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    Because it does not exist: the long future is only the long expectao of the future. Nor the last time is long because it does not exist, but past long the other thing is not seno the long souvenir of the past … Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from ICR. my attention is present and for it passes what he was future to become past. (AUGUSTIN, 1987, Confessions XI p.228-229) In such a way, it is observed that the time for Augustin is psychological, that is, seems to be an impression of the mind spirit. A time the time is psychological, the philosopher submits the existence of three essential reasons for the time this aspect.

    Such reasons make with that Augustin divides the time in ' ' present souvenir of the passed things, present vision of the things gifts and present hope of the things futuras' '. (AUGUSTIN, 1987, Confessions XI p.222). Effect, he seems that for Augustin the time that exists is the gift, of the past one only has souvenir and of the future alone he has hope of some day to exist, but he does not exist, since if with respect to the measurement it is a certain distenso and in relation to the impression or perception of the man in the mind he is psychological, the Creator of the time not he is inserted in it. We now pass to speak of the Creator, who stops Saint Augustin de Hipona is God. This philosopher argues in the book XXI de Confisses that God created everything, also the time of the man, but he cannot is inside of it, inasmuch as the man sees the past, the future and the gift separately, are as facts not gifts or not, but God does not see the time in such a way, due sees everything of a time alone, living in perpetual ' ' today. Augustin considers that the fact of God sees the future and last as a difficult mystery to understand, therefore questions Augustin the question that the maniqueus made on what the Creator, being perpetual, made before the creation.

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    Vases – Decoration for your home court, finally built, trees planted, but still … something was missing – something like making a yard and a cozy, elegant and? Especially, the flowers, what can be arranged as a mat for a bed, but there is another, more modern-recurring resolution – pot, which will blaze with bright colors Salvia, carnations or roses though. Flower pots or flower beds – sharlahovy way to enhance the beauty and the uniqueness of your garden for just a season. Decorative vases are perfect for small gardens, where specimens weighing the best use of every piece of territory. Vases for flowers made of stone with a beautiful embossed ornament and use as decorations input groups, and as tops on the posts and pillars, and a flower garden on the site. There is another option flowerpot: Room – it's all alone type of floral arrangement. Vases rotate simple and complex forms, stationary and portable. PCRM is often quoted on this topic.

    They are made of different materials. Our products have a much superior quality and high performance. A well-chosen vases for flowers become an interesting element of landscape design and enhance the beauty and features of most garden plants. To a place, not just only the court but also the surrounding area can decorate vases with flowers. On the sort of places like parks, malls and other recreational facilities can not say – then they davnehonko and seamlessly into the landscape. Vases can be stationary and portable, small and large, made of stone or artificial materials, but it is advisable to ensure that they were still beautiful.

    At your service – a huge number of companies producing these design objects, and thus would take into account all your wishes, until the time of the relief pattern on walls. For example, some owners prefer the pots with geometric designs, others – with floral motifs … Especially not the last thing – a choice of colors: it faded, withered plants are unlikely to please you, as if beautiful nor were vases. To such an extent as take care of that, so that in time replace one color with another, and then the bowls will be the real decoration for your yard!

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    The magic of cinema. Immediately these words were in my head at the outlet of the Film Center. The incredible power of sensual cinema. However, as is necessary to arrange a film, that you left the hall in a state of a particular state stupor, indescribable delight, full of errors and I would have said – confusion! Scorsese's phenomenal is once again presents us brilliant creation, excellently produced a picture that attracts any frame and provides arguments for the week ahead. Immediately stated that "the movie Shutter Island" – not a typical occult thriller, as we were informed of the posters.

    It would not have bored unexpected jumping maniacs because of the angles becomes virtually no paranormal and other nonsense. Before us is a powerful psychological tragedy, and later has a mysterious detective thriller. The depth of the picture is simply amazing, and you do not Notes as at any moment and more and more immersed in the above things happening on the screen theater of the absurd, despair and hopelessness, and after a few days you will cease to be conscious as they say is being done. Plot twists foreshadow possible only with great reserve. First-hand all of my assumptions were deceptive, for which thanks again to the master, someone who is, and if it Martin Scorsese is able to spin the affair as no other people. The film is present on a wide range of fairly strong points, for a very koie I would immediately provided to the director, operator, script writer and composer of the golden statue (I will not write spoilers, though scenes at Dachau, and on the coast of the main hero of the building simply can not be criticized).

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    What if you say that the story is the formula? You chertyhnetes, splyunete not believe it. And it's true. Despite the fact that the tales of old were created and passed from mouth to now, during studies in literature reveal remarkable resemblance between the tales of the world. That is in South America and Ukraine are like fairy tales, they have one foundation, one formula. So it is with lullabies. The purpose of all lullabies one – lull, lull.

    Naturally, the essential rhythm, why children often sway. Before, I could not understand why a lullaby mention wolves, woman, and other creatures, which the child is afraid. A related site: PanCan mentions similar findings. It turns out that in ancient times people believed that when children dream of some wonderful creation, it will never come to him in real life. That is a lullaby serve as guardian. And it's worth noting that it's not just us. And in Azerbaijan, and in Armenian, and French, and Japanese lullabies as well. That is the purpose and are the same everywhere. 'In the old days, nurses, or where they were not, mother or grandmother, putting a child, singing, or rather, was sentenced different stories and choruses.

    Of course, there's nothing witty or poetic, they represent the simple old way of life and some special notions of sung items. In them, as in the Russian songs and tales, most often occurs arbitrary nonsense, because it is neither cunning simplicity, no humor. Now rarely far from where the capital and major cities such places you can hear the chorus' (Avdeev 1849, 240). In the lullaby is encoded genetic memory of the world, they serve as a springboard for knowledge and the foundation for mental health and balance of the child. Nowadays, people think lullaby archaism, a pity. It still needs children. After all, children – they are always children, a hundred years ago, even now. Sing lullaby, my dear mother, sing.

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    The Pythagoreans, responsible for the creation of a religious system that if based on the Mathematics, as manifest truth of the Cosmos, having the objective of through the numbers cosmogonic decoding universal, since the numbers, considered as manifestation of the Real, or next to what he conceives himself while real, could supply for its concretude, some understanding regarding what we are. Learn more about this with World Health Organization. The Cosmos, inside of a mathematical perspective, possua a more distant dimension the point not to seem inconceivable to the human being, liabilities of analysis, arriving at an originary harmonic conception of rficas ideas? relative to the Orfismo, based on the cult of Orfeu, reminescncia of the cult the Dionisio? between nature and humanity, from a cosmic order, where everything if manifest in numerical representation, making possible of innovative form, to grant to the man an action of release of the soul, subjective and humanistic form. The proper evolution human being it would be consequncia of a cognitiva structure that evolves as the existing numerical understanding, therefore the numbers would not be only symbols, as conception of our society contemporary, but soul (it livens up) of that exists. The being starts to have the numerical one as reference, one simulacro of a superior plan, in the truth an imitation in the direction of mmesis, nothing is for itself, what it exists is reflected or result of a numerical superstructure, manifest in the observed forms. Also if it creates appeared representation of the numbers for the conception of the Pythagorean laws, where a symbolic form is given to the number to facilitate its understanding.

    Pitgoras supplies to the discovery of a dependence of the sound in relation the extension? understood as discontinous, for consisting of invisible, separate units for an interval, resultant of ‘ ‘ breath of universo’ ‘ , therefore alive, would inalaria pneuma peiron where would be immersed? , of music in relation to the mathematics. From gnomon of Anaximandro, the Pythagoreans, through inquiry of the different numerical series, verifying gnomnico growth of the series of numbers pairs, creating one appears oblong rectangular, while the series of uneven grows as a square. Thus, the number pair is seen as aritmo-geomtrica expression of ‘ ‘ alteridade’ ‘ , while the uneven representative o of ‘ ‘ identidade’ ‘. The man if became the measure of all the things and measured from all things, where the human being if becomes numerical, the result of a divine equation, advanced in relation what he is subordinated to it, the simplrio one if compared the force subordinates that it. In way to a numerical logic that if demonstrates as something harmonic, a social system exists that does not take care of to a linear order, even so the Pythagorean swaggerer would be to apply the system Pythagorean as form to structuralize the society, where the normatizao follows ‘ ‘ perfeio’ ‘ numerical. However, the Pythagorean perfection was opposed by contradictions evidenced in an limited system that if based on whole numbers, as bigger contradiction, the evidence of the numbers ‘ ‘ irracionais’ ‘ , with inexprimveis expressions in the effective numerical conception. Clearly that if it cannot deny the importance of Pitgoras, as well as the Pythagorean influence that if reverberated in history human being, a system who contributed with a epistemologia in construction process, on the other hand, demonstrating the fragility for universalizar a mathematical principle, having its numerical truth as a principle that is imbudo of its proper contradiction. Bibliographical reference: PESSANHA, Jose Amrico Motta. Daily pay. So Paulo: New Cultural, 1996.

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    Well-groomed appearance alone gives peace of mind, and any manipulation of self-care, well relax. If there is no money for salon treatment, do something for yourself – the mask of grated cucumber, hand massage with baby cream – but let while you are not pulled and tormoshat, and will just do them. Trust your baby's father. Many moms can not relax and keep constant control over the situation. UNESCO usually is spot on. Can not what to go for a walk – and a cup of coffee in the kitchen with a clear conscience. Helpful, leaving the child with his father, repeating to myself the phrase: "This is his baby too, he has to child the same rights and bear equal responsibility with me. " If the adjoining room came the angry cries of your offspring, allow yourself not to rush back, remember – there is not one child, father cope. Cancer Research Institute often addresses the matter in his writings. Walk as children.

    Walk with your child – not something that one walks. And in the thirty and forty years old can ride upside down, throwing snowballs, drawing on the asphalt – and catching envious looks the same age, grown-up sedately passing by. Adults already undignified way to have fun, but what do you say entertain your child so that you have a legitimate reason to have some fun from the heart. Baby joy and carelessness – a powerful method of relaxation. Take a bath.

    After the walk, before going to bed, the ideal Recreation facilities will be bath. Warm water with sea salt or herb infusion is useful for you and your child, so you can get into the bath together. Or the first breath and how to wash herself, to just twenty minutes later Dad brought to you by the child, and then re-claimed, wrapped in a towel until you get out of the bath. A child in the bath can not only swim but also to eat, play, sleep, participate in sessions of aromatherapy, along with his mother. Go to a children's pool: alternating hot saunas and cold water in the pool and relaxing will act favorably on you and your baby.

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    As I recall, after the economic crisis of 1998 in Russia, at least in Novosibirsk has entered a new direction, Japanese. By simple, we call these dishes 'sushi'. We've been good friends with a good mix of fish and vegetables, such as for many years known herring under a fur coat salad, I guess, like love to dish it possible to easily integrate sushi and rolls in the Russian diet. And if earlier, the first sushi bars and restaurants to eat these exotic dishes can be only for very expensive. Now, anyone can make their own sushi at home. Now, I want to tell you that come in handy for cooking Japanese cuisine. And the example of Philadelphia rolls, suggest that the land is as familiar to us food – a vast field for eksperimentov.Chto buy sushi: It makes sense that if you want to make sushi, you will need to purchase some special equipment and ingredients that you have not used before.

    The Japanese tried. They came up with supetsialnye sizes for all components of the dishes. Connect with other leaders such as Boy Scouts of America here. This greatly simplifies the process of preparation of the land. Let's examine a set of cooking sushi podrobnee.Ris for land bought in specialty stores or departments, under the name of the sushi rice or rice for Japanese cuisine. It is used as an ingredient for filling and bonding in a variety of dishes, for example spools.

    The package price of rice about 50 rubles for a 250-500 gr., depending on the mat proizvoditelya.Bambukovaya: Used to make all kinds of rolls, one of the most popular type of sushi we. You can buy both separately and in kits ready for sushi. It should be about 25-30 rubley.Vodorosli: Special pressed seaweed. Pay attention to size, it is standard that greatly simplifies the creation of various Japanese dishes. Algae used as a reinforcing element. Themselves algae have smell and taste. Very rich in natural substances. Thin package worth about 130 rubley.Marinovanny Ginger: Spice of sushi. It is used to prepare your taste buds before the use of different types of sushi. Has pungent taste. I bought a kilo of ginger sauce rubley.Soevy 120: One more spice in the Japanese kitchen. Salt helps sushi and rolls. After the cooking process, in rice and other components of the salt will not put. One bottle, a liter is about approximately 100 rubley.Risovy vinegar: This item is Japanese cuisine is used very widely. During the cooking of rice, he adds, he needed special properties: softness and stickiness. Before drawing rolls, rice vinegar necessary to lubricate the algae. This gives them the flexibility and adhesion to form the product. Price per 250 ml., About 80 rubley.Vasabi: A special spice. Added to the soy sauce, to give urgency. It tastes like mustard. Price per small tube, about 80-90 rubley.Eksperimentiruyte from the land: For some reason, after the land in Russia, I thought that this strict set of recipes. Now, such thoughts seem to me funny. Moreover, I tried to use spools Philadelphia, instead of cream cheese – sour cream. It turns out very tasty. And why I wrote all this?! And besides, if you want sushi, there is no need to go to special restaurants, and very easy to make sushi at home. Pleasant Appetite!

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    Volunteers give English lessons in Ethiopia volunteer from Germany give students in the Northern Ethiopian town Kobbo during local school holidays English courses. The action was spurred by those affected on the ground and should be continued and expanded. Starting from a private sponsorship project the action Kobbo Summer School started 2007\”. Thus, volunteer from Germany give students in the Northern Ethiopian town Kobbo in the summer English courses, which are free of charge for the children as opposed to the regular school attendance. This year there were three voluntary project pioneer\”Jurgen Dandan of Borgentreich in Kassel, Erika Rohn from Dusseldorf and Eva Teichmann from Frankfurt – which in July vacation used to teach nearly 300 children of different age groups. This offer was open to students of all colleges in Kobbo and went back on the initiative of the dedicated leader of the St.

    Joseph Catholic School, which is convinced of the immense importance of learning the English language. In fact the acquisition of knowledge of English in the multiracial Ethiopia is considered integral to a good education and enjoys a high priority also for parents and students. Nevertheless volunteer teachers repeatedly on the new were amazed, Elan and enthusiasm the children of all levels and ages every day – in their holiday! the school pushed. A figure of speech, which was to be taken literally in this context: De facto squeezed themselves when a class sizes of up to a hundred students three to four children in a bench; There was no place more settled, preferably within sight of the plaque, on the bare floor. Also three and in three shifts per day/teacher it was no easy task to continuously integrate every child in the classroom and to encourage its respective language level according to circumstances. The project will be expanded so next year with the aim for each school year a to be able to insert the volunteer teacher.

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    Blog is an excellent way to begin its empire in line. The costs are quite low and the potential yield is high. To begin is easy. It can begin using blogger.com. And if it wishes one better platform, it considers the obtaining of your own dominion and lodging Web so that it can take the advantage from WordPress. Many people begin with Blogger and soon they happen to use WordPress as soon as the confidence grows.

    First: It chooses a subject that really interests to him and that it has a traffic of key words Generally correct (these are the words that uses people to look for what they want in the motors search), the more popular key words are most profitable. Now, everything what needs to do is to make sure that public something weekly, the motors search periodically pause to pick up the new content. Their visitors begin to grow. Its objective is to obtain so many visitors as blog is possible for his. Whatever more people visits his blog, more money you h is not mistaken, the opportunity is there. Best blogs does between $ 10,000 dollars or more per month. But care, are no short cuts, but much work, unique fresh content and a pinch of inspiration and you then also will obtain those income.

    Here they are some suggestions to make money with his blog: One of the most popular methods to make money with blogs is Google Adsense, puts the announcements of adsense in its site and it would be pleased to him when the users click in them. Programs of affiliates, to affiliate with companies that sells products related to their site, and when the users click in the connection in his blog and buy some product that improves its lives to them, you also you benefitted. Blog are many other ways to make money with his, but these are the 2 main ones.

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    The Detektivdienstleister Tudor of the tactics of the hidden person protection and covered transport, as well as the run-up to enlightenment in detective operations at home and abroad. Detective Tudor the internationally known service company for highly professional observations and research as well as highly professional armed personal protection and armed value and transport security is permanently commissioned since the 1960s in Berlin. By November 1989, the operational area for the observation and personal protection group of the Detektei Tudor on Berlin-West limited. Again commissioned the firm Tudor but also for escort duties on the occasion of the Leipzig trade fair in the GDR by companies from the Federal Republic of Germany. Of course these interventions were carried out on the territory of the Warsaw Pact States always unarmed. Already in December 1989, Tudor went to detective the request a West German group one, whether there is the possibility to obtain personal protection during a strategic business tour through the GDR.

    After German approval procedure at the diplomatic level, Detective received Tudor at the time as the first private provider for armed protection and backup tasks permission protection of persons in East Germany through to lead! Twenty years after these events is the Detektivdienstleister detective Tudor now of course permanently in Berlin and the Federal States of Rugen until after Sun Mountain in the observations – and the use of personal protection. Detective Tudor acting global. The highly qualified staff of this detective agency with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is due to the high level of training able to solve even complex detective puzzles at any time at any place in Europe and overseas. For example, employees of the Detektei Tudor in addition to their excellent knowledge of weapons to handguns, have in addition military specialty courses acquired in domestic and foreign elite units.


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