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    Many years ago, understood thousands of years, the book kybalion, which already speaks of a mental universe, i.e. a universe sustained by the mind was written. From then there are innumerable references to scholars and spiritual masters that speak of a mental universe. In the 20th century however, is that there is an explosion of knowledge about this truth and now backed by science, through quantum physics, which for many is one of the greatest achievements of human knowledge. But, until point can really understand that this universe is a universe of ideas? To start to change our materialistic point of view, we can observe as ideas or thoughts affect my physical world. To do this, I ask you to do the following exercise: lying down and not say to your body to do. You don’t tell him what to do.

    Just wait for the body to do something. Don’t say to lift an arm or a leg lifting or sit, or to open the eyes. Simply wait. What does your body? NOTHING! In other words, that so that your body does something, you should think about in that something, either at a conscious level or at the unconscious level. And here we enter a very important field for anyone who wants to transform his life: the unconscious. Already Carl Gustav Jung, the famous disciple of Sigmund Freud, made a claim transformation if we pay attention. He said: The human being is as it is by unconscious, not by conscious. One of the greatest errors and that it does not correct the current educational system, is to believe that our act is the product of our conscious thoughts.

    Before proceeding with examples about this, let us recall some facts easily verifiable today. Human beings have a wonderful brain, which in turn has a single purpose: keep us alive. Exact.

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