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    And I’m waiting for that meeting to discuss the issue with him. It is the first hurdle for the incoming President as soon as he wants to implement his plans regarding Iraq. If Obama persists in the idea of removing two combat brigades a month, some United States analysts fear there is a serious confrontation between the military leadership and the President. Although not repeated tensions that faced Truman in 1951 when dismissed mythical general Douglas MacArthur, is not hard to imagine that Obama has to reshape the high command military that it leaves Bush to be able to implement its plans on Iraq. Each country has its way of warfare, which depends mainly on its popular culture. If it is said that a Maghrebi fights to the death with only a handful of dates in the djellaba, a U.S.

    soldier needs your machine of cokes and their portable latrines, and Burger King waiting at the base, equipped with all kinds of comforts. A lot material citing the Admiral Mullen, and that it constitutes a ballast to plan the exit from Iraq, represents a logistical burden of unimaginable proportions. In addition, anyone in United States you want to contemplate the shameful scenes of the withdrawal of Viet Nam in 1975, leaving bases, weapons, equipment and ammunition, burning secret documents at the Embassy in Saigon at the last minute and escaping from his terrace in helicopters from which the arrival of the troops of the Vietcong was already. The unfortunate legacy that Bush has left in Iraq to his successor will compel it to make difficult decisions. It is now unlikely since the opposition requiring austerity and efficiency to the new President, forgetting to who squandered the resources of the nation in a military adventure ill-conceived and worse executed, that has created a situation of very complex resolution. Obama It will require all the skill, patience and energy that can and should be required to who handles the rudder of, today, most powerful nation on the planet..

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