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    Adolescence is a stage of life in which children experience many physiological, cognitive, emotional and social disturbances. This series of changes causes a continuous sensation of insecurity in children that often adversely affect their self-concept and self-esteem. In this article you will learn strategies to help build a positive self-esteem during adolescence adolescent your son or daughter. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Childrens Defense Fund. Teens makes comparisons boys and girls do not know very well how they themselves between twelve and eighteen years. Simply pass the day comparing with other teens, celebrities or models adults with those who feel an affinity. When a teenager perceives a very big distance between their way of behaving and that of your model to follow, tend to interpret this situation from a pessimistic and dramatic point of view.

    For this reason, it is essential that adults help them observe the entirety of each person, beyond those aspects in which stands out especially. How to help you be more objective Teens often talk about their idols or leaders constantly and with so much passion, that it is difficult to provide them with the care they need and sit and listen to them. On the contrary, as normal is that we complain by the heavy which are and us burlemos of such exaggerated his attitude. As well, along this road we shall not more than reinforce his fanatical behavior. If we want teens to be more objective and therefore less vulnerable to the ideal version that people perceive that they are important to them, something that works very well is to learn together with them over the life of the person who admires. To better understand this concept, that we will use an example. Suppose that our teenage son feels admiration for a singer, because what we would do is see videos about the biography of the singer, with he or she read interviews, critical and consult all the sources we can.


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