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    Chasing the money with anxiety is the best way to move away it or that becomes us against. All those who are here want to win money but not worth all because the money is part of many other aspects that if not coordinated locos can return us literally. The world of the businesses in internet, network marketing, business in house, etc is not different from any other, here there are many people who go crazy for a fistful of dollars, and in many cases, they become crazy about a possible fistful of dollars. tions. When I say crazy become I mean things like neglect family, betraying friends, lie compulsively, enter in a cult, get stuck in thoughts wrong yet knowing that erroneous, are become completely submissive to a leader, to lose health, appropriating things that are not your own content or styles of others etc, etc a myriad of absurdities effect of anxiety over money that cause even more anxiety, anxiety that in some cases, and not I am exaggerating, just in a psychiatric. I said that this anxiety is something that pushes away the money, which hinders us the development of our business, but there are also cases in which despite the anxiety, or because it becomes an obsession with gap, there is who succeed in winning his fistful of dollars.

    These cases are just as tragic, or more. When one gets his fistful of dollars playing dirty, aprovechandose of others, against our values, aside from family and friends, our health to deteriorate, stealing and cheating others or in any other way that basically does not make us feel good, money, in the long run, will turn against us. And it is not that we punish God, but we ourselves know what we have not done well, that feeling becomes frustration and, although initially not realizing counts, that frustration is fixed in our body and makes that we look for more frustration and problems. We seek and we seek until the frustration is so great as to realize our mistakes.

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