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    The analysis of known solutions to design annulus, it was decided to abandon the intensifying heat transfer fluid flow patterns: cross-washing tubes with segmental partitions; swirl flow in the annulus with the help of specially made shear walls or by partitioning into the annular space in the form of twisted ribbons, etc. Therefore, considered heat exchangers are simple so-called reverse current circuit coolant, the space between the tubes do not cross partitions, install only one longitudinal septum. In addition, revised decision on the pipe wall thickness, shells, flanges, tube sheets, covers, without reducing their strength. Kidney Foundation gathered all the information. Experience to date experience in operating this type of heat exchanger is shown that the devices, in contrast to plate heat exchangers are not very sensitive to sudden temperature fluctuations and pressure. Their tube bundles easily and withstand the effects hydroblows, vibration, shaking. Pipes for supplying and draining medium located in the head coil (figure), which provides the convenience of strapping heaters and reduce thermal strains. At nominal values of expenditure-type heat exchangers have vvpi moderate pressure drop of 20-50 kPa, which in the case of the need for large heat fluxes at low temperature pressures connecting heaters in the units in parallel or sequentially in both Wednesdays, or a combination of schemes of their connections in the block. Pigging these heat exchangers can be made by any known method: chemical (1,5% aqueous solution of nitric acid), cavitation shock method, the steel wire hedgehogs, etc. Designed heat exchangers for energy and weight and size characteristics are second only to shell and type of vehicles ttai, but surpass the latter in Indicators of reliability due to the greater rigidity of tubes (lack of sag, and consequently the friction of pipes against each other) and a more reliable fastening tubes in tube sheets by welding, rather than silicone.

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    Austria: Grunbach am Schneeberg – Antonia aus Tirol – charity event that Antonia has a big heart for people in need of help, she proved in the last few years of her career, again and again. This time, it inspires a whole community in Austria. A Huntington HUNTINGTON,-(eine bis heute unheilbare und weitervererbbare Gehirnkrankheit) – diseased man urgently needed a stair lift for daily use in its everyday customs, which he could perform difficult or not even by his disability. She gave her one-hour concert and presented with their mega hit like 1000 dreams far Tornero”, her party hits and deep ballads. A whole town upside down since then with enthusiasm. To read more click here: American Diabetes Association.

    Antonia convinced with their naturalness and warm personality. She even said I was moved to tears when I saw this enormous commitment of the entire community on the spot”. By their spontaneous help you touched the hearts of the inhabitants of the municipality, the are from now on FAN community GRuNBACH “calls. No wonder that it then also true enthusiasm for her new single tears not (2010) lie “gave.” Perhaps, or because of it, this incredible gesture gave her a top 20 entry in many charts as well as in all important download portals of in Germany and in Austria even up at square 1. That’s a hit of this song in their version, yes the most important trend DJs have already predicted.

    Antonia, an artist with great heart and depth of thought, they currently floating on a wave of success. Even though it is increasingly clamped through her many appearances, she takes time and again time for their fellow human beings. Maybe she finds precisely in their profession as much recognition as a singer. A whole community is now committed to their new big fans. Antonia from Tirol celebrates its 10th anniversary and is a live concert during their fan trip with her band of the 02-05 Sept 2010 in Tux-Lanersbach / Tyrol. In a varied programme, she spends time with her fans and also some fellow artists such as Costa & Lucas Cordalis, Atlantis, the Mayrhofner, the party birds, Waterloo, Thomas red foot (“ehem.v. d. Schafer group”) and Olaf Henning bring their greatest hits in Antonia’s anniversary concert. Then appears their new double album”my way. Choice hits and captivating new songs already eagerly wait the fans. Currently, there are her album time dreams”in trade and as a download. Press contact: Globe4music Management LTD

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    A pig dreams of a Prince who becomes his friend, it was once a sweet, black-and-white piglets from the family of a few pigs. That lived on a small farm with the name “entenhoff”, located in Lower Saxony between Hamburg, Bremen and Hanover. It lived there with his 22 brothers and sisters and many chickens and ducks. All had one common, they were looking for a sponsor who sometimes visit, gives a name to them, giving them the “everyday food” and they then one day… So was looking for and also our black-and-white piglet waited for the Prince of his dreams.

    On August 12, he actually came, it was indeed not a Prince and he did also not on a horse. It was a radio presenter and he came up with a quick Trek and large Entourage. He took the small piglets on the arm, stroking it very sweet and let himself be photographed with him. Our little piglet was instantly in love and had to listen to his favorite stations now every morning from 5: 00 until 10: 00. It dreamed of, “Its leader” would adopt him and he then should bear its famous name.

    Some emails were written back and forth and it looked good for our piglets. Especially since the piglet who had agreed, for a charity auction is to let… Such a piglet would bring in an auction if it were then grown, so 400-600. A well-known piglets with a famous name of course even more. But on 19 August came the news that there would be no adoption. Were the men from the boardroom. Now, a world collapsed for our small, black-and-white piglets. How would like to have it played a famous name, time taken with a radio show and later sacrificed his life for a good cause. Now, our little black-and-white piglets sitting sadly in his stall. It is so sad that it even more in the morning can be consoled by 5: 00 until 10: 00 by his beloved radio show. Whether the men in the boardroom are aware of what they have thrown it? (Because: even PIGS have feelings) Sad greeting Helmut Ermisch of the entenhoff

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    Then she faced the question: now what? It was clear for that in any case, that they After studying once a break was going to take. Because she was always enthusiastic racing driver, and had already completed numerous races, including various cycling Marathon, she was looking for a new challenge. And met by chance at a private training and vacation in Cape Town on the Tour d’Afrique, the world’s toughest mountain bike tour. A year long trained Gisela Gartmair for the tour, started up on January 16, 2010, became the first German woman in the race. The tour is the world’s longest mountain bike race across the African continent. After four months and about 12,000 kilometers from ten African countries, from Cairo to Cape Town, Gisela Gartmair came on May 15 as a winner in the target. Thus, the 25 year-old Munich finished the toughest mountain bike ride in the world as the best woman and behind the winner of the men as runner-up. More info: Nieman Foundation. She was supported bikes and the company Rohloff, who had made her available to a mountain bike for the race by rotor.

    With their participation, it supports a Charity in Kenya (www.kwale.org). The Tour d’Afrique”was a great experience and a great adventure. I met lots of nice people, visiting new countries and it can collect many new impressions and experienced an exciting race. Just a great all-around package. I will never forget this experience. My impressions on my homepage I written down.”the tour I could achieve all of my goals: to see, to know what I can achieve anything, and my physical and mental abilities to know better, as one of the best weilblichen riders started to reach the goal, and Africa, the people and their cultures. Now I can face new challenges. I’m going some mountain bike race in the near future. “And let’s wait what results.”

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    Charity: “wait and stay” from 15.10.2010 sale rocks available. Berlin, 15.10.2010. Kidney Foundation often says this. On October 15, 2010 published animal Board Germany e.V. in cooperation with the label pop: live of records the charity CD “charity: rocks!” Sung the title track for the 12-month campaign, which ends in August 2010 with a 3-day music festival in Berlin is, by the Cologne Band Dear Lament… the prize-winners of the John Lennon talent award 2010. Located next to the title song “wait and stay”, yet all sorts of bonus material on the single, and all for a good cause. The organizers of the music industry deal with always new and more versatile ways to draw attention to himself. Unimagined creativity needs this just by the small agencies and labels? t lays on the day, to the large market exist to ko? tonnes.

    Charity: Rocks! -is such a project. Here meet new impulses, tried and true settings. “The young Berlin Indielabel pop: live of records creates under the slogan of charity: rocks!” an action plan of fu? r very small! Wait with the charity CD and stay”the Band dear Lament… and a specially hierfu? r twisted cinema spot, by KMS Kafitz media production directed by Stephen Manuel (the clown, alarm fu? r Cobra 11, what are you looking at?, Harald Schmidt show, etc.) the animal table Germany e.V. starts this action in favor of. Once again shows that no privilege of great help is. Here, the little ones help the little ones.

    Animal welfare is an important part of our society. Through this and a? similar projects people help to make it easier for the disadvantaged. The animal table Germany e.V. continues for years fu? r a welfare of their Schu? tzlinge a, distributed food donations at hilfebedu? rftige animals and their owners and through targeted 1700s? rung place fu? new attitudes to life. Tracklist: 01 wait and stay (album version) 02. charity: rocking…Cinema!

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    The new album by Alexandra Lexer – Finally you’re that special feeling to breathe because you inspired by their natural and at the same time elegant appearance, ties her songs her by her voice and her understanding,: Alexandra Lexer. After their debut album “and I thought, it’s love” from the year 2008, major TV appearances such as in the “Christmas Festival of folk music” or the “Summer Festival of folk music”, numerous well-known charity events, stage shows along with the Castelrotto sparrows, Nockalm quintet also Claudia Jung and touring together with colleagues like the boys tenors and Patrick Lindner their long awaited second album “You’re finally there” will appear. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Boy Scouts of America. But Alexandra Lexer is still the Alexandra Lexer from 2008? Her charismatic personality and its enchanting kind to present themselves on the stage, she has remained the same with security. But musically anything has teamed with the young artist quite. Her path led her on some stations. Through the experiences, the they not only in have brought the music further, Alexandra Lexer has evolved over time to a mature, self-confident woman. “I have learnt and met many beautiful new sides of love.

    In my new production, I tried to capture love in all its facets musically, my lyrics speak to me from all your soul. More than on the first album before I feel that I with ‘You’re finally there’ found my way.” And that this way and waiting have paid off, proving the new phonogram all along the line. Equal to their first single, “A fireworks of love” shines through and through with plenty of power, emotion and a fabulous Alexandra Lexer. “Here I feel the fireworks in myself, a fireworks display that draws me every day in the spell and forever burns.” At least just so passionate it continues with “Only a dream”. In this song Alexandra can be close to their love, which is otherwise forgiven only in a specially built dream world.

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    From 11:00 it was then finally: visitors and runners came to the sports complex the University of Mainz and received their start number after registration. The first start number here went to the Provost Dr. Klaus-Volker Schutz of the Evangelical Church of Hesse Nassau Probstei Rheinhessen. This explained Pastor Claass of resurrection parish and Judith Schroder KiTa head in a short statement, why they are charity run it today with the EMS unit and join during the welcome speech of the initiator Prof. Dr.

    Ronny Furst as well as the managing director Dag Heydecker of Mainz 05, Christian Massmann ZDF digital, Managing Director. The Warm-Up for our runners dedicated Marcus Scherf, dancer and coach in terms of urban Stylez, led to a great performance of his dance group loose control”through, where all stakeholders in addition to important warm up together also visibly enjoyed her. The children opened the first round of the charity run. At 12:30 we started properly: the runners were ready and Prof. Dale Atkins, Ph.D. has many thoughts on the issue. Furst as fired the starting gun at an Olympics from a gun! So that the Runners also not out of breath came, caused Delta automobile with his runner water sponsorship. Klaus Hafner, announcer of Mainz 05, motivated runners & visitors with his moderation and thus egged on to top performances: as for example some of the runners held out completely until the end of the run at 14:30 and could secure a place on the podium sporting this way through the much past rounds. A total of two victory ceremonies were performed: the sportiest three rounds of runners at the age up to 11 years were honored, who made up to 54 laps (Simon Kopp: 54 rounds;) Vincent Lohmann: 52 laps; Tobias Baddog: 50 rounds).

    The sportiest winners from 12 years Simon Martin (56 laps) and Holger Waldhausen and Christian Weichel (respectively 54 laps) occupied the first three places and were allowed to take also home a great Cup, which were kindly sponsored by Ernst Mosch in ski GmbH. Alone by the runners and round donors in advance mobilized”are about 15,000 euro for the Modernization of the KiTa been converged! “A really great result of move together”, that is impossible to achieve without so much shared commitment. The final highlight of the charity League follows on the 30.04.2011: the ceremony of the 15 most economical donations runner namely at half-time on the stadium grass during the Bundesliga Derby Mainz 05 against Eintracht Frankfurt in front of over 20,000 spectators will take place. Here are so honored those who could walk through generous and many sponsors the most donations for the KiTa. The best of all receives a weekend also for up to 6 people in one of the Sunparks in Belgium, Germany or the Netherlands, which was sponsored by Neckermann Reisen. “In addition to the project leaders Prof. Dr. Furst, Julia Frey, Christian Brouwer and Carsten Spratte, as well as the many EMS students, in particular the well-known performers from the task force” is at this point and the other sponsors and supporters GSK crane service GmbH, immobjecta, AMK event service, Bouncy castles hire Mainz, Red Bull and vicariously for the many helping hands of the University (E.g. Hall maintenance and engineering) Mr Rafeeque man as Managing Director of the Institute for sports science especially thanked! In terms of our slogans together to move more”thank you also for all other volunteers warmly for this great day and the great result for our Mainz children of KiTa! We all have moved more together!

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    When the Human being to discover that he is you of the money and not it its slave, will open the doors of the world-wide balance. It will not have nobody to the edge of the way, therefore the goods distributed with Spirit of Charity will make of who have more, a booster of the other people’s improvement. What somebody advances to have money in the world-wide banks if does not go to take nor a tosto when to pass of this side for the other? If to meditar a bit in the brief existence ahead of the Eternity will perceive that it can become rich in this world and the other. Does not exist the other world, the spiritual? Air that you breathe and that you do not see is in another dimension. Money What empobrece works with negligent hand, but the hand of the diligent ones comes to become rich itself.

    Sayings of Salomo, CAP. 10:4. The money Always goes and comes back pra hand of people, Either little, either very, Never is indifferent. The money is Russian roulette, Is devorador casino, Of the balance of the man When he is esbanjador. The well lead money, Raises homes and schools, When distributed well It finishes with the almses. Money goes and comes back, Walks of hand and hand, Still is it in the land That molds the citizen. Money goes and comes back, Is in the Bank, is in the Box, It in all the countries Put the Stock market in high and low. It is who will knock down the wild capitalism, a group devorando the other, Will make of the money mirage. The money if puts into motion, Is in the Saving, is in the Exchange, Is it who will destroy Everything what he is desumano. The money wheel, wheel, In continuous movement, and thus it changes Of the man the condition. It is lottery, it is game of chance, It is animal race, and the man puts into motion its passenger capital.

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    Toning, toning of glasses auto cars, windows of the car in the Moscow art film infinity (infinity), llumar, color, and allowed the mirror. Reservation of areas of SAD, BO, NEAD center tinting automobile glass prices are the best! Moscow Toning Centre which is located at two addresses: m 'Belarus', pl. 'Tverskaya Zastava', Leningrad, etc., st. Lower, 16, service station 'Pulse' and m 'Annino' Ring Road, Warsaw highway, the 170-g, p. 14, – to provide any shading of windows. Children’s Defense Fund spoke with conviction.

    Is used here only quality films that are perfect for such a process, as toning llumar and perform other work. Often, car owners have resorted to such a service as toning your purchase vehicle, it should be noted that now there are different types of toning. This service, like auto glass tinting has obvious advantages. One of the main advantages – is that a car with a toned glasses passengers feel comfortable. Toning can increase comfort levels for passengers and driver. Film coatings also provide an opportunity to protect the vehicle interior from fading and overheating in hot season. Film-coated glass in an accident does not fly in all directions, and this is important because the glass fragments are more dangerous to people in the car people. According to the technology dubbing the film should adhere to the inside of the window.

    Car glass coated with a protective film dubbing do not allow penetration of curious glances from the outside, thus preserving peace motorist. Now offered such a service as art rendering this design element allows you to make additional changes to the look of the car, to emphasize its elegance. Any information, such as toning guests affordable or directly to the company, or you can get pre-consultation by phone. Also, all the contacts and information on all the range of provided services, you can find the address in Internet.

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    Antirecessionary recipe from Negus Expo. Another summer of 2008 the business processes were boiling and bubbling. However, in the autumn crisis of the real sector of the economy led to a sharp reduction in advertising budgets of most companies. From the standpoint of today reality shows that before the crisis show the market was overheated. Along with an increase in the number of events grew and budgets of participating companies of various business forums, and fold increase in the number of exhibitors of many exhibitions spoke more about the availability of funds to meet the ambitions of fashion companies. The current phase of the crisis that has spread to the real economy, has dramatically altered and exhibition business, which, as litmus test reflects the processes occurring in the economy. Exhibition business, as one of the most expensive and labor-intensive sectors of marketing at this time of crisis, forced to reduce its costs. Since the exhibition costs include direct costs of funds for space rental, equipment, transportation, transportation, travel, hotels, and payment of the stand staff, many of the participating companies reduced their budgets for participation in conferences and exhibitions, and managers who make decisions about participation in exhibitions, will be a long time to ponder where to put the comma, looking at the phrase "exhibit can not be undone." However, before you strike out from their budget expenditure item in the exhibition must carefully weigh the pros and cons, to assess how participation (or nonparticipation) in important exhibitions will affect the conduct of business in the short term.


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