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    So, imagine arising the complexity of the example of several countries: Germany – you can get residence permit, provided that a least 5 jobs and investments of at least 250 000 euros. Czech Republic – oh, this is a particularly interesting country to assess the case that firms offering immigration to the Czech Republic after opening firm and very much apart from Prague Lion none of them spoke about the difficulties encountered, and the complexities lie in the fact that from 2009 to the present day business visa to the Czech Republic almost give at least a Russian. According to our Czech partners in the last 30 clients to register a company visa given to one person. Hungary – are evaluating the business, all is not easy. Etc. Difficulties exist in many countries.

    I want to emphasize that we are talking about the difficulties for small businesses, those who have more money and more options, for example, the same business immigration to Germany works fine, provided that you can invest 250 000 euros and create five jobs. What do small businesses? In my opinion in Europe there are only two countries which is now formalized in business immigration program, it is of Slovenia and Montenegro. Slovenia – in 2011, give visa almost 100%, the cost of immigration to the moderate and lower than in some other countries. But, there are two difficulties: 1. Make it a family reunion (ie, enter the child in Europe) only after years of living in Slovenia.

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