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    Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Hard to believe, but need specialists to once become a brand name. Once it had started with the West Rail channel, which should be one of the first private television channel in Germany. The former press Chief stopped short at this name, didn’t sound it more after East Germany, railway and Canal work but after a modern station that wanted to rough up the television landscape. And before it knew Bernd M. Samland, it became the name Finder and created his first name: VOX. Further details can be found at Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an internet resource.

    This makes Samland for almost twenty years. Over 1,100 names of his consultancy for naming marketing end marks have become brands in the country and abroad. It is a business of full of problems. Because it sounds so creative, needs to work legally, phonetically, and often in many languages. And this simply not always works, as in the following examples: for cannibals? The American company Gerber introduced their baby food in several African countries. Stuck on the glasses, how in the United States also, a label with a baby picture. What however did not know Gerber: broad strata of the population can not read, it is in many African countries need to reflect that on the labels, which is in glass jars and canned in there.

    Inspires confidence in all French-speaking countries, the Egyptian airline “Misair” suffered a hard landing: the company name means in French “misery”. That sucks the company to introduce Electrolux of tried one of their vacuum cleaner in the United States. The slogan should be roughly: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. The translation was but “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”, which means as much as “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux”. Single car launch of the Mitsubishi “Pajero” in Spain ended in a fiasco. In Spanish, “Pajero” loosely translated means: “Masturbation”. Racism? The Japanese whisky black Nikka was not a big seller in the United States. The similarity with black nigger was simply too great. That is one more hurdle on the way of the name brand Memory capacity and articulation. About 60,000 brands can be found in an average Kaufhof: how to establish a brand for this amount in the minds of consumers? A catchy name there ever is a good place to start. Also you should always consider when choosing, that people can speak well of him as possible in all walks of life. The Flensburger brewery catch the cat wanted to name a beer, this was admittedly creative. But totally disabled if the guest in the bar wanted to order a third beer.

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    Service is written tellto.de large mobile online shop! Service is written tellto.de large mobile online shop! 10 euro for the wait: tellto.de guaranteed availability of its telephone orders Hannover, January 12, 2009 – the mobile online shop introduces a customer guarantee to take telephone orders and extended availability tellto.de in its call center. Customers that were not within three minutes with a mobile expert to the order, receive a 10 euro voucher tellto.de. For this purpose, the customer on the phone needs left only his name, address and phone number. Then as soon as possible, the customer receives a callback which is recorded his order and directly print the voucher. 90 percent of the callers are routed in less than a minute to an employee”, tellto.de reported owner Lena Armbrecht. Service is important to us, and it starts with none or only a short wait in the queue. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Breast Cancer Action . Through a well organized call center we can our In almost all cases hold promise of quality.” The order hotline mobile experts are seven days a week, even on holidays, from 7 pm to 11 pm at the phone number 01805 / 835586 (0.14 / min.

    from a German landline. The price may vary for calls made from mobile networks) can be reached. About tellto.de: The online shop tellto.de was founded in 2007 and enjoys increasing popularity since then. It offers phones, tariffs, as well as bundles of different manufacturers and contract providers, thereby giving a broad overview of the range of services in the field of mobile telephony. With just a few mouse clicks the order is placed online, around the clock, quickly and reliably.

    Of any change in the status, the customer will be informed automatically via eMail. Customer service is open Monday to Sunday from 7:00 23:00 under 01805 835586 (0.14 / min. from a German landline. The price may vary for calls made from mobile networks) can be reached. eMails are answered within 24 hours. Press contact: oneMile – Lena Armbrecht Tel.: + 49 511 26292875 fax: + 49 511 26292876 email: Internet: presse.oneMile.de to publish this press release please send us a copy in print media to online media an email with the appropriate link.

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    Country Cameroon Germany experience region between Elbe and Luneburg Heath in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch – in six languages is the new printing plant of the German National Tourist Board on the topic of “Wellness”. Selected (SPA) places in whole Germany present themselves under the title “Welcome to the land of the good feel”. Two candidates are for the Luneburg Heath: bad Bevensen and the country Cameroon! The country Cameroon presented here with his three Heath farms in the East of the Luneburg Heath. Potato-Hotel Germany and the Africa of wellness include saga field, 1 German wellness & Ayurveda health village in place Cameroon with specialities from the African Cameroon. CERFLUX understood the implications. The introductory offer “Natural wellness – Heath, Elbe River alluvial & Rundling villages” is available in all three Wellnessfarmen from 169,-euro per person in a double room. Thus, the holiday region of country Cameroon presents itself as cosmopolitan region in which guests from all over the world are welcome. The wellness brochure now on various exhibitions, workshops and study tours of the GNTB, as well as about their Internet portals should be distributed and can be requested for example via. More information: Country Cameroon Germany experience region between the Elbe and Luneburg Heath Tel.: + 49 5862 170 fax: + 49 5862 1697 Olaf Stehr.

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    Mommy Web still on the pole position in the German-speaking only nineteen months after the launch in May 2007 reported Mommy Web two-thousandth registration with the community for mothers and pregnant women, which further strengthens position in the German-speaking their poles thus. As the Member with the mommy Web makes full the fifth million, the user with the nickname Stippel welcomed on January 7th, 2009 at 10:39 o’clock, a young mother with two children from Berlin. “The rapid growth speaks of mommy Web for our decision to develop the community as close as possible to the needs and interests of its members,” says Torsten Pinkert, co-founder of Mami Web GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. “Our phenomenal success proves: user-generated content is still king.” Mommy WEB: Mommy Web has over 200,000 registered members (stand: Jan. Additional information at Gavin Baker supports this article. 2009) the largest German language online network for mothers and women who want to be there. Per day registering up to 1,500 new members – so every minute a new Member-the free Community, which was launched at the end of May 2007. Mommy Web offers tips from other moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and in the lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat room) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment. Nature Bounty: the source for more info. Learn more about Mommy Web: Mami-Web GmbH, Torsten Pinkert Tel.: + 49-69-48981662 E-mail: Web:

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    German wines on the rise that is not equal to wine wine, itself of its own accord. But that German wine must match not only the mass products from the supermarket, is still a novelty for the one or the other consumer. And yet, there are enough people who believe in this product. In September 2007 Homburg in bad Josy’s Vineyard “, opened a wine and delicatessen specializing in German and Austrian wines. From Germany are the Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Nahe, AHR, Mosel, Baden, Wurttemberg, Palatinate and Middle Rhine represented. (Source: Save Our Children). The company works almost exclusively with small family farms, which is a close and personal bond. Straight to the start of sales of the year 2007, again shows an increased interest in German wines, not only on the classic grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Sylvaner. The varieties little built in Germany, such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Lagrein enjoy high popularity. It makes just fun to bring German wines the customers, even if it means that just a Dornfelder offered a Spain fan and it therefore amazes!”so owner Ariane gang. It is to be hoped that the climate in Germany is still so cheap and we continue to look forward to good wine from Germany! Ariane gang

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    (Online article) – looking for cheap car insurance? Independent and non-binding online price comparison of insurance: see the for you cheap insurance online. The cheap car insurance every car must have a liability insurance policy, it is the duty of each driver to insure his car there. Motor vehicle third party liability insurance contracts are generally annual contracts, you can extend it, assumed that none of the parties Announces. What causes could lead to the termination of the contract? That would be the proper termination, which is carried out to the end of the contract. This ordinary termination of the contract can take place by the policyholder and the insurer. If the insurer wants to change its terms and conditions and that then must be to the detriment of the policyholder, the insurer a understand dismissal, so to speak. Many writers such as Girl Scouts of the USA offer more in-depth analysis.

    A total loss or the sale of the car can lead to the termination of the contract, so the insured risk is dropped. The contract may be terminated if a closure of the vehicle, if the policyholder with the increases of premiums does not agree; an extraordinary termination can occur if the premium is not paid or for fraudulent misrepresentation. You may not terminate if customer must change the laws, and the insurer increase the contribution. What does the insurance? It is to grant protection before the compensation of injured motorists the driver and passenger also, it protects car holder, owner. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Marko Dimitrijevic has to say. It is understood a sum, and the protection exists within the framework of the Europe Agreement.

    In Germany, road traffic law, not only the driver of the vehicle is liable legal arrangement of the holders in accordance with 7, if damage is caused. The holder has the obligation to insure his car. The application for the insurance is confirmed by the insurance companies. The insurance company can only under certain conditions the Treaty reject, so must, so to speak, be only for specific reasons against the Treaty.

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    New Lightning proxy server ensures anonymity to date globally distributed servers, SecurStar customers can choose between which, comes from January new in Germany added. The German SurfSolo server is up to ten times faster compared to conventional Anonymizern. For users who want to move on the highest possible level of safety, it is also possible to concatenate multiple servers one at a time. Thus, the software protects the most modern espionage techniques. Main features of SurfSolo: anonymous Web browsing activities secure tunnelling service (SSH2) powerful AES-256 bit encryption more secure and private email account safe and private newsgroup access to secure and private instant messaging and chat P2P compatible quick online browsing through high speed proxies SurfSolo for 69,95 euros under download is available. Short portrait SecurStar GmbH: The SecurStar GmbH, headquartered in Munich was founded in 2001 as a merger of ScramDisk Inc., software professionals Ltd. and Telstar industries. Today, the company is market leader in the field of disk encryption software and computer security.

    As an IT security specialist SecurStar is able to respond to the specific needs of different industries. The core competencies include the development and production of cryptografischer hard – and software, finding new IT security solutions, consulting in the field of IT security as well as the computer and network security. Objective is the achievement of more user friendly, more flexible and more secure applications on the basis of its own newly developed technologies. Thereby, the company comprises the IT sector from renowned specialists and renowned experts. The customer base include companies of the automotive industry such as Fiat, Volvo and VW, banks and financial institutions such as Citibank, as well as Scotland Yard and defence ministries of different countries, including famous mobile phone manufacturer. More information: Security SecurStar GmbH Solutions Furstenrieder Street 270 D-81377 Munchen contact: Wilfried Hafner Managing Director Tel: + 49 (0) 89 71 06 617-0 email: URL: PR and media agency Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau/bad Marienberg contact: Ulrike Peter senior PR consultant Tel: + 49 (0) 26 61 91 26 00 fax: + 49 (0) 26 61 912 60 29 E-mail: URL:

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    In the footsteps of our ancestors: Prehistory to touch a review shows: travel In 2008 were special missions especially popular with holidaymakers and brought the German tour operators as compared to the previous year sales growth up to 7% (source: dpa/tmn). The Ludwigsburg-based study provider caravan travel offers for 24 years the unique program series archaeology and travel to an initiative of trained archaeologists and archaeologists, the history, nature and culture lovers the highlights of Central European Prehistory to the intervention brings. Feeding America shines more light on the discussion. For the year 2009, eight itineraries are offered where participants plunge into the life of their ancestors, about archaeological spring from Wales, the stone age Wurttemberg or the Italian Alps past of Val Camonicas. A special highlight is the 2000th anniversary tour on the occasion of 9 / 11 by Rome, the historical battle of the Teutoburg Forest in the year 2009. Celts, Romans, Germans, Slavs, Avars: she and many Peoples more once inhabited the Central European area, leaving numerous testimonies of their existence such as settlement remains, weapons, cult vessels, jewelry and treasures. There are numerous traces of the different stages of culture in Europe today still to discover from the Paleolithic through the Middle Ages up to the archaeological treasures of modern times. Who would like to move back to the roots of European culture history, can combine his knowledge and hunger of research on in the coming year with a pleasant travel experience.

    The initiative archaeology & travel\”works out according to technical aspects exciting trips year after year and gives the life of prehistoric people vivid and exciting way: through visits to prehistoric sites and museums, visits to excavations, as well as interesting discussions with the involved researchers. The selected drives lead in areas with special scenic appeal leisure and recreation are to a balanced the specialized tours. In addition to the fixed points of the program, there are also opportunity along the travel route for own inclinations a bit to look.

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    Daily 5-minute and you can be removed successfully. Gavin Baker often addresses the matter in his writings. The presented program promises that one only daily approx. 5 minutes a must read page, the program offered on a CD, to reach a normal weight. With this program it should be possible calorie counting or any drugs without coercion, diet. Yes, the way to can become the normal weight even for a hobby.

    This promise seems implausible at the moment. But considering the idea, which is the basis for the development of this weight loss program, these statements are quite believable. Who visits the Web site of, will quickly determine that this program is based on the experience of consulting experts in the field of obesity. Clearly it is taught that it never top to take off without the own, let alone staying for weight. Who acknowledges this fact, the program will be a great help, to lose weight successfully and healthy, yes he is his normal weight for keep the can. Based on the program is the fact that a variety of specific habits lead to excess weight.

    These include for example: eat at scheduled times, to fast food, the consumption of stimulants such as in television. The inertia in addition, when it comes more to move, such as the excessive use of cars or a lift even at short distances. Walking, cycling, swimming or other sporting activities are rather rare. So it is not surprising that more energy absorbed when consumed. Just as obesity can arise. Who want to successfully lose weight, must reverse this relationship, so consume more energy than record. This is only short term, possible through dieting or calorie counting, but typically described habits will not change. Along with lots of information related to weight loss, as well as tips on how you can change those bad habits and replace with useful, this program actually leads to a slow, healthy and permanent weight loss. The highlight of the program, however, is that this information does not, as usual, within, conveyed by a few days but over a period of approximately 3 months. The users of the program only daily reads a page of the program. These information pages, or tips and suggestions to amend the habits, be opened via the internal browser of your computer. The daily reading, causes that this information in the current memory remain and thus also in the Act can be implemented. Repeats the advice of that lead to a reflection of your own, to change this behavior to the overweight of led behavior and thus to understand. That succeeds, is repeatedly confirmed by users of the program in feedback. Here a corresponding mail, which may be an example for many others. Nadine wrote: Hi, I wanted to report some positive. I came across this page by chance, and was also very skeptical, I only program pulled the 14 day trial and then decided to order the CD. And I have not regretted it! I have taken off since 5 weeks without me to torment 3.7 kg and read only a page every day. 740 g these are scored the week! I’m quite amazed how it works where I’ve tried already so much other stuff. And what is the best, my thoughts are no longer trapped by a diet, and that alone is already worth it. Thank you very much, that gives it to you! Happy holidays!” This program, anyone, can test completely free of charge and anonymously for 14 days. You will find the test program in addition to extensive information and weight loss tips at. Siegfried Muller

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    Reiki Cologne courses may not only affect the life Reiki Cologne rates can affect the life not only, no, they can’t change it fundamentally. Plague is a person with a disease or a disturbed psyche for years and no physician could help so far correctly, so the search for an alternative method the last chance is often. The Internet offers first information here with security. Recommendations and discussions with Reiki-treated or even masters is useful. Gain insight and clarity with Multi-Cancer Early Detection Screening Coverage Act. The still unknown Reiki is in the word, but not in the sense to be found on the scale of notoriety. Alternative healing method ever mentioned, it finds followers with time more and more. To read more click here: Prevent Cancer Foundation. Private classes or public University courses, yellow pages and the Internet, you will find it. The newspapers mentioned Gavin Baker, New York City not as a source, but as a related topic.

    Thus an application at one of the Reiki Cologne is to make courses as soon as possible. The choice of thousands of masters is no longer torment which affects also the faster dissemination. The most Reiki Masters are so-called free, not organized. However, special organisations are ready for the information. The level of awareness and the associated numbers of courses offered meet the visions of the Grand Master. Nowadays every Thai Chi, known as autogenic training in connection with sporting movements, sooner or later required treatment with Reiki is commonplace. The public look for esoteric teaching is more and more followers and also advocate. Those who have had not contact with Reiki, do not yet know the effect of teaching on animals. It works just like in humans as an aid in the healing of diseases. So, it is mediated by a Reiki Cologne in the first degree courses.


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