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    At these moments of important decisions politics for the state and country, we go to speak of serious things and that it really has importance for our history. We go to speak of the pioneirismo, in Rondnia. Time for another one in we see them involved in the question: who was or which had been the pioneers of Rondnia and our rondonianas cities? The answers are most different. It depends only on toward where we come back our eyes. Remembering that, in history terms, more than what to know who was the first one, it is important to know why this first one it made what it made.

    Because it left its lands and it migrou? However, while we do not decide the problem of the causes, we go to think on the facts. The fact is that we do not know who can be considered pioneering. Let us see why: for some Rondon and its team they are the main pioneers, with the installation of the telegraphic lines, therefore with this if it defined the tracing for the posterior opening of BR 364. Others affirm that in the end of century XIX and start of century XX a pioneering action occurred, developed for thousand of workers who had constructed to the Railroad Mamor Wood. The majority of which, well the truth, never more it left the Amaznia, therefore had been embedded here. Some defend the priority of the two waves of workers inject for them, as pioneering of Rondnia.

    Remembering that a group occupied the current Acre, conquering it for Brazil; later they had come the soldiers of the rubber who, forgotten for the system, had given great services in the process of occupation of the region. Its way, also is pioneering. Centuries before some bandeirantes had crossed the Amazonian scrubs, passing for Rondnia. First of north the south (Francisco M.

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