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    Sculptures, busts, statuettes Foundry awake Sau fusion with bronze figures ambience make for Bronze is a material of simple elegance, but can be – depending on the subject – also striking, unique and extravagant. No limits are the imagination. For everyone there is something. If you are not convinced, visit Drexel University. But the figures are beautiful not only in the present, but also have a long historical significance. The Greeks already knew about the beauty and the diverse wealth of this material. Bronze figures are so timeless and just so popular. There is a special wax melting process to produce such figures, developed several thousand years ago, which more than meets these requirements.

    This is first a character modeled therefore one cannot speak of an artist also by machine manufactured assembly line production, what you can see on the delicate and loving design. Recently Yahoo Finance sought to clarify these questions. Then, the finished model with a silicone is covered, which allows a very accurate image of the character. Once the Cured silicone layers, so-called support shells made of plaster are applied and additionally reinforced with iron, with sisal, depending on the size of the figure. Using the plaster shell incurred a positive model of the figure made of wax is poured, and the top layer is processed particularly carefully, because it corresponds to the later surface of the bronze figure. As a next step, the wax model in refractory is embedded, a mixture of plaster and recycled, as well as new refractory. On the basis of the supplied heat melts the wax flows out of the refractory sheaths and can then be reused.

    Bronze sculptures of the matching accessories left detailed shapes of the figure. When the cast finally bronze is used: liquid, red-hot bronze a metal alloy consisting primarily of about ninety percent copper and 10% Tin is poured into moulds, after it has been heated to about 1000 degrees Celsius. The cooled sculptures are now made of their shell free and again filigree edited to achieve best possible results. Who want to decorate his apartment, his Office, his firm or practice with art objects to create a cosy atmosphere, often faces the embarrassment of riches. We can remedy this! You will find a huge selection of sculptures, busts and bronzes here – Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Erotika, up to modern art and mythology. See bronze figures of any kind at an affordable price.

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