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    Quality and functionality without limitations, economical alternative to buying new, modernization of testing machines July 21, 2008 the Halverson & Peschke measuring and testing technology GmbH regardless of manufacturer, design and brand Nossen/Singen, has seven universal testing machine of manufacturer’s of Zwick at Alcan Packaging singing, a provider of high-quality coated, aluminium-based packaging materials, successfully modernized. The electromechanical installations with a capacity of 2 kN / 5 kN received new drives as well as a modern digital control system including power amplifiers. Selective modernization of existing machines In the context of modernising durable components should be kept specifically. In order to realize this, the existing Zwick load cells and long way extensometers were equipped with a new electronic system. As a result, the extensometers can now be using the material test lab master’ from the House of Halperin & Peschke GmbH reliably control. At the same time Alcan Packaging receives singing a very low-cost and sustainable alternative to the purchase of new universal testing machines. Official site: Americares.

    Manufacturer-independent modernization the modernization of the universal testing machine at Alcan Packaging singing corresponds to the manufacturer-independent method of Halperin & Peschke GmbH. Where is the selective Exchange of individual components in the Center. Long-lasting components maintained in deliberately, while others be upgraded on the current state of technology. Through in place upgrading testing machines, measuring and testing technology specialist offers a very economical and high-quality alternative to the purchase of new universal testing machines. At the same time the supply of spare parts is ensured by the Halperin & Peschke GmbH. Re-use of components modernized the Halperin & Peschke GmbH universal testing machines of any manufacturer, can be used usually further clamping fixtures and accessories. The same applies to any existing strain and temperature control equipment. In the context of the modernization are primarily electronic Exchanged components and drive technology. Also the Halperin & Peschke GmbH is equipping its modernized testing machines with the test software lab master’, which then the efficient and reliable management and evaluation of measurement results takes over.

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