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    The consumer movement in Russia was organized in September 1988. Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra gathered all the information. For the first time such an organization was created in America, and the sixties of the 20 th century, has spread to many countries in Europe. Russia, and in that time has One of the republics of the ussr, where similar organizations have formed later than most. In the Soviet Union in the early 80-ies of the 20 th century were born societies, clubs, organizations and associations for the protection of consumer rights. First it was created from the Leningrad Club customers, and then Moscow Consumers Union. And in 1989, was officially founded the Federation of Consumer Societies of the ussr. In 1990, organized by the Consumers Union of the Soviet Union, which brought together over 100 national, regional, provincial and municipal, district associations. And in 1992 the organization was transformed into the International Confederation of Consumer Societies (KonfOP).

    It joined the consumer society in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, , Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and others KonfOP was a member of the International Organization of Consumers Unions. In 1995 he was created by the Russian Foundation for Consumer Protection. Its main task was to maintain constitutional rights of citizens in the area of consumer policy. In 1999, the social movement of consumers Russia has more than 700 consumer organizations. First Law of ussr "On Consumer Rights Protection" was established on 22 May 1991, however, in connection with the collapse of the Soviet Union, he never stepped into force. In 1992, already in the Russian Federation was introduced by the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights. He recorded the consumer's right of state and social protection of its interests, as consumers. This law has helped maintain the protection of civil rights in the sphere of consumption.

    Recent amendments to the Act were adopted in 2007. Ministry for Antimonopoly Policy and Support of Entrepreneurship of the Russian Federation is the primary federal agency for consumer protection (MAP of Russia). And under the entire national security system means the totality of the federal executive bodies, local authorities, associations of consumers. The main objective of Consumers Union is a qualified legal assistance to consumers. Consultation, drafting claims, an independent consumer expertise, management of court cases, verifying compliance with the rules of trade and consumer services – all this and much more is the Union and its member community associations. This is an everyday consumer protection. For all 20 years of existence, the organization of legal assistance received over two and a half million citizens. Now, advice on all matters relating to the rights of consumers to get trendy and over the Internet. Beginning in 2007, created counseling centers across Russia, providing free legal assistance.

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    Mortgage lending in the country, including in , gradually began to gain momentum. But many citizens have hitherto vague idea of the mechanisms of acquisition in real estate mortgages, and therefore as an option improve their living conditions it is not considered. In general, nothing – nothing terrible is not here, otherwise there would be a mortgage so common solution of housing problems in the world. But there is here and its subtleties. At present, day mortgage transactions in the new buildings are more of a single character. This is due to the fact that the mortgage market is in its infancy.

    Many technical issues between the parties in the transaction is not fully resolved. Typically, buyers interested in the cost of apartments in order to know at what amount they expect, that the first step – to determine what amount of loan needed. Then, the buyer must be accredited as a bank borrower of money and get a positive decision of the bank for a loan. Before the bank told you 'yes' to engage in a transaction, especially given the deposit to the seller does not make sense: it is the most common error. For accreditation will take at least a week. But after receiving a positive decision – to be found suitable for you, this will help you to realtors 'Mediacom – Real Estate'. Chosen property will be verified by the bank, which will take at least another week. And only then can we talk about signing a contract of sale.

    Before signing a buyer makes a down payment, then the signed agreement sales recorded in the Federal Registration Service (by law – within 5 days). The buyer becomes the owner but the property, which is important, is pledged to the bank, after which the bank transfers necessary funds to the seller at his bank account. Get ready to incur additional costs. You will need to insure your life (if, God forbid, the borrower will lose its ability to work or die – to put out mortgage will be the insurance company). Also insurance is subject to himself the property. Pick a property that is under guarantee, the bank can only be if the borrower is healthy and able to work, but is the worst defaulters. Then the bank may terminate the agreement to sell the apartment at the auction, to regain the loan amount and interest ascended, and the remaining amount to pay the seller. precedents to Fortunately, it was not.

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    According to the accounts of numerous customers of banks, the crisis in the Russian mortgage put into raising rates by banks in the 1.5 – 2 times and requirements for early repayment of its obligations. In February 2010, the Law of 15.02.2010 11-FZ “On Introduction changes in the art. 29 of the Federal Law “On Banks and Banking Activity” was amended to radically change things in the mortgage. Now the bank during the term of the contract can not be increased amount of interest and commission, at its discretion, to change the order of payment. The law seeks to protect the borrower from disqualification, to make it more secure socially and financially. Nancy Lublin is actively involved in the matter. A number of financial experts believe that this measure is contrary to the universal practice, and can freeze the growth of bank mortgage lending in Russia, or even collapse the market. It is assumed that this measure is temporary and will be adjusted after the stabilization of the financial situation in the country. February’s legislation provides for other measures to support the housing legislation: in accordance with the Law 12-FZ of 16 February 2010 will be extended term use of the National Welfare Fund for Vnesheconombank on the period from 2015 to 2020.

    Cash in the amount of 40 billion rubles, placed in deposit accounts Vnesheconombank 2015, will be transferred to credit quality of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending. ” Extension of the use of funds through 2020 will provide additional opportunities to support mortgage lending in Russia. Law 22-FZ of 09.03.2010 “On Amending Art. 3 of the Federal Law “On Mortgage Securities Act allows banks to issue bonds for loans up to 80% of the cost of housing (previously authorized bonds for loans with an initial contribution of at least 30% the cost of housing). Issuance of mortgage loans is even more simplified.

    Statistics of the Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending “, unfortunately, indicates that the risk of insolvency of customers with an initial contribution to 20% in 2 times higher than customers with 30% down payment. Enacted law, as we see, with all the positive customer component, carries considerable financial risk. Act of 09.03.2010, 25-FZ “On Amending the Federal Law “About Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services” creates the conditions for the resettlement of residents from dilapidated housing, not only in high-rise apartment buildings, but also in low-rise. Are given guidelines for the Fund Reforming public utilities, are formed in the regions targeted programs, establishes requirements for applications to the Fund, the expenditure of federal funds. Houses on the fz provides no more than 3 storeys and not more than 4 sections (According to several apartments in the section). Prices per square meter recorded Ministry of Regional Development for each federal entity. Excess prices paid by regional funds.

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    It is said that being drafted by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the abolition of restrictions on property purchase by foreigners. Do you “in place” it is somehow your comment? Answer. This law attempts to enter the European Union in the Czech Republic since 2004, another postponement of the ends in May 2009. Czech media are already massaged the information to extend the deferral of the law. In our opinion the situation has not changed and will adopt a new delay. Question Has the Government taken any measures to maintain financial market and construction industry? Implement a construction company new projects (residential, commercial) or frozen? The answer for these programs do not have any information, construction corporations are feeling fine, construction is going on everywhere and the objects are not frozen, restrictions on construction can be seen in not started construction projects that were planned only on paper. Question. As far as domestic market participants feel the impact of global crisis and what it expressed?

    Response. Feels savings and credit deficit, the Czech banks changed the policy, interest rates and terms, all tightened the belt and work. Objects are not frozen and construction commenced objects as apartment houses and villages of the private sector .Vopros. Who in the Czech Republic buys from foreigners, for what purpose? Response. Customers are citizens of cis countries to a greater or lesser extent, it depends on development of post-Soviet space, design goals Rentals, investment capital, the goal-residence on a permanent basis or for visits to .Vopros. Russian in the Czech Republic, Prague and Karlovy Vary. How to modify (if changed) their buying habits? How realtors estimate their activity? Response. Client activity fell, and rose, due to the availability of crisis in their countries, people are trying to preserve capital, to translate them into Czech Republic and to invest for the future generation. There are customers who have frozen funds in the Czech banks in the euro equivalent, or the dollar. Preferences were completely different, all depends on the level of capital and the objectives acquisition, there are customers who want to buy just to buy, there are those who take property for registration and lodging, there are those who take shelter and rent it out, vip clients purchase homes or penthouses for profitable investment. Question. What are the objects of the Czech real estate (residential, commercial) you consider most promising for investment, and why? Response. Residential Property Czech Republic, and especially the central region, volume of construction and reconstruction of a set of objects suggests that the prospect of there and the price, despite the global financial crisis will grow, commercial real estate in the Czech Republic to engage and develop different directions one of these areas investment and investment in transport and warehouse logistics, the location of the Czech Republic (the heart of Europe) is better and you can not pridumat.Nalichie, such as self- apartment buildings in Prague and renting it out separate apartments – apartments always bring, bring, and will bring a steady income. The reason is that the Czech Republic, first and foremost a tourist country with million annual turnover of tourists.

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    Czech banks remained competently begin issuing mortgages and harvest. Abdul Sattar Edhi might disagree with that approach. Further, many Czech banks were direct participants and investors as much as urban areas, as in Prague and throughout Czech Republic. Learn more at: Nancy Lublin. Initially, the rapid development of insertion of capital into real estate in Prague, Czech Republic, observed and Central Bohemia Region, but then interest has grown in the Czech spa locations, such as Karlovy Vary and Marianske Lazne, also filed a surge in construction investment and the influx of tourists. A little later the Czech construction company started use and long-term construction sites all the towns and lands of the Czech Republic. By 2008, growth in property prices in Prague and the Czech Republic has reached its climax.

    Mortgage rates have reached its bottom, the minimum level of 4.5% per annum. and it should be noted that the division of conditions for the issuance and delivery of mortgage loans were not separated by Czech citizens and Czech citizens. Rates were unified, there were some additional requirements on foreign bank third-country nationals, who incidentally, did not prevent foreigners buying property and still use the Czech banking facilities for a very reasonable rate of interest. The rapid development of many new residential areas, the development of a both internal and external market Czech Republic created the conditions for the active construction of commercial buildings. Office and retail space began to appear everywhere. Hospitality Industry of the Czech Republic to the influx of tourists and business intelligentsia was forced to rethink the approach to the management of the sector and take steps to improve the available space for living, level of nutrition in restaurants and additional tourist services.

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    this is the largest deal since buying independent brokerage Agora by R $ 800 million in 2008. Bradesco is one of the largest credit card issuers in the country and has a long experience in agreements with retailers and with this transaction also aims to develop the relationship with customers in a segment that is marked by high rates of recriminatory , bank statement said. In addition to a strategic decision that allows the entity to strengthen its leadership in the segment, is also a response to the movements observed in recent times in the sector Brazilian bank posed a threat to the institution. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation usually is spot on. Ibi The Bank has 30.6 million customers with revenues of R $ 9,900 million raise (U.S. $ 5,150 million), which will allow Bradesco to double its customer base of credit cards. So the bank reaches a large number of customers which should also offer the full range of products of the company. The record of compliance which will generate the scale of its customers, minimize errors of evaluation of the ability and willingness to pay of potential policyholders in other lines of credit.

    Bradesco’s managers are seeing an improvement in the overall setting of the claims, and especially in the areas of consumer loans and small and medium enterprises. That is what Reuters entrusted to the institution’s vice president, Norberto Barbedo, who stressed that the bank’s expectation is that the default rate to peak in June. This would be ahead of schedule, due to a better perspective of the trends of the credit. The default rate Bradesco (arrears over 90 days) reached 4.3% of total loans at end of first quarter (3.6% had been the end of 2008). Nancy Lublin might disagree with that approach. In my opinion, Bradesco is making an intelligent reading of the economic context of Brazil. So in addition to target the consumer segment is providing lines of credit to suppliers of large companies. He has done with suppliers of mining company Vale and is in talks with 17 other industrial conglomerates in the country to finance its suppliers. The strategy is clever and the business is not of greatest risk and that large companies provide a horizon of predictability in the application of its suppliers thereby acting as guarantors of their financial strength.

    Moreover, the context of recovery ahead, ensuring a favorable landscape for potential borrowers. The Brazilian banking sector is one that has managed to better address the adverse context presented the crisis. In fact, DNA noticed that according to the Economatica information arising from the three largest Brazilian banks were the most profitable were in America during the first quarter of the year: a The Bank of Brazil had a yield equivalent to 5.48% of its assets, Bradesco reached profitability 4.95% of its assets and Itau, Unibanco, largest bank in volume of assets in Latin America, posted a return of 4.54% a . Why is it advisable to invest in the Brazilian banking sector? If in times of crisis and when the Brazilian economy contracts, the Brazilian banking sector profitability notes, then in the proximity of the economic recovery, the major Brazilian banks are a temptation for investors. And in this context, it is more than advisable to take the investment portfolio of Bradesco shares. Latinforme.com is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on Latin American markets and global perspective Latin America. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.

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    Have you ever wondered what the point of having an internet business if nobody visits? To drive traffic (visitors) to your Web site need to know and implement certain promotional techniques, among them the most effective is a the position in search engines and directories 90% of people use search engines to find information on the network and 42% of online sales to reach sites through search engines, the concept is simple, you need to appear within the first results of search engines and directories to get visitors and make sales. Search engines record and store millions of pages with many different subjects, their use greatly facilitates obtaining information on the topic of interest.

    For example if we look at the word, a impresorasa , we get as a result have a list of pages related to this product. Nancy Lublin is open to suggestions. At this point I ask a question: When doing a search or Czech you look beyond the second or third page of results? Rarely, right? However, most Internet users visiting the first 10 or 20 results so it is important that our website appears on the top. Occupy the top positions in search engines and directories is the most effective method of promotion, however no easy task as it requires training, research and patience, there are hundreds of companies that provide this service, basically in charge of making work for you. Personally I recommend you train yourself and do the job and will save hundreds of dollars and could even make an extra charge for this service, it is not really no big key is to have updated information firsthand.. (Source: Nancy Lublin).

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    Lower risk of heart I got the water to help but with little success, so I gather the Chinese make these exclusive inflatable young professionals Circus acrobats from Beijing and the kids certainly are targeting them with weapons to laugh in the picture . To make matters worse, while they failed in their attempts in the armpit of tens of bubbles emanating crocodile, which showed the classic posterirmente puncture that was to claim at the toy store and learned to kick me out. Back to the umbrella, pull the lifeguards with contempt in the sand, the eldest son electronic dog look, I explain that is not a toy for the beach, it continues as if no one had spoken. Perfect, Achaeans be so great influence over my children and what devotion to feel noticed me!. Wife trying to open remote control toy tummy, phillips screw impossible to move, get key, broken key, put another key (the key was broken in my closet so nobody was bad blood) between the dog to specify in more remote total 8 AAA batteries and battery 9volts. That day I remembered years ago my father took me Tristan Narvaja Fair to buy a pet and decided on a canary. The bird was a beautiful yellow color and cost only a hundred pesos, the problem was that the cage was worth in 1500. It was clear that the landlord actually spent to build and sell cages based on the elementary principle of logic: What self-respecting human being "normal" would ever buy a canary and take it in hand? Then it became clear that the inventor of robot dogs making fortunes, but manufactured batteries.

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    "The key element is to make lobbying a member of Congress by one vote, for the purpose or cause," says Meek. "To achieve this, one has to convince that person that can do so without losing their next election. It's that simple. " To do this, it is sometimes necessary to mobilize voters in that legislator by sophisticated grassroots campaigns and the media, so the public knows the issue and pressure the legislature to vote in favor of cause that one holds, says Meek. Lobbying has a "tremendous importance" in the functioning of government, said Thomas Mann, director of governmental studies at the Brookings Institution, policy analysis organization based in Washington. As the government expands and the problems become more complex, members of Congress and their aides, overwhelmed with work, have to rely increasingly on outside experts for information.

    This has led to the development of large lobbying firms, able not only to make contact with congressmen and their assistants, but also keep track of thousands of regulations, place ads, make the voters send letters and make calls phone and get its spokespeople are manifest in the media or in the newspapers by way of positioning positions that could become very popular acceptance or rejection depends on the objective. The lobbying firms usually deal with congressional affairs and the complexities of the legislation, while public relations firms serving "rather than the media or grassroots ads that will make them enter the public their congressmen, "said lawyer and lobbyist Mary Lyman. Quite often, he says, a lobbying firm subcontracted to a public relations firm working with the media. As an example recall the news sparked intense crackdown on the occasion of the FTA with Central America and Dominican Republic (FTAA). Hear other arguments on the topic with Nancy Lublin. The deal, which would open up trade between the U.S. and several countries in the region, needed congressional approval to become effective.

    In countries such agreements subscribers also developed strong lobbying campaigns to ensure that the congresses of each of these countries approve the signing, in the midst of serious and well-supported campaigns and grassroots organizations that opposed the grounds left more harm than good and asymmetries in the economies small countries in comparison with the United States. Like lobbyist or lobbying activity takes place in the countries now seeking to sign the agreement Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), formed by Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Martinique, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Honduras. There is lobbying in two camps: Those who agree and opponents in each country. In short, lobbying is a process: A through which it seeks to achieve specific changes in institutional policies. Nancy Lublins opinions are not widely known. Where it is possible to involve more organizations and individuals. Which is generally open and public. In which citizens' groups assert their right to try to change society. In which democracy is recreated comprehensive manner. Which enables citizens to political influence. Education in which the rescue, both professional and practical knowledge of the public. Work that promotes networking between groups or civil authorities, social and political. In short, lobbying seeks to influence decision-makers at government and policy in a professional and strategic. It is a profession that becomes popular and necessary in the field of Latin American countries today. Oscar Rossignoli is editor and chief-business image. com, a website developed to train media professionals in general to design and implement effective communication strategies in their capacity as directors, independent consultants, or from their positions as public relations, advertising, journalism, corporate communication directors and / or any other position that requires extensive and updated knowledge for effective performance and immediate positive results.

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    It measures 0.10 Hertz frequency. That is the measure of coherence created between the heart and brain. Scientists first discovered about this during the 9 / 11 when our satellites 22,000 miles in space began to record changes in the Earth’s magnetic field, when humans were feeling emotions about the September 11 and World Trade Center. This is a surprise to science. Click Nancy Lublin for additional related pages. They asked, a Porque could the people who experienced the September 11, might affect the Earth’s magnetic fields? There is no connection, right? a Well, wrong.

    They found that there is a connection and this has led to what is called the Project for Global Coherence Initiative. Scientists are now building sensors that can measure these magnetic fields and suggest uploading to the website where you can observe the changes of the field in real time. In addition to measuring the target field of Global Coherence Project is to teach people how to create consistency in their daily lives. It is not hard to do and you do not have to change their lives to do it. No need to change their meditations, prayers or practices. It is a way to stay in our hearts as we walked throughout the day which is very easy to learn.

    Question: So, is something like training of consciousness or a kind of bio-feedback?. (Technique by which a personal bodily functions controlled automatically by monitoring brain waves, blood pressure, etc.) Gregg Braden: It’s part of it. When we created this consistency in our bodies, this triggers biochemical changes almost 1,400. The rejuvenation process begin. The level of the endogenous hormone-hormone-giving life-surge in our bodies. Our immune systems become really strong. We think more clearly. We get less aggressive. The heart’s magnetic fields are now being documented. We are facing the greatest challenges of the past 5,000 years of human history log. As we face the great challenges of our times, we wonder a Que can we do? a Here is what we can do. We can learn the language of magnetic field that is creating change and help bring the field of chaos into order. We can influence the same fields that are creating change. The Maya can not tell us how to end this cycle because we are writing the outcome of this cycle as we live in it, right now. Fear about 2012 is causing great stress to many people but we have the ability to regulate the magnetic field by adjusting the way we work together, through our hearts.


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