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    If you are a lover of non-traditional holiday and invite friends to sauna (possible even a variation of the presence of men, if all of you have husbands or regular partners, and all company is familiar, friendly and pleasant to each other). Moral and ethical standards in this case can be safely ignored. Wrapped from the collarbone to his knees in sheets ladies and men with a naked torso resemble assembly patricians than sex orgy on the beach people go to each other in a naked form, but it does not cause in our soul protest. In the steam room to walk in groups of interests. People such as BSA would likely agree. The only problem – the pool. There could be anywhere no getting around it, but many of my friends married couples, lovers and sauna baths, take back swimsuits and swimming trunks, so as not to confuse the audience, though, as they say, there are 'nudiruyuschie' estestvolyuby.

    Once upon a time I had a kazusny time, which put me into a blind alley. My ex-friend, a great lover couple, attracted to his passion for his entire company. The husband of one of the 'members' has been a sailor and, in principle, rarely seen. Once they took him with him, he was ecstatic. It took about 3 years and we met by chance on my work. I did not recognize him, and when he said apologetically, that I did not remember him with joyful eyes wide open, said very loudly: 'Light, as well as, well, remember we're in went to bath.

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    Often in anticipation of repairs, we ask ourselves: how to create an interior that will remain relevant, three, five or more years? The answer is extremely simple – the changing whims of fashion have no control over the timeless classics. Classic interior retains its charm and appeal regardless of time, remaining the standard of elegance and evidence of refined taste of its owner. Classic interiors are designed for quiet conservative people, held in life, do not change the interior for the sake of fashion. Classics bought a long time and over time maintained its material and aesthetic value. Classic alien excessive luxury, it is inherent sense of proportion, simplicity and convenience. It has a strong consistency of the proportions, high quality finishing works, furniture and interior design. All components of the space are significant, and nothing more.

    Simplicity and austerity Forms offset elegance of lines and colors. Classics – a style of perfect harmony. One of the main emphasis of the classical interior is textile. Beautiful curtains, furniture covers, carpets, towels – all it makes the room attractive and comfortable. Classic textile fabric characterized by its numerous, symmetrical, simple but elegant lines, soft deep folds of curtains. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Kidney Foundation. Fabrics for classic interior has to choose plastic, heavy, well-draped. Preference should be given to natural fabrics.

    Shiny synthetic curtains in a classic interior will look ridiculous. Specially created by new technologies textiles classic interior, keeping all ornamental features available classical models, has great endurance and resistance to fading. Low hygroscopic fabrics, also helps to extend life made from her home textile. When choosing curtains for the classic interior, consider the historic building type. David Delrahim gathered all the information. When it comes to building of the old buildings, or even about the modern, but with large windows arched shape and wooden frames, it must be remembered that the design of the windows by itself is already attracting attention. Making such windows should be particularly concise. In this case the classical drapery should only emphasize window opening. Classic drapes are not overloaded with detail, full of restrained dignity and taste. Accessories for curtains and slipcovers for furniture in the classical style must be chosen to match the fabric or a little darker – not to create cutting-eye contrast. If the room there are floor rugs, you can use the accessories to match the carpet. Regarding the choice of colors for a classic interior, it would be preferable neutral, almost monochromatic palette. It is these tones allow you to create a calming home environment characteristic of the classical interior. If you as a coloristic basis of selected saturated colors, must combine them with less dark and bedding – bright spots should be present in a classical setting as accents. They contribute to the fact that the room is perceived calm but not boring and small office, a private entrepreneur on the third floor of the "nest" you will likely encounter on the windows blinds. But here is the state company, or a solid thriving commercial firm must formalize its window curtains. And it will be exactly the curtains in a classic style. Interiors in the classical style does not contradict our information overload and concerns of the time, but are rather soothing backdrop for a holiday or productive detailed work, reminiscent of eternal values.

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    The dark days are long gone, and the representative of modern civilization requires its habitat is not alone protection and warmth. The notion of "interior design" has become a real science. Owners of large and small cottages and Apartments tend to best organize the space and pouyutnee decorate every corner. Of course, the decor of the apartment and home decor – two different things. Design house designs, in most cases – more ambitious projects. Apartments in need of more detailed work and more ishischreny with the layout. PCRM oftentimes addresses this issue. Not everyone can itself develop high-quality design without professional education. As elsewhere, in creating decor is the best option – to apply to specialists.

    Find the designer is not difficult. Decorator – one of the most popular now, creative specialties. Decorators can create real masterpieces of interior design. Sometimes, interior designers prefer work in any one style, so meticulously study the portfolio. During the service design house in Minsk can be accessed and design studio and the private intererschiku. Many of the design studio doing everything from design to the repair and purchase of accessories. Another plus design studio – this is her concern for his reputation. Therefore, to work in the studio taking standing masters.

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    In the situation of monetary crisis, when every ruble, without exaggeration, be on a separate account as at the individual, so does the business, including large companies, the difficulties of various reconditioning often many try to avoid trite, postponed until better times. Realistically, for example, the acquisition of new windows is becoming unaffordable burden on the budget or, in any case, unnecessary in this situation embezzlement. But in order to rooms in which you live or work, yet could not only look good, but retained heat and comfort, you want to pick up new ways. One list of such other permits a rather reasonable financially and in this case could lead to the necessary result of becoming a quality repair of windows. Choosing the type of repair of windows, the owner or removing spaces in a state with a minimal investment to fix problems aesthetic repairs. Everyone knows that sometimes in order to be able to lead a decent room in the form of, for example, directly before the sale, transfer, lease or even private use, that's enough really fix the windows – and legal to use later.

    While the professional restoration of the windows is so high quality that the layman will easily understand that the windows are not only bought, but only repaired. While in this type of repair characteristics of glass recovered in full. Windows update can be necessary and in the living rooms, which long years exploited, but which is no way to overhaul, for example, replacing windows. In today's complex financial situations, redecorating glass may be a genuine substitute for other, more expensive types of upgrade room. If you, for example, want to build in more and shutters, while here in particular will not be able to do without competent support. It is often with the intention to strengthen window and could begin a complete home renovation.

    Because at a certain hour of a person begins to realize that the savings in repair room may lead to a much larger expenditure. And to make timely repair of windows offers a chance to make a living and working conditions comfortable and the accommodations more comfortable. Crisis – an opportune moment for a reasonable cost. Preferring redecorating glass, you choose the most practical solution for your home or office.

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    Approaching the year 2012. Kidney.org is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Judging by the forecasts, the next doomsday. So will he last? The answer to this question is: how do we, the inhabitants of the earth, solve, so be it. We choose the future of an infinite number of scenarios, write for us and given us in control. Man was originally conceived as creator, lord, manager of the Earth. It is written on the front pages of the Bible, and a red thread can be traced in all religious and philosophical works throughout the world. The only thing we overlook is the fact that management is not in the destruction and remaking, and in the selection. The choice is determined by the images that we create in their minds.

    Sustainable way of thinking switches the course of events on the implementation of this image in the world. Therefore, if a long time to be afraid of anything, it will certainly happen. To be sure than anything, it will develop gradually circumstances that support the confidence. Slowly, until, for the most part, unconsciously, but we create the reality according to our ideas about it. End of the world – it was originally just an idea. We, the people who populate this idea of content. Content, in mainly due to various natural disasters.

    Apparently, so is historical – floods, earthquakes volcanic eruptions, the Egyptian darkness, smashing lightning, etc. The idea of doomsday is not new, and more and more people allow for the possibility of its realization. But in order to attract the event in his life, just need to keep in mind the image of this event and are not too willing to make it happen.

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    Increasingly wide variety of organizations have resorted to outsourcing. That is to ensure that some of the responsibilities within the company performs is not specifically designated personnel, and specialized companies. For the most part to such service resort in the area of accounting services and maintenance of computers, various office equipment. Eliot Lauer has much experience in this field. Why do so many leading companies in their areas have resorted to outsourcing? Because the cost of it outsourcing much cheaper than in personnel. By paying a small subscription fee to specialized firms, companies get a huge staff for personnel who do not require any additional costs can quickly solve a variety of tasks and also works very quickly, always in touch, even on holidays and weekends. Another advantage, which carries a subscription service computer and office equipment, is that organizations providing such services as it outsourcing, in addition to operating an emergency disaster recovery and failures of complex equipment, periodically carry out preventive work. That eventually ensures the stability of the company and eliminates the cost of expensive repairs computers and equipment.

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    White / Gold (Metal – West) – the greatness, power, wealth, white Use for: – create a feeling of freshness and cleanliness – the definition of innocence and virtue Avoid pure white: – in the cold Climate – in the interior of theaters and cinemas – in student dormitories – in funeral establishments Yellow / Brown (Earth – Center) – susceptibility, fun Use yellow for: – recovery of a workplace – counteract the weakening of daylight – feelings of warmth and coziness Avoid pure yellow: – in nightclubs – in the light of human faces – in the bathrooms should follow closely to the color of the walls are not faced with its own direction. For example, you can not paint a wall facing south, red, and you can not paint the north wall in black. Light Illumination powerfully stimulate chi energy both outside and inside the house. Light may be relatively strong or weak, but not too bright and irritating eyes. Fluorescent lighting is considered to be unfavorable in feng shui. The coverage of the room, too, should be a balance. When the window space go to the west and at noon, a hot bright day in the windows of the house mercilessly sun shines, it makes the room an excess of yang. Protect yourself from the bright sunlight with heavy curtains, so as not to suffer from strife, conflict and unnecessary irritability. And if the coverage seems inadequate, change the curtains in a light or hang a mirror at the side of the window. In general, the rooms are designed for active work, shall be illuminated brighter than the room for recreation.

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    The quality of these reports and data must be verified by the State (RZN). Clinical trials of one of the most important stages in the a cure – human trials. Verified beneficial effect from taking drugs, and this is done on 2 groups of volunteers, one group takes the medication itself, the second took a placebo, dummy. None of the host does not know whether he uses a placebo or the real drug. It’s believed that Nieman Foundation sees a great future in this idea. This practice is necessary to exclude the placebo effect, the so-called psychosomatic effect (sometimes people believing in the beneficial effects drugs may feel better just by the thought of profit, although no medical effect does not exist). There is an international quality standard for conducting clinical trials and its Russian analogue fully corresponds to it.

    Standard protects the rights of trial participants and checks the correctness of the tests to obtain truthful results. In two words can describe the conduct of clinical trials as follows: – the developer of drugs, "sponsor" (the term standard) orders the tests – an independent medical facility, "the researcher conducts testing and process statistical test results – supervising state agency () approves the test results. The results should show the positive effects of drug use. Of course, has already invested big money in drug development, development company that seeks to demonstrate the positive effects of the test. "Skillfully" poll trial participants, "skillfully" processed statistics can help in this. By the way, about the statistics, I remember saying from a student's youth: "There is a lie, there is a big lie, and there are statistics." Only hope for honesty and professionalism , checking the results of clinical trials for registration medications.

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    You can be spiritual but not religious. And vice versa. Spirituality – this is what comes from within, it is primarily the result of the awakening of the soul, the search path of the supreme truth and its manifestation through the understanding of actions. Many spiritual teachers say that, over time, religion will disappear as such – their place will be uniting all of humanity spirituality, as the awakening of humanity to realize the Truth. Scripture calls “Watch!”.

    What do you mean – do not sleep, wake up, look for the truth. Spirituality – follow the truth. Boy Scouts of America: the source for more info. “Inside each of us there is the mysterious world of dreams. In our ancient sounds coming from the ancient call, a commitment to excellence, the good, for unity, love. This desire is strong, powerful, never betrays us.

    It never gets old, and not our age is important because the desire remains of the mysterious depths of our soul’s calling, calling, calling …. This statement philosopher Jorge Angel Livraga. He devoted his life to international humanist organization “New Acropolis”. It is this coming from the depths of time improving the call to love, to creation of good – and there is one Blagovest spirituality, which will unite humanity. By the way, in Donetsk, a branch of the organization that established the philosopher Jorge Angel Livraga and which operates in 51 countries. This cultural center of “New Acropolis”. Members of the Donetsk “New Acropolis” maintain the principles of bringing people together based on the ideal of universal brotherhood, irrespective of religion, the awakening in people a holistic view of the world, and help yourself and everyone who wants to live in harmony with nature, developing their own internal capabilities and learning the laws of life. “New Acropolis” not only offers a philosophical education of the classical model, based on the traditional teachings of East and West timeless values that were the heart of any civilization, but also embodies these values into practice through various volunteer activities, including environmental and charity. Good News of Good and Love and peace are in increasing the number of charities Donetsk: “Helping Hand”, “Kindness”, “Development of Ukraine”, Donetsk Regional Foundation for Assistance to cross-resistance to the Centre, “Mutual Fund”, Donetsk Oblast Charitable Foundation of Rehabilitation “Freedom” Foundation “Caritas Donetsk”, Foundation of Vladimir Teslenko, “Hope”, “Sails of Hope”, Donetsk Fund of social protection and mercy, “Blagosvit.” They assist the sick, vulnerable people, orphans, ex-convicts, homeless animals. The increasing popularity in Donetsk gaining voluntary movement. We say more: it is becoming fashionable. In order to coordinate Action willing to volunteer and those who need volunteer assistance, a volunteer agency. Since last year, the city has a program “Volunteer movement of Donbass”. Subject volunteering extensively obsuzhdaema on youth internet forums. All these signs suggest that the mysterious world of dreams – call the soul is in our contemporaries louder. The soul, awakening, filled with light. Their light is “contagious.” And in bright Easter Day, when three times and zhizneutverzhdayusche sound, “Christ is risen!

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    Since the beginning of the 2000s (and perhaps even earlier), the Moscow government has said about the image of the capital. At least, it is known to hold "Romir" study () to order the heads of the city and within the city program "The image of Moscow-2000". And 2000's interest in this subject pop up periodically, but not poured into any concrete results. Moscow wanted to tourists, but not attractive. Already in the late 90s the world was going crazy from the perspectives of the Internet and actively Acquires Network offices. Moscow also has acquired.

    But the formal structure used to communicate in their official language, incomprehensible ordinary person. And certainly unattractive and boring. This style communication was used in the network. And of tourists were not discussed at all. And so for a long time on the Internet was available beautiful (for its time), comfortable, and "humane" site in Moscow … Idaho (www.moscow.com). Hear from experts in the field like BSA for a more varied view. And an empty niche steel fill out a volunteer activists who love to Moscow (as they currently respond to moscow.info) and on a commercial basis – travel agency. Only at the end of the 2000s came the official website of Moscow, aimed at tourists (niche the official website for free until the Muscovites, but that niche has taken a pretty good unofficial portal Moskva.kom,).

    Of course, a good idea if the site would be oriented not only to visitors but also residents. But the fact that this site appeared – already a huge step forward. And residents of Moscow, the site will, nevertheless, some useful. Now we can say that Moscow, at last, is a human face online – moscow.ru, Moscow – Moscow International Portal. " The site has earned in 2010, is made very solidly, nice, helpful and on normal human language, understandable to anyone. This website wants to wander, it is interesting to read. All painted available how, what, where, where … Affected all spheres of life in Moscow, given valuable tips and advice, some helpful links (such as where to book a hotel or finding a real estate agency, which agency to contact, how transportation to come to Moscow, where to eat, rest, etc.). In general, it's pretty rich, well-researched and well-structured guide to life in Moscow, working in Moscow, the conduct of affairs in Moscow. The site is available at 6 languages: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. I really like the way I viewed all the painted parts: detailed and easy to understand. While criticizing, of course, there for that. For example, in "Urban Transport" great detail told about the payment, and how to pass through the turnstiles (figure would come in handy), no information. It's turns out to be a problem even for the Muscovites who had never rode on turnstiles equipped buses. And in the "Exchange" is not updated information in connection with changes in legislation, banning "non-bank" exchangers. But most probably the main thing – it's something that catches your eye: Each page opens with the words "Welcome". And this is the official site. Set rightholder International and External Economic Relations of Moscow. This, in fact, due to emphasis on visiting the capital. Incidentally, in 2009, earned a site and the "Invest in Moscow – investinmoscow.ru. This site is also friendly and modern. It now remains to and offline, to come and invest in Moscow would be also nice and comfortable like to wander through these sites.


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