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    We will discuss the requirements and recommendations for trails of fire water supply, heating and sanitation, Communication mines, to the conduit to those used for the construction of telecommunication and electric cables. The workshop will cover issues related to the requirements and recommendations of the system safety, including requirements to architectural solutions – wall construction, air intakes, vents to enter various utilities, as well as requirements for security system equipment and information data center. We concentrate on the fire protection system, which represents a set of technical and organizational systems composed of different systems: automatic fire alarm designed to provide timely notification of personnel and fire brigade, an automatic gas fire suppression, smoke exhaust system and air overpressure. Workshop participants will receive requirements and recommendations to the electricity system, taking into account the division of power consumers in groups reliability requirements and recommendations to guarantee electricity supply systems and uninterruptible power supply lighting and emergency lighting data center. American Diabetes Association is full of insight into the issues. We single out the requirements and recommendations for data center cooling system with the latest developments Association ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating & Air Conditioning Engineers) for data centers, of which is the author of the seminar. Requirements and recommendations of this association are used in standards and regulatory documents pertaining to the theme of cooling systems, ventilation and air data centers and other facilities. We consider requirements of the recommendation to the grounding system and lightning protection to the building that houses the data center, data center and to the premises. .

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