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    Deadline for statute adaptation Munich/Planegg, set on December 31, 2010 January 13, 2010 who is charitable volunteers, allowed by his club also a moderate financial recognition to receive. The personal tax allowance of up to 500 euros per year represents a real support for every sports-oriented, social or cultural engagement, must pay but the receiver to no taxes and the Club no social security contributions. Many clubs and associations pay the commitment of its Executive Board or Committee members accordingly in the form of attendance fees or a moderate lump-sum expense allowance. But the legislature has established charitable status has always been on strict conditions so here: the Management Board remuneration must be explicitly included in the statutes of the Association, previous indicator on a purely voluntary activity of the Management Board shall be deleted. The deadline for an appropriate adjustment of the Statute was extended repeatedly, December 31, 2010 is now final set as a date. Unfortunately the so-called voluntary work package has taken care of since its introduction in 2007 for much uncertainty, even confusion.

    Even after the fourth circular letter of October last year a problem seemed not finally resolved: how would the financial authorities with paid expenses of clubs/associations procedures, which have not yet changed their statutes? If for example the end of 2009 on its Board of directors a lump transferred, attendance fees were detected to a Board Member, that this even back has donated? Not only the Treasurer/Treasurer the anxious question should assert themselves, whether lightly is not the charitable status of his club to the game. But now the Club portal by Redmark reported a positive development: lawyer Prof. Gerhard Geckle from Freiburg, the Federal Ministry of finance had asked for a clarification to the circular letter of October 14, 2009.

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