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    You are looking for travel for pleasure or business and you feel completely sure that everything leaves well and where you need something always would be the way to get it? Now this is possible acquiring assistance insurance, service that can offer you only the best airline in Mexico. Are you sure of assistance? That sounds very general, so here I will tell you that includes: road assistance if tucoche could not circulate any fault, road assistance will pay for tow you to the nearest shop. Concierge service as your personal agenda, because it will give you information regarding schedules and reservations for any type of event or restaurant, offers medical references and if you need a doctor to address them so provide you, reservations of tickets for transport and assistance in the purchase and delivery of all kinds of gifts. Urgent messages is in charge of transmitting urgent messages in any emergency situation premium for accidental death per 100,000 pesos and a reimbursement of medical expenses for accidents from 500 up to 25,000 pesos tracking baggage payments for coverage in the event of lost luggage. The assistance insurance can be purchased when buying your plane ticket and will ensure from the salts of your House heading to the airport to return to your home returning from your trip.

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