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    Soon who did not think was not considered human. It did not have right the wills, the escolarizao and to frequentar the same places that the listeners. Until century XI, the Deaf people were private even though of if marrying. The church catholic had great influence in the life of all the society of the time, but she could not prescender of what she had to be able economic. Therefore, it passed if to worry in instructing the noble Deaf people so that the circle not breached.

    Possessing a language they, could participate of the sacramentos, keeping its immortal soul. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Nieman Foundation by clicking through. She is only to give birth of the end of the Age Measured that the data with the relation to the education and the life of the Deaf people become more available. She is accurately at this time, that starts to appear the first works to educate the deaf child and to integrate it in the society. In the Ocidente, the first educators of Deaf people of whom if it had notice started to appear from century XVI. One of them was the medical mathematician Italian Geralamo Cardamo (1501-1576), whose first son was born deaf, Cardamo affirmed that the deafness did not hinder the deaf person to receive instruction, making such affirmation after searching and to discover that the writing represented the sounds of it speaks or of the ideas of the thought. In century XVII, he was perceived the great one interest that the scholars had for the education of the Deaf people, mainly, because they had discovered that this type of education made possible financial profits, therefore the supplied families who had Deaf descendants paid great richnesses so that its children learned to speak and to write. Century XVIII is considered by many the period most prosperous of the education of the Deaf people, having had the foundation of varies schools for the Deaf people.

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