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    Keep in mind that make policy involves promise without knowing the dutiful honesty who emits the adventurous promise, is the cane where you must support us to choose our next democratic vote. We live at a time nothing particular in history, since the promising bonanza of leaders towards their subjects goes back from the Greeks until feudalism, offering these past protection, home, food and clothing in exchange for country work and various trades. Inside his protective halo, was the formation of small armies who rejected to vandalism, kidnapping and invasions. This exchange of services lasted many centuries forming a social system of zero staff growth, since the lineage – whatever – lingered during the entire life, categorized into two classes, the possessor and the dispossessed. Both had their lives to protect the lineage that preceded it. With the advent of technological and scientific, being their roots produced within the same feudalism, was discovered the disconnection between thought and possession, self-destructing is that system before the claim violent one of the parties involved. The prospects of the new system were promising, open, sparkling of freedom and choice, accepting followers from all over the world, to establish as we know it today, or at least until a few decades ago. Based on the constant and uncontrollable evolution, we find that the contemporary historical twist responds to a social Conference which raise and lower castes in concatenated form.

    Not long ago the Governments and prevailing reigns confusion to develop and protect domestic sources, emerging industries, trade and all medium that increases a country’s power to establish itself as a power, or kept as such. As fashion swallows to different social classes, motivating the communicative means to update and consumption, became independent social exploits with consumption and the acquisition of assets of comfort, today converted into basic elements of a dignified and fruitful life! This modality reified moved up the shallowness of utilitarian romanticism, linking lineages from Kings to commoners, and wealthy heirs with neighborhood couples. In the same way they have acquired power – through the vote – a novel social class named politicians, whose means of economic livelihood marks it the governmental position acquired, independent obligations and historical responsibilities involving them. It is well known that two different tasks are accessing the job hold on it as much as possible, therefore has been refined the system popularized a sector of the Bank of power in varied relating characters or warlords, of different cultural groups that follow them. Rooting the distributive pyramid down, gets a more enduring and reliable settlement creating an entire system branched power without concentration that simulates the virtual network, freeing all its web-based national social consequences, since each occupant of a rung only deals with his personal subgroup, not reaching the view more beyond of the horizon Bank. This particular systematization of the State governs the new era of globalization, producing giant geological pores in the hope of patriotism and welfare, decreeing inequalities and instability as emergent pattern, leaving adrift prospects and opportunities, to throw a crumb of illusion in proselytising visits only during political campaigns. We discover issued promises to break when the volume of the works exceeds the welfare personal, family or group, since influence within a company requires some very particular intrinsic power, that it weakens every day when the reiteration of the same promise grows in the stations to be inaccessible to the pragmatic logic voices.

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