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    The PP and CiU a flag which is the cutouts and injustice unites them. Clipped to whom more pedece and not clipped to whom most have, says Herrera, who wants a policy transparent and at the service of people, not of particular interest. We don’t want a war of flags, but democratic quality. Day 25-N you must a voice on the left have and find a way out of the radically different crisis. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Neal Barnard. I want a country where children eat three times a day and for that we need a Parliament at the service of people, not the powerful, explains. 13.10 David Zambrana, PPC, wants a Catalonia that is integrated in the rest of Spain, which is not socially fractured by some politicians, that is the gateway to Europe and the economic engine of Spain. 13.08 Enric Morist, Coordinator of the Creu Roja in the counties of Barcelona, estimates that 18 million kilos of food have been distributed in 2012 and highlights energy poverty and child poverty, since one out of four children are at risk of exclusion. 13.02.

    Ramon Pla, a retiree who has wanted to speak spontaneously, says there is no guarantee that maintain the purchasing power of pensions, report that they have lowered the salary of the people who take care of dependents and criticizes that the VAT hike affects people with less income. Also encouraged to participate in the general strike to ask that pensions, not be clipped above all, taking into account that many families live of them. 12.45 Sergio Rodriguez, Adsis Foundation Executive director, wondered who can guarantee opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion. We want a Catalonia that rescue people and not to the banks, says.. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine addresses the importance of the matter here.

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