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    DieBengels.com group of the ACBL Rosrath the youth Kart on the 17.06.2012 of 22 found in Siegburg in beautiful weather Siegburger ADAC youth Kart slalom on the Bruck mountain barracks instead. At the entrance to the barracks the children received military salute and a disused tornado by soldiers with one after entering the gate. So what has it not all days and left a lasting impression on all those involved. On this day not only the race of the AMC Siegburg, but also at the same time a race of MIG Motorsport interests community Siebengebirge e.V. held 7. If you would like to know more about Center For Responsible Lending, then click here. DieBengels.com achieved very good rankings in the K2 at both races. Dennis Abbot fields took place at the race of the MIG7 an outstanding 3, assuring a podium place. The race of the AMC Siegburg reached a good 7th place.

    Nico Rohde scored in the race of the MIG7 space 9. In the race of the AMC Siegburg he finished a very good 5. In the class K3 of the barrel by the AMC Siegburg Pierre-Maurice Ibeanusi led long the fastest time of the first run and was concluded in this only by the 5 best riders of the season almost caught up. By a pylon he was passed through then unfortunately error and associated 2 penalty seconds in the second run on the 13th, which is a very good achievement in a field of 24. Skjell all man finished in this run of 21st place. During the run of the MIG7, Skjell took place 20 Allmann place 18 and Pierre-Maurice Ibeanusi. In the class K4 scored Daniel Rosenthal an outstanding 13 place in the run of AMC Siegburg and remained for a long time finally again in two runs without errors. Kevin Rohde achieved 16th place which his services steadily in terms of speed improved. In the race of the MIG7 Kevin square 16 and Daniel Platz 17 interested children scored for a free trial can register like on the page.

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