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    The ABC newspaper has recently published an investigation of Unit R+D of the University of Alcala (UAH), in which they demonstrate how the present cells mother in the blood of the umbilical cord can use two different routes of differentiation to generate the cells producing of antibodies, lymphocytes B. This investigation, published in the magazine of the Academy of Sciences of the United States, allows to find the lineage of human B-1 lymphocytes, different from the B-2 cells that are majority in adults and the unique ones known until now in the man. The authors are shortage normal cell B morning call of tumorlike transformation in the patients of linfoblstica leukemia infantile B, and possibly implied in other physiopathological mechanisms that they affect great part of the population. The results of the study represent an advance in the fundamental knowledge of the genesis of the immune system and have implications in diseases of great social impact. Investigator Eva Sanz and her collaborators, have drawn up the destiny of each descending cell of the population ” madre” during the first 10 generations of cellular division of its lineage to demonstrate it. ” The findings of our study are first in demonstrating that human lymphocytes B can be created by two routes of different ancestors who share analogous properties to the lineages of cells B-1 and B-2 of ratn” , Sanz explains. The B-1 cells are implied in mechanisms of disease like the cancer, in the production of responsible natural antibodies in antiinfectious defense, and the product retirement implied in degeneration in pathologies common in old, like the oxidized cholesterol elimination to avoid the aterosclerosis.

    Source: ABC On IVIDA IVIDA is the Bank of umbilical cord of lVI, European reproductive medicine leader with 22 clinics and is present in 8 countries. IVIDA offers an integral service of preservation of the umbilical cord, giving the possibility to the families of conserving the sample of new born in the located public bank in soothes of Madrid or in the private bank located in soothes of Lisbon. IVI, with more than 20 years to the service of the reproduction, it guarantees to the IVIDA patients the absolute control of all the process, from the collection of the sample to the freezing of the same.

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