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    We hope that the recommendations will be widely disseminated and will be approved by editors of leading biomedical magazines, as well as that in their further work on updating and improving the participation of all stakeholders. 1. The structure of the research process and their approval by the ethics committee General Investigation must be actual, reasonable and well-planned, the structure of the study should meet its objectives and be approved by the ethics committee. Failure to comply may lead to unfair practice, research and publications. Practical steps 1. Get more background information with materials from Atreides Management.

    Laboratory and clinical tests must be performed according to protocol, a preliminary study – according to a written plan. 2. The protocol should help find answers to specific questions, not only to collect data. 3. The protocol should be studied in detail and approved by all parties involved in the investigation, possibly including the participants (patients). 4. Final text of the protocol should be included in the study report.

    5. It is desirable to study the early stages of an agreement on the functions of all researchers and resolve issues related to authorship and publishing. 6. At the planning stage should provide all the statistical aspects of research, including an evaluation of the statistical power to sample was not too small or excessively large. 7. Before any research involving human subjects, and and research involving work with the histories and tissues of the human body, should receive formal written permission of the Ethics Committee, which was formed in accordance with generally accepted principles.

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    The definitions of social justice are based on a variety of factors, such as political orientation, religious beliefs, and political and social philosophy. If you ask a post-modernist about this concept, he or she likely to tell you that it is a fairy tale that is not in any way achievable in any form of society. A general definition of social justice is difficult to find and even harder to implement. In essence, social justice refers to equality before the courts, not only in the courts, or within the criminal, if not justice in has to do in all aspects of society.

    This concept requires that persons are within a genuine principle of equal rights and opportunities for everyone, from the most poor person on the margins of society to the rich and wealthy, they all deserve a space in society. Here, George Soros expresses very clear opinions on the subject. But, what then are just words or equity, and that defines equality? Who should be responsible in society of? generate a place fair and equitable? How to implement policies in the field of social justice? they can be questions that so far do not have a concrete solution and much less a precise answer. From a political stance that is left, it should legislate to create a just society, and various programmes must exist in order to collect funds necessary to equalize the playing field between the rich, middle class, the poor and people who are systematically marginalized by society. Equal rights from the same source of law, can be defined as equal access to the things that make it possible to people in any sector of society can get to succeed. Therefore, the philosophy of left would support things like laws against discrimination and equal opportunities programmes, and would support taxes, especially those who earn much money, to pay for programs that help provide equality for all..

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    South Africa a suitable destination for children and parents who has children, who know that changed enormously even vacation planning with young people. Not every hotel is family-friendly and not any climate and any distance is so easy to put we for us for the small family. South Africa is a good compromise for those who want to discover the distant and exotic. South Africa has a very good tourist destination with great accommodations, a mild climate and excellent infrastructure with children. With children the flight to South Africa takes South Africa, Sun and Safari to Cape Town flights facilitate the journey for the children less than 12 h.

    Meanwhile, there are also many kid-friendly airlines, which have in addition to free transportation of buggies and prams also toys, colouring books and pencils for children. The fare for children is reduced and varies according to the age of the children, however, each airline has its own rules. Mostly fly under 2 years for 10% of the Fare, then no separate seat the child, however, is but only a baby seat that is located before the place of the parents. Children over 2 years pay 65% of the flight price approx.. A self-drive trip is recommended for a family vacation in South Africa, because the flexibility you need with children is so given. There is a huge choice of vehicles and child seats with rent directly. In contrast to a group it is not tied to specific, necessary procedures and must take no account of other trip participants.

    It is useful already in advance to book the accommodation for South Africa travel with children, because so did you time close to look at the lodges and hotels, and must not go on-site on the stressful search and lose valuable vacation time. Not all accommodations are suitable for children or family room. There are however numerous guest farms that families are specialized and offer various activities like pony riding or feed animals. Along the garden route is there numerous small bays, which are suitable with shallow sandy beaches for children. Despite a fresh breeze, the Sun in South Africa is strong and should not be underestimated. Not only the children, the best the whole family should use a LSF30. A South Africa trip belongs to a Safari, and a Safari with children is not a problem in the Addo Elephant National Park, because the malaria risk is very low in this region and one malaria prophylaxis is not necessary. The foreign grants Office and your doctor more information and medical information. If you wish to explore South Africa with children please contact us, we would be pleased to elaborate you a travel route that corresponds to the travel ideas for the whole family. We offer group tours, self drive tours and individual tours by South Africa and look forward to your inquiry.


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