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    A person is inconceivable if to say Christian and to continue having the same life that before. The thing old, wants to say, sin life, the life following the direction of the system of the world. We have that to understand that when we accept the Jesus we are transformed into a new creature, this means that we are being transformed the similarity of Jesus. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out CERFLUX. This wants to say that we cannot more life for we ourselves and to satisfy our wills and desires. Now we live in function of Jesus and for God, our objective of life is to be equal the Christ and to nail evangelho to all creature. To follow the Jesus and to take its cross, mean to renounce itself exactly, that is, to open hand of its life, for Jesus. This is a daily death for proper choice. However, we could deliver something Mr.

    who in them does not cost something? (Mateus 16:24) – Then Jesus to its disciples said: If somebody to want to come me after, renounces it exactly itself, it takes on itself its cross, and follows me; (Mateus 16:25) – Because that one that to want to save its life, it will lose it, and who to lose its life for love of me, will find it. The spirit where a person is, determines its life spiritual. You can declare to be a soldier of Christ, but if the spirit that moves its life is the spirit of the world, its life goes to be come back toward its interests, its will, its dream and will always have its problems in first place. Now if the spirit that moves is its life is the Espirito Santo, you goes to live to make the will of God, will renounce its life, it will nail evangelho, and it will have as concern its next one.

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