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    If in one hand at chef knife, and another – a vegetable, do not flatter yourself supper salad. Quite possibly, from the pen, or rather, from under the knife skillful chef will any flower or a young one. What is it? On the carving – art carving the vegetables and fruktam.Fud designers medieval carving appeared long ago. Health organizations does not necessarily agree. It is now competing chefs who will win, just to show off in his ability. So to speak, carving for carving. And many centuries ago in crowded South-East Asia carving infancy not as creative whim housewives, but as production need, which significantly transformed the poor, mainly vegetable diet. Health organizations is actively involved in the matter. And in each of the south-east of carving developed in different ways.

    Cooks in Japan and China sculpted their traditional dragons and even pictures with fighting scenes. Used for the stencils, seizures, and molds. In Thailand, the Cook Unlike the Japanese and Chinese counterparts to treat the case more thoroughly: picked up thin and narrow blades and Thai from all civil liability sculpted characters Thai state – the orchid. European Knives Chefs get to fruits and vegetables much later. Medieval Europe was nourished by a full and varied. And even the royal feast did without vegetable uhischreniy.Karvingistam on a note for a long time the master carving transferred their skills solely by inheritance, and kept them in great secrecy. But as they say, all the secret becomes clear. And now, today, wide karvingistov army all around the world often takes the knife to cut from the fruit or vegetable something like that. And the art of carving vegetables attract not only professionals but also amateurs. What should a newcomer know karvingist? First of all, impatient, are not place.

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