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    In the internal ones of this State free associate Clinton won 2 to 1 for Obama. According to Hillary that victory would show that she recovers and that it would win more votes than his rival at a general level. Center for Responsible Business has many thoughts on the issue. e varied view. For Clinton Puerto should become the point that reverts his defeat and will attract the super-delegados. However, there are several paradoxes. Puerto Rico (as well as other islands such as the Virgin, Samoa or Guam) is entitled to vote who are presidential candidates of the parties but not by them in the general election. While Puerto Rico must accept a ruler who never vote, Hillary wants that the Puerto Rican decision again catapult in the presidential race. She, in addition, argues that his victory confirms that he is the person most supported by the largest minority in USA (Hispanics). However, neither she nor Obama nor McCain speak Castilian. She, in turn, has been rejected by the majority of the Puerto Ricans who do not want to be assimilated as the 51 State of USA. Original author and source of the article.

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    Social media services such as Twitter, Facebook & co. are still the pastime of the generation of 2.0 in the Germany. While in the United States, companies harness the gigantic possibilities of this new form of communication for themselves, putting in this country still in decent restraint. In his new book, the head of Publicis Berlin illustrated Wolfgang Hunnekens, what are the possibilities, by the commercial use of social media revealed.

    How is it right and what really brings it, that is the question. The approach on these blogs, Twitter, communities,… follow own rules. Wolfgang Hunnekens describes in this book, such as the interaction with the future fans”is established, as are the social media friends and productively used these connections. For who want to actively shape the image of his company in the social media, should know exactly what to do. Just at the beginning of May to half-hearted attempts at the foot of the Internet, much to be destroyed.

    Indiscriminate approach should be avoided. The ICH network participation and image in the Internet. The magic words with the entrepreneurial success in the social media is possible are participation, participation. Whether who mastered the keyboard of the social media customer care, crisis management or marketing communication can act selectively. The equality of arms between customer and company is new. Rather than sulk behind closed doors or to write letters of complaint, frustrated customers can send their displeasure to an audience of millions, find allies… and wreak immense havoc. The book by Wolfgang Hunnekens offers useful suggestions and provides lots of new aspects of social media experts and newbies. Factually and clearly, but not dry, the reader moves through uncharted territories. It is always in the foreground how to become successful part of the social media network as ICH transmitter. Learn more at: PCRM. The person of the author of Wolfgang Hunnekens distinguishes this book from others. His eye for the new, his understanding of communication, not least his informal Rhenish art, entertaining facts to represent make worth reading, this book”to Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer (UdK Berlin). Wolfgang Hunnekens the ICH channel social media principle – TWITTER, FACEBOOK & COMMUNITIES successful insertion. 170 pages, numerous illustrations author of Wolfgang Hunnekens founder of the Institute of electronic business (IEB), co-owner of Publicis Berlin and visiting professor of digital communications at the University of Arts and the University of St. Gallen in the leadership course for digital communication. He is Chairman of the Berlin Chamber of Commerce Committee “Creative Industries”. Early on he dealt with digital communication and witnessed the rise and fall of the then so-called “new economy”, the first Internet hype in San Francisco (United States) live. The native Dusseldorf lives in Berlin since over 30 years, is married and the father of zweiTochtern. About BusinessVillage BusinessVillage, books make the fun. Concise and practice-oriented the reader without much effort can familiarize yourself quickly in new areas. Marketing & sales of Public Relations & corporate communications to the topic range success & career find Freelancer updates know-how of renowned experts, employees and Manager.

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    It woke up early, or better, it raised because practically it did not sleep. All passed the night thinking about the great day. He was exausta, but in the first touch of the alarm-clock it jumped of the bed, would be one day long, last before the vacations of one week for honey moon after the marriage. It wanted to leave everything organized in the work and the night to enjoy of its farewell of bachelor with the friends. It took coffee quickly and it followed for the accounting office where it worked in the center of the city.

    Good day, good day, said when entering for the esbaforida door. Eurico, the head, who always had a longer look for it, repays to the fulfilment lamenting in thought the fact of its more beautiful employee to be with the counted hours of freedom. Melissa was the name of it, of the sonhadora shy girl who would go to be married and to follow lady life. She was nervous as all fianc the eves of the marriage, but what more he was to afflict it age the bachelor farewell, it did not stop of looking at the clock to verify how much time lacked to finish the expedient and power to go to the meeting of the friends. Of the office alone it had guest Clarice and Jussara, therefore the other women who worked there were well older and married and the friends who were organizing the event they had not found convenient to invite them, no matter how hard Melissa had insisted.

    To dezessete hours, Clarice and Jussara, had closed the drawers and had left for so waited moment, the farewell of bachelor of Melissa. But the fianc still had that to be working a little more. Eighteen hours, nineteen, not yet could go even so, had that to leave everything soon, after all it would go to be except one week and did not want to leave accumulated work.

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    The “sustainable thinking Forum” initiative is part of the shape. It aims to provide expert knowledge, to create a basis for sustainability in various fields of action. At this Conference, renowned experts such as William McDonough, Jeffrey Sachs, Kenneth Yeang, Bruno Stagno, take Felipe Pich?Aguilera, Antonio Lamela, Cesar Ruiz?Larrea, Victor Olgyay of the Rocky Mountain Institute, Jacob van Rijs by MVRDV and Andoni Luis Aduriz part. The sustainable thinking Forum 2011 held on 17 may in the framework of the Construmat. Other participants are the ASA Association of sustainability and architecture, the OSE Spanish Observatory for sustainability, green building Council in Spain, the APIA environmental information journalist s Association, Fundacion Entorno and the make it right Foundation, which was established for the sustainable reconstruction of the city of New Orleans. The initiative shape was founded to enhance the awareness of the responsibility for their own habits and environment. With one common positive and yet realistic vision of usage for the nature can be encouraged and further developed.

    Shape is committed to formulate a definition of sustainability in different professional fields. Leading experts share their vision. This dialogue will shape the world for future generations. In addition to the support of environmentally friendly initiatives and the formulation of basic principles shape has a clear intent: the creation of a new reality. In times of a globalized world, which is characterized by cross-cutting actions shape would consider not the individual actions, but rather, what role is the interaction. The principle integrates several areas of action, to take personal responsibility for natural resources, provide information on the environment and the planet. “The first event of the shape initiative is the first international sustainable thinking Forum”, which on May 17 during the Construmat 2011 takes place.

    The Conference is from observations by experts different disciplines again and offers therefore a broad overview to the topic. This first initiative is divided into seven different areas: new approaches to global challenges, architecture and urban planning under a new paradigm, gastronomic husbandry, a new industrial revolution, economics and society and the mitigation of climate change. Also, the influences on health and well-being are addressed. The reflections for sustainability”the experts are compiled in individual booklets. You are part of a collection that includes several areas of action, economic circumstances and cultural and political contexts from around the world. These thoughts will be social, economic, and technical approaches in relation to sustainability, which are needed to establish a new reality and a global and sustainable thinking. Shape shape is an initiative of the Cosentino group and has set itself the target, to establish a respectful approach to the society and the environment. A scholarship of Cosentino group will enable the project in the sense of social responsibility. Where is the development of a strategy in the foreground, which is to ensure social and economic prosperity in the business environment. “About the first international sustainable thinking Forum” Conference which the shape is first and introductory event initiative, funded by the Cosentino group, and in collaboration with the Grupo Habitat Futura, is specialized in architecture and sustainable construction.

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    Today, a large number of people around the globe are trying to lose excess kilos. This is not surprising at all. Due to new scientific developments in agriculture, food have multiplied in abundance in many countries. More and more people gain weight and are looking for a way to eliminate fat and get in shape. If you’re browsing through this article, then probably you’re trying to lose a few kilos too. It is good to know that get rid of excess weight is certainly not difficult and boils down to two or three aspects of fat reduction which must undoubtedly be familiar with your ultimate goal which is to lose weight forever. It is very important to understand that weight loss may not be possible without a change of lifestyle.

    The main reason for this is often the amount of fat that accumulates in our bodies. On a daily basis, you eat foods that include calories. Many types of foods have different number of calories. As soon as you swallow food, the body converts the calories of the food directly into energy. In case that your body is equipped with much more energy from food this absorbs them throughout the day, compared with what is needed to digest and implement the functions of your body, will store the extra energy as fat in excess. A normal person should receive around two thousand calories each day to meet their energy needs. In the event that more than two thousand calories has been absorbed, a person engordara.

    And everytime you eat one smaller amount, the person must without doubt to reduce weight and slimming. You should know that everyone needs the single amount of calories every day. The actual amount of calories that your body must have exactly will depend on your height, body weight and genes, even of the body.

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    Why purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids as in OmVitum are an alternative for the human diet fatty acids play an important role. So, essential characteristics related to healthy eating are attributed to long-chain unsaturated fatty acids, which are known also as Omega-3 fatty acids. Win plant-based Omega-3 fatty acids, which most important representative is the alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), in the current discussion on healthy eating more and more in importance. It has good reason. In the high-quality vegetable oils itself and on the other hand in the issue with the fish oils. Most important sources for the animal Omega-3 fatty acids are the high-fat sea fish such as salmon, mackerel, herring or tuna, which partly are at risk in their portfolio and with heavy metals and toxins such as mercury, dioxin and PCBs can be negatively impacted. The latter can apply also to fish oil capsules. Many people want to no longer sit out this potential danger, but not on without the healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Alona Tal has to say.

    Therefore, they make an oil change and get on ALA from flaxseed oil (OmVitum capsules) as an alternative to the potentially contaminated fish oils. A question always asked is whether the purely plant-based Omega-3 fatty acid ALA from flaxseed oil can be a substitute for fish oil capsules. “The issue is for the field of preventive nutritional application with Yes” to answer. ALA is converted to consumption in a number of biologically active substances in our body. So also in the long-chain omega-3 – fatty acids EPA, DPA and DHA, which are concentrated in fish oil. According to new studies, the body can meet its needs in the Omega-3 – fatty acids DHA, EPA and DPA situation. Fish is eaten, the body has little need for EPA etc. from different sources. So little of ALA in EPA is converted. But no fish is eaten, the need is so great, is converted much EPA and other fatty acids from the plant source.

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    Only in times of crisis, people think of angels. But they are always there! If you think it no longer goes, comes from somewhere a light therefore “, so Martina Hautau, and engaged as a helpful Angel for the Aachen esoteric fair.” The project of the wellness oasis on the ESO d AIX with the motto ‘You let go well and others do better’ planned the organizers team as much thought about which was the best charitable project, told Gudrun Anders by an incident in her life. Arrears, which had to get by a sick tenant, were once paid by an organization. These are living Angels”was her dictum, because she urgently needed the money to finance the apartment. And she was right there were the Aachen angels. Conventional medicine offers ways, our State offers support, but there are also alternatives in many areas. Here, the Eso d’ Aix and the Aachen Angels agree. The Aachen angels are an ALTERNATIVE support in times of distress by cancer patients and shows the Eso d’ Aix ALTERNATIVE paths through the work of the exhibitors on! You agree however, that this is a wonderful reason why organiser Gudrun Anders and the responsible for choosing the Eso d’ Aix for the wellness oasis, Martina Hautau, the Aachener Angel e.V..

    Visitors can indulge in energy in different ways. PCRM understands that this is vital information. You can make invisible visible aura portraits by Annegret Reichmann (www.annegretreichmann.com). “You can learn an energy treatment or rely on a power chair” to refuel. “You can read learn more about themselves through teen” the Dutchwoman Jacqueline Thelen or with the laughing woman “true named Angelika white Angel just want to laugh. You can enjoy or indulge in relaxation and well-being. At a raffle, which evolved from the Exhibitor portfolio, they can do even more for yourself and others! The proceeds of the goods provided by exhibitors such as books and precious stones flows completely the Aachen Angels”to. So everyone in different ways can way improve his well-being mentally and own and make and at the same time other help for himself at the moment and for others in the long run. As a guest, Martin Lucker, who helped with his club the Aachen Angel has a large number of Aachen fates since 2005, will be to meet also in the wellness oasis to the notion of team work. “We would be pleased if they feel great pleasure to follow the motto: you well let it go and others are doing better”. If every man for himself is good, the world looked much friedvoller and friendly. Start AIX ahead of the approaching Christmas season with an angelic life on this year’s ESO d! Martina Hautau information to the Aachen esoteric fair: website of the Aachen Angels:

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    Quick action for the future of children in Cap Haitien Haiti / Port-au-Prince / Zurich, March 10, 2010 – January 12, 2010 is a completely different life from Markenson Augustin (tinyurl.com/ydoacpe). On the evening of that day, the devastating earthquake destroyed his hometown of Port-au-Prince. It ripped his parents to death. It took him his childlike serenity – Markenson Augustin is nine years old. Check with Boy Scouts of America to learn more. Eight weeks ago, normality has left seemingly forever the life of the child. Jennifer Aaker is likely to increase your knowledge. Markenson lives rain Group Foundation of black in the North of Haiti – in the new orphanage and normality returns slowly. Together with Markenson, 14 more half – and orphans have found rain group orphanage in Cap Haitien a home in the newly opened black.

    Twelve of the 15 children come from the earthquake zone around Port-au-Prince. To give children the opportunity to come to rest and to get used to her new life, a child-friendly everyday is designed by the staff of the orphan’s home. \”Together with the children play, paint, or sing We\”, tells Jaquesson Mexil, the project manager on the spot. \”You do a cheerful impression. You laugh a lot.\” With the realization of the orphanage, the black rain Group had already begun before the dramatic earthquake. Since the end of February, it is inhabited already – by children who have found a home in it up to their age.

    In his care, regular, healthy food, good hygienic conditions, medical care, educational assistance, clothing and education are ensured. The Foundation relies on the cooperation with local partners on the ground and was quickly able to make the first reference-capable rooms for earthquake orphans. \”Projects such as our new orphanage only in cooperation with locals can be implemented in Haiti effectively and quickly. Our helpers know dealing with the authorities, they find the means to the end spot just faster.

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    Billomat extends its functionality to the beginning of the year and binds the letter shop PixelLetter a. Letters and faxes can be sent from now on Billomat. Printing, folding, enveloping, franking and sending of invoices and offers takes on PixelLetter. In addition, electronically created invoices with a qualified digital signature by E-Mail can be sent. Freelancer, entrepreneur, craftsmen, artists, consultants, journalists etc. can send invoices and offers comfortably from a PC with web-based solutions from Billomat. These features used to, the customer must log on only at PixelLetter (www.pixelletter.de).

    Through these new features we are provide an enormous benefit our customers, since the often time-intensive work of printing, Kuvertierens up to the trip to the post office, says Simon Stucher, Managing Director of Billomat. Availability: The service from PixelLetter is now integrated in Billomat. The service of PixelLetter the user is calculated directly from PixelLetter. The prices for the use of Billomat start at zero euros. Users in a fee-based plan can change only in intensive use. About Billomat:, Which specializes in Herdorf, based company, Billomat Ltd., on Web applications. Customers can create your invoices and quotes online and manage. (A valuable related resource: PCRM). In addition, customer and product data can be managed comfortably. Company contact: Billomat Ltd. Holltertszug 26 D-57562 Herdorf phone: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) fax: 0700-BILLOMAT (0700-24556628) Web: email: contact person: Thomas Weigel, Simon Stucher

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    Place 1 of the E-book customer list in the bookshops of Berlin, 15.09.2008. With cool “without booze” a matchless is the DG Verlag Advisor on the subject of “Alcoholism” appear, which in its digital version previously on the independent author platform of the publishing house XinXii within a short time the number 1 bestseller was promoted and became the visitor magnets. The book is an intermediary for a completely new understanding of addiction to alcohol and to change significantly the lives of those affected and that of their families; It has the alcohol dependency to the target. “Author Johannes Regnitz: with my unpopular opinion of alcoholics and alcohol I thoroughly clean up with any old cables.” Johannes Regnitz worked with this book of his own career of drinkers and (s) one signpost to freedom written down. It should send the reader and his co-affected families not only in the right direction, but also inform the obstacles and warn of possible surprises – sound, informative and entertaining at the same time and without raised index finger. The 123-page book differs thus from the books published in the segment in particular through its Authenizitat and the reduction of the complex topic on the aspects that so far are necessary to reach the alcohol independence. The author tries to create this critical but fair standards; far away from the lack of distance by authors who were never affected.

    The pocket book is reader-friendly and contains a wealth of tips and hints from first-hand for all phases of a drinker’s career – dealing with the youth, about the transition in the alcohol addiction, alcohol up to the various withdrawal options (outpatients, inpatients, on his own) and the life “afterwards”. A special section titled MPU completes the Advisor. With cool “without booze” the author primarily alcohol abusers, but also se in affected environment (life partners, family members, friends and acquaintances) is addressed. The reading of the entertaining written book is advisable but also each “normal drinkers”, his drinking habits from a whole new angle to look at and to reconsider. “Cool without booze” is published by the DG Verlag and can be – ordered under the ISBN 978-3-941045-04-0 in all bookstores or on the Internet via amazon or 29.95 EUR there also as E-book download.

    The author Johannes Regnitz was born in 1960 in Freiburg. After graduating from the Bauingineurwesens in Karlsruhe he graduated the professional pilots (ATPL). Johannes Regnitz is father of a daughter and now lives as a self-employed entrepreneur and freelance pilot in Saarbrucken, Germany. The DG-Verlag of the gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG (DG-Verlag) was founded in 2003 in Berlin. With his publisher offer DG aimed primarily at the man interested in success, lifestyle, luxury & style. The success of the book series “living and working in…” led to the outsourcing of the theme of hiking on your own book shop. now the DG-Verlag has the largest programme of German-language publications for a stress-and conflict-free (short-term or long-term) abroad. Since January 2008, the Berlin Publishing House operates the independent platform of XinXii, the first Web 2.0 marketplace for digital texts. On author and each Publisher upload any (all) his lyrics and sell, which can offer paid download. Contact for additional information, interview requests and image material DG-Verlag Gentlemen’s Digest Ltd. & co. KG Dr. Andrea Schober head of marketing & PR Oranienburger str. 90 D – 10178 Berlin Tel. + 49 (0) 30-27 58 26 02 E-Mail: andrea.schober at gdigest.com


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