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    Consolidation of soil injections are part of a process whereby it is consolidating the structure through the filling of joints or voids without damaging it, thus achieving its original equilibrium, or even to achieve an increase of resistance and permeability of the ground. The operation of injection of soils for Highway pavements aims to produce the consolidation of the basis of the firm with rigid enough material to absorb vertical movements of slab produced as a result of the impacts of heavy vehicles. Consolidation of soil injections are applied in three fundamental fields such as land consolidation, reinforcing structures and the clogging of waterways. Each specific case injection requires our own formulations: resins epoxy, polyurethane, acuarreactivas, etc. The process of consolidation of the soil injection called recalzamiento is conducted with fluid injection, which combine water and cement or water, cement and additives after a study of groundwater levels and the Geotechnical report. Phases of injection of firm in roads and civil drilling works.

    Drills are carried out in slabs which will allow the subsequent injection of the material to introduce. Blown. The next step is the puff, which allows cleaning of solid waste from drilling holes and facilitate communication between these. Sealed. Sealing is intended to prevent leakage of grout, and consists of ensuring the leakproofness of the joints.

    Injection. Injection is done progressively, sweeping holes in cross sections to the driveway. Drills taponaran with wood shims to prevent the departure of grout and allow maintain pressure until the hardening of the grout starts. Cleaning. The last step of the process is the cleaning of the waste, must be carried out immediately to prevent it hardens on the road. If you want more information about consolidation injections, write me to: original author and source of the article

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