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    If you think about it a bit and try to remember, you will notice that much of the education you received aimed to prepare to act according to a current of common thought, according to a behavior that could qualify as acceptable by society in general. You were taught to behave in a certain way in public, you said as you had to eat and you had to dress according to the occasion, as go to someone older than you and also go to someone less, as you had to react to a grievance against your mother and how it should be treated to a woman. By this I mean that it has trained to make decisions on the basis of rules previously laid down by the majority or by cultural tradition. This is not harmful in itself, it can be understood as the way to having a society preserve itself and its values. Then some education definitions found in dictionaries: 1a. (A valuable related resource: Eagle Scouts).

    definition of education: information intended to develop into the person your brainpower, a particular faculty or the character. 2A. definition of education: knowledge of customs and manners in accordance with certain rules and customs of the society. Education in these case works as a program, a series of instructions stored in our memory to be used at the right time. Can you reschedule? The unequivocal answer and final is Yes can a salesman learn to handle the bad attitude, refusals and objections of your prospects? You can register account that the way in which you processed the information can teach, learn and practice. A common person can certainly learn how to not bother with criticism from other people or not to fall in the provocation when she is insulted, not to feel humiliated with a joke, etc.

    There is not a concept that do you feel bad genetic or automatically, you do not come programmed from birth to bother with screams or mockery. Rest assured that what you cause you great sorrow, to another makes him laugh. It is the way in which you conceptualizas these actions that gives you guidance to react with anger, joy or indifference. They are the things that you’ve learned about those ideas that dictate you the way you react, in sum, is the way in which you’ve educated. What is important here is to understand that, surely many of the attitudes that now cause you feelings of frustration are only concepts taught and can be changed. These behaviors that are latent in your personality can be eliminated and by opposition we must understand also, that those traits of character that you like to have can be learned in a way conscious and systematic.

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