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    &quot is already heard speak of one; culture of marihuana". For short while t-shirts with slogans like the one of &quot have been seen in the world; LEGALIZE IT" , caps with the symbol " corrido" of a cannabis leaf sativa, key rings with the reason, necklaces and in aim all a series of articles for youthful use allusive to that " drug dulce" , as much so until the title page of of discs of Carlos You live has recorded the little figure. Only these few examples give to understand us how great it is already the business of " mariguana"! Not the business of the llaveritos but the enormous business of the production, distribution and consumption of " yerba". We initiate in Holland. There the marijuana is legalized, is commercialized in the Coffee Shop and it is consumed abiertamente, including by the agents of the Police. Before they took, it of Thailand, Colombia, Jamaica or the Lebanon.

    Now the Dutch, despite the governmental prohibition of seedtime in great extensions, produce much more of one hundred tons to the year, which represents a number of businesses of several trillions of weights, to prices of consumer. Many mounted " boutiques" , calls there " Grow Shops" (Greenpoint, Positive Grow, Interpolm, are some of most famous), specialized in providing all the necessary one for the culture with the drug, including the subscription to a voluminous newspaper specialized in the subject, call ESSENCE. It is more: a called man Horseradish tree Dronkers founded the Museum of the Hashish, located in the Red District and which is visited annually by eighty thousand people the year, at the rate of 4 dollars the entrance by head! There but the man did not remain, because he owns a true economic group that moves in the business of marimba between four and five million dollars to the year, controlling, also, the Sensi Seed Bank, at the present time the producing major of seed of Holland whose annual market represents more or less other twenty million dollars and whose investment in scientific research for the improvement of the quality of the cannabis reachs the four hundred thousand annual dollars.

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