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    A biome is a community of flora and fauna that has adapted to the particular conditions of the environment; Biomes are also known as ecosystems. The wetlands biome is a biome characterized by wet conditions, giving rise to a diverse collection of species that enjoy the semi aquatic environment. Wetland biomes can be found in almost any part of the world, except in areas that remain frozen throughout the year. Wetlands are ecologically very important because they provide shelter, food, and protection of a variety of species, and also act as buffer zones. There are fresh or salt water, fresh or mixed biomes, the wetlands biome usually has water areas stagnant for much of the year, some wetlands are humid year-round, while others run on a dry wet cycle, in which the Earth undergoes periods of dryness. Stagnant water is home to plants and aquatic animals, along with transition trees, shrubs and animals who enjoy of the Food and shelter offered by the wetlands. As the reeds and lilies aquatic plants are common, along with the aquatic birds such as ducks, geese, swans and herons.

    The wetlands biome is home to creatures such as beavers, mink, rats, and sometimes larger animals like deer and Moose who seek shelter and food in the wetlands. Trees such as Cypress and mangroves can also be found in the biome of wetlands, along with shrubs such as blueberries. Wetlands studies seem to indicate that they are among the most diverse on Earth places. Swamps and marshes are considered wetlands biome. Wetlands ranging from wooded mangroves that are found along the coast to freshwater marshes are in the regions of the interior. The marshes are characterized by highly acidic conditions due to slow plants and animals decay and poor drainage. Wetlands act as buffer zones, catching the flooding and rain for which dry ecosystems are not saturated water during storms and inclement weather climate. Wetlands are fragile and subject to damage caused by pollution, poor management of the soil, and the exploitation of natural resources. Several conservation organizations are dedicated to the conservation of wetlands around the world biomes, and some groups are also working to restore and expand the existing wetlands.

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