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    AEMME in collaboration with UOC in Barcelona presented the project enterprising women and microenterprises AEMME (Multisectorial Spanish Association of microenterprise) along with the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) organized on February 14, 2012 the Jornada-presentacion of the project women and microenterprises whose initial launch occurred on 25 May 2011 in Madrid. Since then there have been numerous parallel and complementary projects that are helping and supporting women entrepreneurs in our country. For this novel and we look forward to successful project, AEMME was attended by the following sponsors who sit nearby and identified with this idea and wanted to participate in this presentation: the College of doctors and graduates in philosophy and letters, and Sciences of Catalonia, Credit Services and group Viyan. They also attended and collaborated in the presentation of the day, institutions and public and private companies that wish to integrate into the project women entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, transmitting their experience and their support services for this group. Between them, attended the day: Josefa Sanchez, Director of the school of women entrepreneurs of Barcelona Activa (Barcelona City Council). Companies of support for this group, as External Financial Management, company that provides administrative and financial direction of quality services to companies of any size.

    Low Cost Consulting Concept, new way of doing consultancy with standardized services. Lumenis audit & consultancy that provides added value to any project that the customer needs. Marketing UP, international consulting firm specializing in the business and academic sectors. Xavier Vallhonrat, President of AEF Association Espanola de Franquiciadores, Association committed to the ethical principles of the franchise system, Pablo Gutierrez, partner director general of operations of Mundofranquicia, Jordi Losantes, director delegation Catalonia at Barbadillo y Asociados, and Jose Aragones, director of the delegation of Catalonia of Tormo & Asociados, accounted for the consultancy support to This collective. Sylvie out, CEO of FCA Consulting, business consulting to management level and M angels Farreny development group, Director of Natura breathes 3.0, a space to do business differently, provided a peculiar vision of its support services to women entrepreneurs. Almudena Polo, Director general of Euroexito ALOE, born from a family cooperative, was decided to the production and distribution by direct sales of natural products with Aloe Vera and Giuseppa Lulli, Director general of ecology staff accounted for entrepreneurs whose projects are underway and are a true reflection of our current society in this collective. Day, held on 14 February was attended by nearly 150 people attended, being a success by the exhibitions of the collaborators who gave a vision of optimism with effort and support the collective of the businesswoman in Spain both the audience.

    AEMME hopes and wishes that this project, launched in Madrid in 2011, has the huge success that has had this Day and extends equally to all over Catalonia, and can, from now on, collaborate, support and help to entrepreneurs and new entrepreneurs to go forward with their projects. More information: Spanish Multisectorial Association of microenterprise AEMME St. Ambassadors, 198, 1 C, 28045, Madrid Tels.: 91 752 10 36 / 650 291 524, Fax: 91 528 39 87 E-mail: Web: author: Pilar Esteban, responsible communication, about AEMME AEMME was founded in the year 2004, with the intention of providing service to a business activity that is more isolated because of their special characteristics and greater difficulties in integrating into collective: microenterprise. AEMME integrates individual, self-employed entrepreneurs and small businesses in general: companies in the majority of family cases, with few employees and much daily effort.

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    Donations run by Timmendorf to Munich Munich. The starting point for the relay under the motto children run for children”fell on 27 June at 12 noon. The first children started at the Timmendorfer Strand. Enter the runners their season over 1,180 kilometres further on, until they run on July 3, 2010 at the cattle market in Munich. The relay team include 21 teenagers and six adult of Athletics youth of TSV Wolfhagen.

    In all stations, TSV Wolf Hagen on the relay and its charity informed: the Sports Association collects donations for the action “KidAiD against child poverty in Germany” the German life bridge. Come celebrities from the fields of sports, politics and music to the stations of the relay race and giving autographs. Patron of children run for children”is Federal Health Minister Philipp Rosler (FDP). He and other prominent sponsors, such as for example the President of the German life bridge Eduard Prinz of Anhalt, the singer Nicole, the Federal SPD Chairman Sigmar Gabriel, the Long-distance runner Thomas Wessinghage, the Supernanny Katharina Saalfran and many others support the young runners. The mileage going uphill and downhill. It is very tiring in the heat for the children. However, they are highly motivated: you want to create the long distance from Timmendorf to Munich and to collect so many donations for the German life bridge.

    Since 2003, the German life bridge with KidAiD against child poverty in Germany funded”nationally important deals in children’s and youth centres. With the help of donations, the German life Bridge allows free hot meals, cooking classes and other educational offerings. Because child poverty has many faces: bad diet, lack of education, lack of human warmth and social isolation. The KidAiD “action to make children fit for life and also includes making sport. Because the children have fun in sports, get self confidence and learn social behavior, discipline and team spirit at the same time. Thus the German life bridge financed poor children membership of sports clubs and youth clubs equips with sports equipment.

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    Sponsor of the children escort Salzburg is the Salzburg telephone provider, may 2010 which is MyPhone Austria Salzburg telephone providers already known, with and for children to realize regular charity events. So has gifted the MyPhone, for example, in the recent past for the umpteenth time a children’s home in Salzburg, liferaft is actively involved at the Club and has the action launched together with the most powerful man of in Austria, Franz Mullner, MyPhone for kids. Now, a new large charity action in the ORF is planned: the child-friendly phone provider MyPhone Austria presented at ORF inside the large television the MATCH – children escort. There are currently applying children aged between 6 and 12 years of age with photo and a short text to run with some luck along with some celebrities and football legends in the stadium. Hans Krankl, former famous football coach and pop singer, as well as Herbert Prohaska, also a former famous football coach and ORF presenter, Escort of children compete at the MATCH – presented at MyPhone: you exercise depending on a football team of prominent hobby kickers. On June 2, 2010, the first match in Ritzing in Burgenland takes place, in which the teams Krankl and Panda compete. Just two days later, on June 4, 2010, there is the grand finale in Altach, Vorarlberg in Austria against Germany approached. Access to two games that are broadcast on the dates mentioned at 20:15 in the ORF can children have applied presented by MyPhone at the MATCH – children escort, run jointly with the stars in the stadiums and the Holy lawn”, on which the match will be held.

    Also, are the winners up close to the action of course during the entire game and experience a very special football game.

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    High acceptance by the insured (M + M insurance barometer) In the frame of the M + M of insurance barometer 2010 was carried out a survey to the setting of the insured to the electronic health card or the patient’s chart in January 2010. The survey is based on a representative population survey of 1,062 private and legally insured, who were interviewed by telephone to their needs and their satisfaction with their health insurance / health insurance. The future introduces two innovations of information storage data of the insured: a the electronic health card (eGK) with all essential health-related data to the person of the insured person, on the other hand the electronic patient file (ePA) with all important data about disease gradients of the insured person. The German insured look forward to positive impact of the introduction of the electronic health card. Almost every second respondent is the planned introduction of positive versus (48%), approximately of the respondents is still undecided, she rejects another quarter (rather) down. A significantly higher acceptance identified a population-representative study was carried out in early 2009 on behalf of TK. Thereafter, welcome the introduction about three quarters of the population, expect that this abuse of the cards goes back and they benefit later from other applications such as the electronic health record (ePA). The agreement among the participants from the German electronic health card test regions (87% agree) was even greater.

    Skepticism is there especially for the surveyed doctors: 4 doctors interviewed by 5 to speak, only to develop the system before the start (press release of TK). As the M + M of insurance barometer 2010 results, younger citizens are in favour of the electronic health card (eGK) and the applications in the future with her more often than older citizens. But the planned introduction of the electronic patient record (ePA) with the individual medical history included lab findings, operation reports and X-rays will be positively assessed with clear tendency. .

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    Forget about the money, forget about the benefits, forget about the beliefs, only you focus on one of the greatest pleasures that human beings can receive, which is the giving. They say that most successful leaders, they are those who contributed most in a specific area. Perhaps they found the maximum pleasure that there are in the dar. If your focus is to become the largest contributor then you are in the path of the triumphs. VISIBILITY 6-position: Although establish your own brand custom today have much more to do than just caring for the image, not should therefore neglect fine details.

    We should not only take into account the continuity of a particular style to reinforce and establish some identity through aesthetics and image, but we should also support us in our confidences in order to find a legitimate position that will allow us to consolidate even more our strong personal brand. And for this I have a single belief being oneself. 7-Communication: I heard once that communication is the real developed talent of great leaders, and not I can’t agree more with this agreement. To mark with authority your own personal Brand will have to effectively invest your time in learning how to communicate and to convey your message with clarity. I really believe that we should express ourselves in the way us you feel most comfortable, provided we have communities that we interpreted correctly. Remember that while you have a great message to communicate, you’ll have an audience willing to listen to you. CONNECTION 8-promotion: If you already know what you have to offer, and these polishing all elements required in the formation of this pyramid, then we must learn tactics and strategies appropriate for an effective promotion.

    It is time to find and conquer our niche, as you know, on the internet there are hundreds of communities interacting and engaging with interests in common. Your job is to find those networks that are interested and in need of what you have to offer. Expon you in those places and offers your authenticity and contribution. Where? Social media FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, forums, articles, ETC, there are thousands of social media to promote the expert you and mark your identity. 9-Marketing: we are nothing without a true marketing planning. There is much to investigate on this plane, but I will summarize it by listing a basic Marketing Kit – Tu-nombre.com-Tu-Sito-Web.com – presentation files (portfolio) – personal cards – 1800-000-0000-Tu-Fashaa-punk(l) – 10-environment congruence Marketing Plan: the brand environment is everything around your person and difference as identity. Your work space, your home, your activities, your partners, your audience, your students, your customers, your passions, your mission, your interest, your style, your presence, your language, your perception and perception of others towards you. The best way to establish your personal brand through your environment is merely accentuating what you like, attracting your equals, holding your belief, developing your passions and expressing you from authenticity. Authenticity is one of the most powerful tools to conquer the unconquerable. But being authentic does not mean being careless, if you’re really ready to conquer niches, attract communities and build the strongest social networks by checking your identity across the Web, then IMPECCABILITY is the answer. Created from passion, to ensure quality of your brand. Express yourself with authenticity to attract your equals. It is absolutely impeccable to create a mighty Empire as well.

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    Exhibition focal points are a components of sustainable architecture such as thermal insulation, ecological building materials, timber construction, energy efficiency in heating, cooling and ventilation on the other. What’s with the development of energy plus buildings on, explains to the 27.09.2012 in the “1st Workshop EnergiePlusHaus” within the framework of the RENEXPO. Alternative definitions and concepts for the planning of energy plus buildings are here for discussion. A further focus is on innovative technologies and projects realised. Of course, are the big players in the industry like ENERCON, Glen Dimplex Germany GmbH, ratiotherm heating also in the field of energy generation and production of photovoltaic and solar thermal, heat pumps and water – and wind energy + Solartechnik GmbH, ratiotherm heating, Vaillant Germany GmbH, Viessmann Germany + Solartechnik GmbH & co. KG, STIEBEL ELTRON GmbH and the Windreich AG again with the game. The ThermWerk GmbH from Altomunster presented their “Octopus” energy Navigator in the RENEXPO.

    Awarded with the federal award of 2012, with the award of energy powered by Joule and RENEXPO 2010 and nominated for the Intersolar award 2011, the Octopus is a specialist for intelligent heat management, ecology, energy – and cost-saving and efficient heating technology. The fully prefabricated unit that includes the electrical and hydraulic control of heating circuits to heat generators, solar systems, and of storage management and hot water preparation through an external heat exchanger, and saves primary energy in one – and two-family houses up to 60 percent. The interactive trade fair concept of FATH solar is a further attractions of the RENEXPO 2012. Here, visitors can together with an experienced fitter from the multiple award-winning German in roof system FATH Energyroof every hour – and build up. Thus, it provided detailed insights which are otherwise never enjoyed so many visitors. In the area of energy consulting Association and the independent energy consultants of Bavarian energy e. V. are included among others the GIH.

    Visitors can consult in free guided exhibition tour individually. Special exhibition tours for craftsmen and engineers are new this year. In times of ever-new funding guidelines are financing, promotion and insurance important information. The 13 RENEXPO interested directly at the KfW banking group over possible subsidies and financing for specific projects can inform themselves. In the exhibition focus on job and education institutions from the network of the KUMA – Centre of excellence for environmental e.V. on the possibilities of the individual environmental training inform. This year will be the adult education for employers and employees in the foreground. The Agency for Labour provides an overview of the job market in the market of the future “Energy” job seekers and invites you to a personal meeting.


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