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    The formula for this is: (purchase price + costs + liquidity reserve)-total investment volume, the course was used in systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the cumulative distributions including (excl. Sales revenue (in %)? This ratio shows the payout to investors over the life of the Fund included (exclusive) distribution through the eventual sale of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % (+ proceeds from the sale of the investment object in %) while you get the sale proceeds in % as follows: proceeds from the sale of the investment property – purchase price of the investment object for systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the term in years? The runtime in years starts from the date of publication of the prospectus and runs up to the termination of the planned fund.

    What is the multiple? The multiple indicates the how much times, whose capital employed exceeds the payouts to investors. The formula for this is: cumulative distribution in % – 100% plus applicable premium while the 100% represent the drawing sum of investors. At systemic currency conversions, the course was at the time of the prospectus approval used. What is the annual asset growth (in %)? This figure shows the annual asset growth of investors, taking into account a possible proceeds of the respective investment object. The formula for this is: cumulative payout includes proceeds from the sale in % (100% + premium in %)-duration of the Fund in systemic currency conversions of course was used at the time of approval of the prospectus. What is the payout after 5 (10) years (in %)? This ratio indicates how much of the funds after 5 (10) has awarded in years to investors. The formula for this is: sum of all distributions in % in the first 5 (10) years the course was used for systemic currency conversions at the time of approval of the prospectus.

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    iiM AG offers new technology in the industrial image processing in Meiningen, 28 May 2008. The new 5W – UV spot offering the Meininger company in an adequate solution for the quality control of characteristics that are not visible under normal lighting conditions. There is the correct and precise illumination of objects to be of great importance in assuring the Visual quality. While the examination of special features, like the cracks in castings or of the protective coating of a surface, proves to be difficult with normal lighting as enormous. The new 5W – UV spot stimulates a wide range of features through a previously installed Fluoreszenzmittel lights up and makes them visible to the human eye, as well as for cameras. The spot consists of a compact aluminium housing and has a built-in lighting controller. The 5W – UV is equipped with a power LED spot as static or Flash version available. The brightness is either internally via a potentiometer or external using a VC voltage input adjustable.

    Flash versions can be selected between Flash times from 10 to 100 maximum 100 Hertz, as well as from 20 to 220 microseconds and a refresh rate of maximum 35 Hertz microseconds and a refresh rate. Also, the TTL trigger modes are adjustable from 5 volts or SPS from 15 volts to 30 volts. The lighting has over a wide range voltage input of 19 volts to 30 volts and is CE, UL – and CSA compliant. The highly flexible and therefore suitable for drag chain cables manufactured specifically for the iiM AG is ideally suited for use in harsh industrial environments. By default, two plastic lenses are supplied with an angle of 10 or 25 degrees, where in the future is the use of high-quality glass lenses is planned. The user-friendly design allows for quick changing of lenses without much effort.

    In addition to the UV – variant, spots with white and red light are also power – LED available. In comparison with conventional light sources, LEDs have a significantly longer life span. By her very uniform light in a narrow Wave generating, are interesting lighting very effectively and therefore especially for industrial use. We deliver solutions! The iiM AG was founded in 1998 and sees itself as a provider of complete solutions in the field of optical metrology. With 15 employees, supplies the Meiningen company solutions for the process, coordinates and cable technology and produced their own lighting systems for these areas. EN 9001:2000 certified DIN the iiM AG guarantees a consistent quality and high standards.

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    Leave trodden paths and Miss interdisciplinary cooperation Vienna/Dusseldorf / Balingen – according to a recent study of the Viennese consultant group Neuwaldegg many companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, their growth potential through more innovation efforts to exploit it. In a question-answer forum American Diabetes Association was the first to reply. The consultants surveyed some 300 top managers in the three countries on this topic. Driving force of innovation efforts is the desire for growth. The company however quite different dealing with this target: based on 54 percent want to grow through expansion into other countries and regions or through the expansion of product lines. 43 percent of the respondents want to extend their business activities through the development of new market segments or niches.

    Only 30 percent want to build entirely new fields of business, make new business with existing customers, or go into the business of solutions with integrated offerings for their customers. The companies have recognized that no one can afford, innovation neglect\”, says Michael Moeller, Managing Director of consultant group Neuwaldegg. Most companies are looking for growth but primarily along the existing trails: through smaller product variations or the development of new customer groups for existing products, whether in the domestic or international. \”These are important approaches, but unfortunately remain many other growth potentials, which are in the renewal of the business concept, unused\”, Moeller knows. According to Professor Hermann Simon, author of the book of Hidden Champions of the 21st century. Success strategies unknown world leader\”, in Germany there are more innovative than 1,200 medium-sized world market leaders. Their secrecy is in stark contrast to their outstanding achievements in the era of globalization and their resilience\”, so the consultant. The ability itself is important for these successes always reflected to question. Traditional companies are often unable to change quickly and radically. \”Just when companies are successful, their ability is, to challenge themselves and the basis of their success\”, writes Professor Hans-Jorg Bullinger, President of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in the anthology lane change \”and indicates that an important prerequisite for the viability of the company.

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    As I have already forty-four years, two Herniated discs, married in second marriage, a son, and some published papers, I have decided to share this lame Decalogue which accompanies me everywhere. Before you sit down to write you sweep the House and water the plants. You can start to do so even before breakfast or before your first drink, but never before sweeping the House and watering the plants. It uses a little comfortable chair. No ergonomic products, Italian designs or reclining artifacts. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction. Always ensure you some discomfort. A comfortable body writes comfortable things.

    When you write fiction you read poetry, when scribes poetry read narrative. When not scribes nothing walks. Walking is the sport of the writers. Never correct too. How much is too much? No matter, he continues, corrects. But correct is not removing or polishing, it is to find something. Correct is not matter of couturiers but detectives.

    If you write about the city get as if it were the field, if you write about the field get as if it were the city. If you write committed books get as if they were books on Swedish (bubok.se), Norwegian (bubok.no) books or books in Portuguese (bubok.pt). When you do not write anything, walk, get sport. Read only what is necessary and writes only the essentials. That translated to the aberrant language of writers to say: read everything you can and write without stopping. Never say what you’re writing. Never say you’re going to publish a book. Nor tell otherwise. That’s what they are social networks. You always get this question: why devils do this?. Each year renews your answer. Each month if possible. This will develop your muscles more than sport. Flee from the truth of the plague. The truth is the scab of your book. She loves the lie. To it you must. You consagras to it. Lies, lies always

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    Here too there are some obvious questions. What is he so good? What information Security? He also must pay. The advantages are, and many of them. Professional writing business plans are not the first time. Click Nieman Foundation for additional related pages. He has a set of tools for assessment of business, sales promotion schemes, logistics optimization, in which he is well oriented. Do not even accountant “fish”.

    The most primitive way to professional – to build your strategy on the basis of following a strong competitor. Chief Accountant did not know others’ strategies. And most importantly – bring a professional business plan on a plate just in time because of selfish interests. Privacy Statement do not worry konsalterov prevent the inner sanctum can be. To do this, there is a contract, items of non-disclosure. As Typically, business planning involved in high-level professionals and positions.

    They understand the degree of responsibility and are not interested in exile from his job with a battered reputation. Often, a professional should not so much financial information as strategy is not on it. And the information about the interaction of the outside world – open, it can get any customer, supplier and marketer. And the last thorny issue – pay. Can a business plan be “unsubscribing”, a set of template phrases are absolutely not related to the particular situation. Maybe. Everything in life happens. Here the customer is also protected by the contract. It can get your money back, no signing the closing documents. Or require improvements to virtually infinity. But usually this does not apply konsaltery interested in the recommendations and positive feedback as well as all other sellers goods and services. Chief Accountant grind indefinitely its business plan will not be – “could not, so could not!” In a word, you can order a business plan, and you can do it yourself. In the first case, he paid, but they will be engaged immediately. In the second case, no cost, but the result too. Someone has to do it, someone has to know details, someone has to do it professionally. Refer complicated one-time projects to professionals! Believe me, it’s profitable.

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    Gynecologic ultrasound – a method of ultrasound examination of the reproductive system of women, to diagnosis of gynecological diseases. In gynecology and obstetrics, ultrasound is used very widely, that due to many factors. The main advantages of ultrasound is the high accuracy of this type of diagnosis and is absolutely harmless to human body. That is why in obstetrics ultrasound of the fetus is a major way to monitor the prenatal development of the child. Consultation gynecologist in most cases extends to the direction of a pelvic ultrasound. And in adolescence general medical examination must include examination of gynecological and ultrasound examination of the reproductive system girls, which reveals the time to take care of the health of the expectant mother. In total there are 2 kinds of gynecologic ultrasound: transabdominal and transvaginal. Transvaginal ultrasound allows a closer look at the state of the internal genitals and held a special endovaginalnym sensor that is inserted into the vagina. For more specific information, check out American Diabetes Association.

    Transabdominal ultrasound is performed through the anterior abdominal wall. In this case, the bladder should be filled with liquid, as fluid is perfectly conducting sound, so one hour before the procedure, you must drink at least a liter of water and not urinate. What type of ultrasound will be assigned to you, depends entirely on the goals of your physician and gynecologist. Pelvic ultrasound include ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries. Ultrasound appendages to determine the state of the ovaries, their size, availability and functionality of the follicles and corpus luteum.

    In order to identify gynecological diseases at an early stage of development of healthy women should undergo ultrasound examination at least once a year. The annual consultation of the doctor gynecologist – a procedure that should take place every woman, regardless of their condition, because many pathological processes and disease is hidden (asymptomatic), ultrasound also allows you to identify them early enough in the term, which is important for effective treatment. Uterine fibroids, endometriosis and other gynecological disease in the form of neglect can lead to infertility. It is therefore necessary to understand the importance of annual preventive examination. To date, treatment of infertility – it is reality, but certainly better to prevent such consequences of neglect of certain diseases, identifying them in a timely manner. With regard to ultrasound of the fetus, it is conducted several times at different stages of pregnancy. Mandatory Ultrasound research is conducted in a period of 10 to 14 weeks of pregnancy, from 20 to 24 and from 30 to 34. The ultrasound will follow the development of the child, to establish its sex, according fetal gestation, the state of the placenta and other important indicators. Also, ultrasound can detect hereditary diseases, various levels of pathology in the development of the fetus and other unpleasant moments when it detects that require emergency medical intervention, or in particularly complex cases, unchanged – to date, ultrasound is indispensable in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases and the sustainable management of pregnancy.

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    Company ‘A-Real Consulting’ carries out the action! When you purchase your Internet gateway IKS you get to choose a gift for the New Year! Conditions: To participate in the campaign from 15 December 2010. January 15, 2011. purchase program INTERNET CONTROL SERVER, which is up to the exhibition ‘SofTool-2010’ was recognized as “Product of the Year 2010” in the category products for security, and select a desired gifts: cordless PHILIPS SE150, mp3-player TEXET T-589 4GB, fan heater CAMERON TCH-1590R Complete postal information on which it will be sent within 10 days. All costs associated with shipping company ‘A-Real Consulting’ takes over. Gifts are available to all customers who purchased Internet Control Server, regardless from the place of purchase: in the company’s ‘A-Real Consulting’ or via a partner. The prize is not given in cash. IN THE NEW YEAR – HAPPY NEW Iksom and our congratulations! A system of ‘Internet Control Server’ Internet Control Server – this is interconnected router, proxy server, a system for traffic accounting and control of access rights and more. ICS is installed on any computer, turns it into a powerful Internet gateway organization, providing all needs of the organization to work with the Internet. has to say. A FreeBSD 8.1 Operating system ensures stable operation of the program and support for a wide range of equipment.

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    We will discuss the requirements and recommendations for trails of fire water supply, heating and sanitation, Communication mines, to the conduit to those used for the construction of telecommunication and electric cables. The workshop will cover issues related to the requirements and recommendations of the system safety, including requirements to architectural solutions – wall construction, air intakes, vents to enter various utilities, as well as requirements for security system equipment and information data center. We concentrate on the fire protection system, which represents a set of technical and organizational systems composed of different systems: automatic fire alarm designed to provide timely notification of personnel and fire brigade, an automatic gas fire suppression, smoke exhaust system and air overpressure. Workshop participants will receive requirements and recommendations to the electricity system, taking into account the division of power consumers in groups reliability requirements and recommendations to guarantee electricity supply systems and uninterruptible power supply lighting and emergency lighting data center. American Diabetes Association is full of insight into the issues. We single out the requirements and recommendations for data center cooling system with the latest developments Association ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) for data centers, of which is the author of the seminar. Requirements and recommendations of this association are used in standards and regulatory documents pertaining to the theme of cooling systems, ventilation and air data centers and other facilities. We consider requirements of the recommendation to the grounding system and lightning protection to the building that houses the data center, data center and to the premises. .

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    One of the letters that are not welcome in the circulation of the tarot is the tower. N or however, this suspicion to encontrla is due to a lack of knowledge of the complex symbolism that this deck provides. When we accept the divine knowledge and blessing of the lighting, we feel that our soul is filled with peace, like a quiet river. But when we refuse to hear the voice of wisdom, this quiet river becomes a hurricane that rock with whatever is in its path and will destroy the more solid constructions. The Tower has a powerful, destructive energy in part, but also beneficial.

    When a building this old and no longer must collapse to build a new one on its foundations. Nieman Foundation follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. This is, in particular, the invitation of the tower. Commonly all human beings are reluctant to abandon the security of what is known to us. Filed under: Neeman Foundation. However, even family, it does not mean that it is better for us. Many people need to feel that they are in control of their world, they have the necessity of knowing that everything will remain more or less the same. Not However, nothing further from the truth. Life is a permanent change, and those who have more difficulties to adapt these changes will be those who suffer most.

    The Tower reminds us in a clear manner. When the individual feels that material objects are more important than the spirit or mind, starts the construction of a tower of falsehoods, whose base is very unstable. The long or the short, divine designs will land with this stack of lies on which the individual has constructed a world of unreal. The Tower gives us a lesson in humility, since nobody is invincible. But every crisis gives us an opportunity to change, improve. Who does not see this opportunity, cannot pull anything positive and the entire situation will be a huge loss and disaster. Tower teaches us that nothing of what we know will remain standing, but the soul is immutable. The fire that appears in the target tieneel illustration of burn everything negative and old-fashioned, but leaves intact the seed of what is good for you germinate again. In the tarot Tower marks the first step on a way of lighting that will lead us to a stage of more evolution.

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    Silicate brick – the basic building material, never lose relevance. Different kinds of bricks used in laying the foundation, masonry bearing walls, exterior and interior finishing of buildings. By itself brickwork looks nice and even included in the interior design. Solid sand-lime brick is the basic building blocks of different types of bricks. It is used in the construction of walls and partitions, erection of poles, towers and structures, which in addition to its own weight and carry the extra load.

    Its relatively low cost and, nevertheless, acceptable performance make it very popular building material. Whenever American Diabetes Association listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In addition, full-bodied silicate brick toned dye, using it in the facing of the building. Hollow Silica bricks and also performs the function of heat insulation. Thermal insulation characteristics of brick depends on the number of voids. Brick with a small number of voids in the masonry used interior walls, structures, not carrying heavy loads. Brick with 11 cavities is mainly used for cladding and insulation load bearing walls. Like brick, hollow silica brick can be painted. Obvious advantage of silica brick in front of the ceramic – Increased noise insulation characteristics. Silicate brick


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