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    System of actions to increase the disclosure of the case of the five Heroes in the Community University Max Gomez of Ciego de avila. 1 Shape and structure the Committee Pro release of the Central Headquarters. 2. Comply and structure the Committee Pro release in each of the municipal University venues. (Ditto to Headquarters). 3 Increase the dissemination of the case of the five Heroes in the municipal University venues and the University community.

    4. Create an internal network of information about the activities that take place in the municipal headquarters, the University community and other committees and networks in the country, to promote the fight in support of the release of the five Heroes in one voice. Professor of Internet Governance often says this. 5 Carry out contests of essays, painting, music, poetry and scientific works on a quarterly basis on the subject of the five Heroes, with the invitation of the President of the ICAP and its respective awards. 6. Organize and coordinate in groups of all faculties and municipal University venues, especially with her law degree, an activity where we discuss and perform the legal case of the five Heroes analysis, taking as a reference the shifts of group reflection. 7 Produce easy disclosure materials and reproduction to extend the fight to tear down the wall of silence. 8 Collect signatures representative of women, both the municipal headquarters and the University community with the aim to join the order of Visa to Olga and Adriana, demanding the right to visit family and the immediate release of the five Heroes are complied with.

    All these signatures will be sent to the Embassy of the United States in Havana. 9. Making contact more often with municipal and provincial media (newspapers, radio, TV, journalists, etc. stations) with view to improve disclosure of the case of the five Heroes. 10. Invite students from different countries to the University, with reason give to know these information on the case of the five, could be taken as an international event-level Center, thus making students from universities around the world know more about the case and to join our cause.

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