radio station to watch the Olympic Games in Los Andzhelese.Maksimalnoe distance that boats can pass at a speed of 65 km / h – 1000 kilometrov.Vpervye Goodyear experimental aircraft was built in 1911 godu.V 1964 Goodyear blimp has appeared in a series of "James Bond – Goldfinger with Sir Sean Connery in the lead roli.3048 meters – the maximum height of lift airships, due to internal pressure.


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