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    Of course, this serenity has also disadvantages. Childrens Defense Fund is open to suggestions. Here one must get used simply it, that everything takes longer and not exactly taken with punctuality and a few other things. If you the local mentality into account and sets no European standards can very well live but also (or just). Their raffle homepage is available in 5 languages. This makes us naturally curious, how come your lot buyer.

    Play a role in a House raffle in the Caribbean German Los buyer at all? The buyers come from all over the world, also from China, India, Canada, Russia, United States, etc., but especially European buyers have great interest in the winter”in the Caribbean to spend. The German take the largest part among the Europeans. House Raffles are unfortunately still no business as usual. How did you get this idea? I have followed the first successful House lottery, and because I had offered my house otherwise only unsuccessfully for sale, I went this way. Would you start, if it were possible, even a House raffle? No, definitely I would, if I turn the clock back could again break the same way.

    For the participants, in any case, House Raffles are a fine, because several are now even the chance to win big thousands of times better than Lotto or similar. But one can not imagine just the work related to the raffling party and also the cost. Also I couldn’t at the beginning yet, otherwise I would have not started it really. How is the relationship with your Los buyers? To receive much acclaim? My participants, I would like to thank here in any form. Not only for their trust and their patience, but all ahead for their encouragement and sometimes active support. I get very often eMails from interested parties who are really concerned about such a move and the difficulty in doing so.

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